PART 4 - 2011

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia, Belize

Received by Kathy

Date: April, 20th 2011

Present: 3 Mayas and Cyril, Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

Father Melchizedek

Question asked before meditation: B-Maya had a question concerning the practice of Obeah by Maya people against other Maya people during Easter evening. What can we do against it?

Malvantra: We are going to start. Malvantra here. This will be again with the reflectivity system in it. Father Melchizedek wants to speak.

Father Melchizedek: Yes my dear children, I am here, I am the Father of Monsanloran, I am the Father of all the Melchizedeks and this is the second time I speak through this girl to humanity on earth.

You are afraid, you Maya children, of what this little bad boys can do to you. They cannot catch your souls. You are protected by The Universal Father and that has been told to you in an earlier lessons. Your desire to annihilate the actions of these little bad boys who like to play the sorceress, the magicians or obeah as you call it, they cannot harm anybody. The” Energy Power” you received is much stronger; your faith in God is much stronger, so why do you fear?

You cannot take the fear of your family and your friends away…………… but why do ‘you’ fear?

When you have God with you, all the Angels, all that Energy Power you have? Why do you still fear? Or don’t you believe in yourself, in your capacities? It is enough to ask our help to annihilate, to stop what they do. Than we can bring all the Energy of the Universe, all the Light down so that all this darkness would disappear…………….darkness cannot withstand The Light.

Yes they can kill a chicken, they can recite some formulas but that’s all they are able to do.

Now let’s come back to our Fathers business and learn some serious things.

You all here present possess those capacities to do something against this with our help. You know very well you are not able to do this just by yourselves. Each one of you received a Light Being, a Guide to help you in what you learned (Note Kathy: take in and sending out Universe Energy – this is not Reiki).

We will not give the name of the school or teachers from which you learned this, but you know about what we are speaking here. These teachings are very important, so use them because it is a great gift that has been given to you. You can help many people, your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors from far away with these capacities you received from God. Thus use them and help where you can and stop having fear.

Slowly by slowly we will ask you to do certain things and you will work and help my sons like Monsanloran, Malvantra and others you will learn to know in time. It is an important thing what we ask you to do although we still did not explain.

Thank you my children, thank you for being here and having asked for help. We are always there to help. Learn to trust us. It will take time before you are grown ups, before you can stand and speak to your people. You are receiving this time and later you will understand how much influence you will have had on the changes of this planet, on the changes that we have to do within your Maya people, to bind them back together, to bring their ancestral values back. Thank you my children, goodbye.

Monsanloran here: this was the Voice of my Father, Father Melchizedek of my Order. It is a great honor that he speaks to you directly. Nobody has ever heard his Voice on earth, on Urantia.

Lots of people are here around you, watching us, watching you, beings of other (Morontia) planets who want to be of help to you. They love you.

Malvantra here: we have cut the transmission with reflectivity. We will end this session for today. Do what you have to do after this session. Use all the techniques you know to help your people, the Mayas and all the rest of the country to pass this eastern week-end as peaceful as possible. Goodbye my children.

{Note Kathy December 2013: eastern week-end in Belize can be very dangerous on the streets at night….many businesses like shops, bars and restaurants close because of that during those days here in our village. We did what was asked from us that week-end and there were no fights, no killings, no aggressions in the village and the surroundings….it was abnormally quiet. And now 3 years later it is still ok}.



First steps in the Reflectivity System.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Date: Friday 22 April 2011

Present: Cyril, Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

Siraya - Master Spirit n°1

Monsanloran Melchizedek

Malvantra spoke after 30min meditation Total time meditation: 1h15min

MALVANTRA here : we are going to start. It will be again with the Reflectivity System in it.

You have not yet understood what it is, this will come and also for the others. We still don’t want to explain it. Everything comes at his right time, but you will notice the effects of it.

Hold on, it’s going to come.

(It took 17 min. before Siraya started to speak.)

