Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 44 – 2011.

Session of 24 August 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place : M.V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe).

Present and transmitted by Kathy

Visitors : Malvantra and Maltucia MELCHIZEDEK

                  Christ Michael (Jesus), Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

                  Siraya, The Voice of The Father, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N°1, Orillington.

                  Adamson, first born of Adam and Eve in the First Garden of Eden.

Malvantra spoke after 1h22min               Total time meditation: 1h51min

Malvantra: Hello, this is Malvantra here. We will begin this important session. Our girl will not have much opportunity to do a session during the next three weeks. That’s the reason why we organized this one with different personalities who wish to announce a few things. The first person who will speak is Christ Michael.

Christ Michael: Hello my children. I have important news to tell you. We were finally able to map all details of Lucifer and Caligastia’s network. We already received from many people, coming out of the bottom of their hearts, an answer to our request for help to solve the problem of the destruction of this network, the rehabilitation of the blocked celestials and the liberation of human souls and their re-education before they can continue their path on the Mansion Worlds.

It was a delight for us to receive such an enthusiastic reaction to help us and to help your human and celestial brothers and sisters. This will allow us to advance and alleviate in the long run the labor of the first group that will do the next 3 weeks a very important work.

Our rehabilitation programs are ready and we accept those who want to give us a helping hand in the program of rehabilitation of invisible human souls and celestials. Those who wish to participate in this program must tell us.

We ask you to form a group of at least two to three people (around a permanent Merkabah Light anchor), and start with the Urantia book to give basic knowledge to these invisible beings. The simplest way is to organize reading sessions aloud with beginners in the knowledge of the Urantia Book or sessions with a transmitter or a T/R (receiver/transmitter) where people can ask their questions about the content of the Urantia Book to a celestial teacher.

When you start you have to declare your intention very clearly that the goal is to help these blocked souls and celestial beings who did not fully understand everything that happened and who need to know before they can proceed to the Mansion Worlds or other places.

These sessions will be interesting for anyone who is new in the reading of the Urantia book and who wishes to deepen and receive different knowledge then the one of the ancient teachings. The Lessons that will be given in sessions with the "visible and invisible ones", as we started to call them, will have disclosures and a different approach than the question and answer sessions with teachers using the old methods.

Remake an edition of the Urantia book with new revelations is not on the agenda. First and for all we need to go through all these difficulties of the cleaning of the remnants of the Rebellion. In addition this will not happen before The Magisterial Son will be manifest and has those mortals able to bring forth this New Revelation. We will also have to wait until the human being is sufficiently capable of absorbing this New Revelation, and has understood all the knowledge of the actual Urantia book.

This means that everything what comes now, before the Magisterial Son arrives, will serve to broaden and deepen the truths written in the Urantia book or the 5th Epochal Revelation and make it known to much more people; until the time comes where enough mortals have absorbed these truths to form a base on which we can continue. This will allow us to give in future decades more revelations in the edition of 'The 6th Epochal Revelation'            and this will take a long time.

Thank you my children to read these words.

Siraya: Siraya here, The Voice of The Father, Master Spirit N°1 of Superunivers N°1, Orillington.

My children you live in a great time, a time where you can participate in all these changes. Isn't this wonderful?

Instead of reading the adventures of others, it is you who live them. You will be the heroes of the stories that your children will tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren about your exploits to achieve this reversal on Urantia.

The Melchizedeks worked hard to put everything in place to give you the necessary tools to perform the work you're going to start. It is with great joy that I see you want to help My Son, that you call Jesus or Christ Michael. Thank you very much and I encourage you because everywhere you'll destroy this dark energy the Light will once again shoot out and enlighten human souls.

A new era will begin thanks to you all and your help. Thank you my children, thank you to all those who work and contribute to help My Son Christ Michael. Good bye.

Adamson: Ingolstadt * (78km from Munich, Ingolstadt – Dachau – Munich are on one line) is one of the places where a long time ago my offspring created a Temple of wisdom, righteousness and worshipping of The Universal Father with the Midwayers. Go near the old University of Ingolstadt, where there is a place with in the middle a fountain in a circle and I will lead you on the spot to the point where I want you to put yourselves in meditation and will reactivate through all of you this old location of that temple built 12 to 13,000 years ago.

There are other places in Bavaria and Upper Austria, which were part of our region in those days. Many of my descendants travelled to that region and created civilizations. As always Lucifer and especially Caligastia liked to position themselves in our old dwellings where we had created light anchors with another system than yours and where there were schools teaching about The Universal Father and giving wisdom to the people who inhabited the area.

There are even old remains where archaeologists have discovered that once the Neanderthal people lived side by side with more evolved human beings. This region has been for a long time a very high cultural, religious, artistic and building region. Bavaria stretched out to Vienna in ancient times. Many great artists, writers and philosophers came from this region and this is no coincidence.

This is why Caligastia with his crony chose this region many centuries ago as a starting base to establish what they called their order, a Luciferian order directed against The Universal Father, against God.

If you want to spend time in this great ‘Abbey of Cistercians in Wilheringgo ahead because it is also found on one of our old sites and has never been polluted; Ingolstadt on the contrary was.

Thank you my children. Before you leave for Germany do next Monday a meditation. This will allow us to give instructions for your trip in France and Spain. Although if possible, we would like to wait until the time where you will stay in France near that person to whom you will give the “basic abilities” so that he can accompany you and in who’s house you will create a light anchor around which you all will meditate to allow us to change the planning at the last minute. Much will depend on the results of your first trip.

Thank you my girl and to all those that accompany your group. Goodbye.

Maltucia: indeed, we await your return of Russia to give you our instructions for France and Spain. We ask you this flexibility to get the best results. Malvantra will complete the session and thank you all.

Malvantra: thank you little one, you showed much patience. Goodbye.


Note Kathy on February 2014:

{*** Ingolstadt: is a town in the Free State of Bavaria, in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is located on the banks of the Danube, in the center of Bavaria. The city was also the seat of the first Illuminati of the region, a Bavarian secret society founded in Ingolstadt in the late 18th century. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the order of the Illuminati, was born in 1748 in Ingolstadt and there is even a historical Museum about them in the city.

Members of this secret society were banished from Bavaria and forbidden as an order in 1784 by King Karl Theodoor following their daring foreign policy plans that were discovered by accident. The rest about them is myth, truth or disinformation... your choice to believe what you want.

Ingolstadt is a parameter in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, in which the scientist Victor Frankenstein creates his monster.}


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.