Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 45 – 2011.

Session of 27 August 2011 recorded – English translation        Original French.

Place: M.V. Keerbergen in Belgium.

Present and transmitted by Kathy.


Visitors: Maltucia and Malvantra and Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

                Lanaforge, Sovereign of the planetary System Satania.

                Archangel Michael.

               Magisterial Son – Monjoronson.


Maltucia spoke after 1h9min                  total time meditation: 1h30min

Maltucia: Hello, Maltucia here. I come to you directly to introduce Lanaforge who wants to talk to you.

Lanaforge here: Yes my little girl, I want to talk to you. We took into consideration your request to be allowed to continue to help Christ Michael until the last of his children are brought back home, whether they are celestials, disembodied human souls or life forms created by Caligastia and his acolytes under the direction of Lucifer or other forms of primary life.

Your application has been accepted unanimously. We all felt that it came from your heart, to help our Father Creator-Son, who created us all with his companion Nebadonia, in order to bring him back all your brothers and sisters, celestials or humans, and others. You are facing a lot of work and we cannot put a time on it, but we welcome with enthusiasm your decision and your application for this job. We thank you and I received permission to announce you this personally. Bravo my little girl and "Welcome aboard". Goodbye.

{Note Kathy February 2014: I had a dream, one of those dreams that look real where I saw Jesus sitting on a rock with his head down, sad because of this whole mess and the loss of his children and in addition he felt guilty and I started to cry with him. After all he had done and endured here…….. I wanted him to stop crying, not him... and to cheer him up……………I promised him that I would stay to help him to bring them all home,       until the last one         if he allowed me to do so in this life and still after this life if I didn’t live long enough on Earth. Only by thinking on it my tears are coming back. But I didn’t absolutely expect this.}

Malvantra here: so little one, you just heard that you are accepted. You made yourself a lot of friends among Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim and Sanobin, among Midwayers and other Celestials as the Lanonandek, the Morontia companions and many other orders from which the brothers and sisters followed Lucifer in his madness without understanding what was happening and what was false in his discourses. You made also a lot of friends between the children of your Adam and Eve and the Adams and Eve's of other planets who lost many family members in this Rebellion.

Look how you found yourself a great celestial family you don’t even know personally, nor their names, nor all their Orders, only some and that is enough for the moment.

Post this session even if you think that it is only intended for you because others, if they take the same decision from the bottom of their hearts, out of love for their brothers and sisters, celestials and others will receive the same permission. Thank you little one.

Monsanloran here: Hello girl. Although we have worked for a short time together, and it is now my brother Maltucia that will follow and guide you, I wanted to congratulate you to be part of our team working here on Earth right now to help us with the preparation of the Magisterial Mission, with the coming of the Avonal Son and our Father Creator Son Christ Michael.

You are now part of this Mission as well as the second coming of Christ who wishes to keep you with him for a while for all services you want to provide him and you already did to his children, be it his celestial or human children or other life forms.

It has been an honor for me to work with you, even if it was just for a while and learn to know your small team of which I see that it will slowly expand. I thank your team, you all who are working with her, who assist her in this work, I greet you all and I honor you all. Goodbye my friends.

Archangel Michael here: thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk through you for the first time. I wanted to say to your team that all of my Archangels are here in the service of Christ Michael to help in this difficult task to clean up this network. You will receive all assistance you can imagine or you can't imagine. We are all next to you to support and work hand in hand with you to destroy this network and replace it with the "Light network of the Melchizedeks" under the command and the benevolence of The Universal Father.

I know many would like to know how this is working but it is part of those things we do not want to reveal even if it would be understandable for you. Little by little, following the experiences you make we will enlighten you on this topic. Have patience and one day you will know and you will understand, each one of you in his or her own ways... don't worry...We will make you understand.

However 'understanding' is not the most important right now. The important thing is your profound desire coming out of your heart to want to help your human brothers and sisters, the celestials and certain life forms of which we want to take care by bringing them to a place more conducive to their development.

As has been said: "nothing, nobody, no being will be punished for his wandering and his confusion”. Even those who acted with malice will receive opportunities to be re-habilitated following educational programs so that they understand the true path of ascension for all beings, as well for human beings coming out of animal life, as for Seraphim and other Celestial Orders created by Christ Michael and Nebadonia in this local universe. There is no injustice; there never was injustice except in the sick mind of Lucifer.

Thank you my children. I will follow all your movements and pay attention to all places where they speak of Archangel Michael because there where I am is also an indication of the place where the greatest evil rests. Thank you my children and at the request of this girl I tell you that my color is blue, a very light sky blue.

Monjoronson here: I am still not ready yet for my incarnation on Earth. I will not be born as a child like it sometimes happens on other planets with the arrival of a Magisterial Son. I'll come here immediately in a physical body by a special system. I will therefore not be born and grow up to start my Mission, I will appear with a physical body as an adult. I won't say how I will look because we don’t even know yet.

The Melchizedeks and other Celestials are preparing my physical body and its appearance as well as those of the Melchizedeks who will accompany me, of Adam and Eve and Machiventa your planetary Prince. It will be a happy event for your entire planet and we thank all those who want to help with the cleaning of this house called Urantia so that we can come and do our job properly. Thanks to you all, my children.

Malvantra here: Let's end the session for today. You will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to receive more instructions for your journey to Germany, France and Spain. Many things are happening together right now. So if you don't receive any other information stay with what you got so far. Goodbye little one and perhaps until tomorrow.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.