Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 43 – 2011.

Session of 22 August 2011 – recorded –English translation   Original French.

Place: M. V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe).

Present and transmitted by Kathy.

Visitors : Malvantra and Maltucia MELCHIZEDEK

                  Christ Michael (Jesus), Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon

                  Adamson, 1rst son of Adam and Eve of the First Garden of Eden.

Malvantra spoke after 1h10min                        Total time meditation: 1h26min

Malvantra: we are going to start. Maltucia wants to speak to you.

Maltucia: I am Maltucia, who replaced Monsanloran. It's now a while that I tried to talk to you but others received priority. I want to talk about your work in Russia. We will guide you there depending on the circumstances you're going to meet. We will guide you during your inner silence. We will create a "Melchizedek Light anchor " through you and Victor when you sit in meditation and Adamson and a Midwayer will help you.

Many things depend on what will happen in Germany and Austria

We understand that this does not look like a traditional holiday for you but we are infinitely grateful you want to do it. You will see that after your first trip you will become much more relaxed to do the next one that will be a one of pleasure and discovery. Although you will still meet some shocking places in France and Spain it will be much more fun.

We will probably not do Paris to begin directly with Tulle and direct you to the South of France to put more emphasis on Montségur, Carcassonne, the caves of the region, the Cathare country as well as the Basque region in France and Spain. From there you go down to Huete (below Madrid) in Spain and perhaps other places, this will depend on where you will pass.

Anyone you know who wishes to continue this path or accompany you during a part of your journey are welcome. The more people who will join with the basic capabilities and/or practice in the creation and use of Light anchors are welcome. This will give them more experience and more encircuitment and they can then train other small groups at home to do some work in their own areas under our direct guidance. If they are not ready we will give them through you our guidelines until they are ready to hear our message.

As has already been said several times it takes time to be encircuited in the system in which we have put you. It is a circuit of communication by reflectivity with a very specific goal that helps you in the work you do now and that will help you in the work you will do in the future for which you will need additional capacities.

Thank you my girl and I say goodbye to you and all your travel companions.

Christ Michael here: I would like to add to what Maltucia just said that we appreciate all the work you do to clean up this network or rather destroy it and help all those souls, these angels and celestials to free themselves from their earthly prison. Many things will be explained as you advance and will be able to understand with your human mind and intellect.

Continue as you do now little girl and I encourage the others to do the same that want to follow this path with you. Continue as you do and keep confidence in our guidance. Nothing will happen to you and you are going to love everything you do. Our Father, God - the Creator of All - which lives in you, looks at you and is so proud of you. We all have admiration for your courage.

Adamson will talk to you about the areas where you are going and on which you still have to document you. Paris is not certain anymore as destination so you should discuss together how you will reorganize your trips. Cyril and you need to stay constantly in touch because we will change our plans regularly according to what we see and what will happen.

I follow you also very close. Goodbye little one, goodbye to all of you.

Adamson here: Hello everyone. I have been long ago in the region you call Bavaria. I sailed on the Danube which passes through Linz and we lived and built a temple there with our children. Locate the etymology of some cities and regions between Munich and Linz because there is a region whose name points in our direction, to our former site. I prefer you do your own research so I can better direct you to the location of this ancient temple that some of my children and myself with Ratta built to ask you to re-activate it.

Thank you my children and ‘au revoir’.

Malvantra: We'll let you rest and relax. Have fun with your research. Bye-Bye everyone, Ciao-ciao and au-revoir.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.