SIRAYA: It’s Siraya here, the Voice of the Universal Father. What you just experienced is the beginning of this new system of communication. You lose consciousness at certain times, and then you come back. These are states of deep meditation that we let exercise you so that you get used to this new system. You have sometimes the impression that you fall asleep and it is at that moment that your mind is blocked. Then we wake you up to put you again in this state of deep meditation.

You wonder why you need to go through this system of meditation. It is to make life easier for you. To let things go more fluid. While you are in this state of unconsciousness, we pass information to you which is reflected towards other people and so you will form like a kind of network. Many people will receive this message at the same time. They will translate it with their state of mind and each one of them will add something to it, and thus in issuing next to each other you will be able to compare the information and complement your own. It is almost like a puzzle, without being exactly one.

In time this will become clearer to you, but we still have to test it out with your complete group and from here we will reflect to others that we have chosen to work with in this first test. It is important that you don’t know these other people and that you don't have any communication with them. This will give more value to the messages; they will be more credible so that you will trust them. Because it is just our first test and first steps, there are not many people involved.

The Universal Father trusts you my children, He knows how you like to serve. The fact that you have no preconceived minds of what it might be, that you will discover it while we try this new system of reflectivity out, will make things easier for us and will give it more credibility to your eyes and the eyes of others…… later when we can disclose it to the outside world.

In the meantime your discretion is requested and keep this for yourselves in your small circle of friends and very, very close acquaintances which have already been appointed to you. Yes it may be possible that we will reflect our messages in different languages from one to another. Later other languages will be added but for the time being we test this out with English and French.

You have been prepared for this without knowing it, we just needed your desire and your confirmation to participate in this. We received it and we thank you. We always need your confirmation to not impinge on your free-will, never forget this. Thank you my children for this preparatory test. More tests will follow.

Do you want to ask a question?

Student : Good evening, Siraya, I would like to know when you communicate through Kathy what is happening to us. We are aware of it but at the same time we have a strange feeling, I don't know how to explain it, I don't know what is happening, we are like in a state of meditation. Thank you.

SIRAYA : Thank you. While you are in meditation, we connect you all together; we prepare all of you to reflect the messages that will pass. We encircuit you with higher energy frequencies and the fact that you are in a group reinforces the process.

You are also prepared for this new system. That’s why, in a certain sense, you have the same kind of experience, you feel almost what she feels. You hear the words she speaks, our words, but you will hear them in a meditative state. You are not in your normal waking state and this is why it is wise, as you now usually do, to wright down your questions in advance to keep them prepared in case you may ask them. Due to the fact that you're not in a normal waking state, like a person that does his daily work, you cannot easily communicate as some can do in other T/Ring systems (transmit/receive). Does this answer your question?

Student : Yes, thank you Siraya, I thank you for your answer and I would like to thank you for this deep meditation. I understood a lot now, thank you very much.

SIRAYA : It is alright my boy. The Father loves you, like He loves all His children. But the fact that He can communicate directly with you all, gives Him such great joy. I will leave you now my children and we will hear us again. Let God bless you as you say and continue your Easter weekend, goodbye my children.

MONSANLORAN here: I just come to say a few words about what I asked Kathy this morning.

I confirm: I would like that your complete group of six, chose a day where you can go together to the temple of Uxbenka in the South of Belize to receive knowledge that we will pass you. When you will be there, you will put yourselves in meditation on the highest part of this ancient temple and while you will be in meditation we will communicate you this knowledge. You will not be aware of the information we will store in you. You will have no remembrance of it, but if needed in the future you will be able to recall this information, these truths, this ancient knowledge with Earth’s history, according to the needs and requirements.

I ask you to organize this between all six of you. The more you will be, the better it will be. Thank you very much and thank you for listening to me and to do what I ask. Goodbye my children

MALVANTRA here, we will finish the session. Thanks for being both of you here on our request. Important things are happening for the moment and many things are moving. I thank you for coming whenever we ask you to in all these emergency situations. Thank you very much and good Easter.


Mezza Verde Group

For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.