Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 50 – 2011.

Session of 12 September 2011--  recorded – English translation  --  Original French.

Place: M.V. in Brittany - France

Present: Kathy and the person in Brittany.

Received by Kathy.


Visitors : Malvantra  Melchizedek

                   Archangel Michael.


Malvantra spoke after 44min                           Total time meditation: 1h05min.


{Note Kathy: I gave the first abilities in the use of what we call universal energy to several people yesterday afternoon as well as explanations on the creation and the use of a permanent light anchor. They made me understand that I had to follow very well my inner guidance because there would be changes …..and I did my best. }


Malvantra: I come to talk about this happy day and what happened here in this location. Christ Michael allowed me to give you some details. We used this "primary course of your former teachings" to create the foundation of a "new teaching" with other possibilities that you will learn step by step. This "new teaching" will be connected with the “communication system by reflectivity”. Your meditations will be different from those before to give you more capabilities to help in diseases, disasters, calamities, agriculture and many other areas. But also to help you create light anchors around which you will meditate or even those that we will use to destroy dark energy; to help human souls, the celestials and life forms created by Lucifer and Caligastia to find back their path of ascension.


These teachings will not be very complicated to start with and will provide a lot of capabilities. We did a small test yesterday by influencing you to change some topics in your seminar and incorporate the principle of the Trinity as well as the problem of the Lucifer Rebellion 200,000 years ago and its impact on the evolution of mankind on Urantia. The test was a success and we are all very happy.


We will start by building out this girl and her group so that they can teach it later to give people capacities in the use of the “Energy from the Trinity”, for a specific purpose and with an encircuitment in the “communication system by reflectivity” so that these new students can receive in time directly our messages and guidance to be lead and taught individually.


The girl doesn’t understand all details or where we are heading to but she and her group will teach this in the future to many people. Thanks to their knowledge of various languages they will have the opportunity to travel across several continents to form basic groups that will be able to render a greater service under our guidance with more capacities.


This is just the beginning of her training and the first test of yesterday was very convincing. We were all there to see how it would unfold.


Later, when she reaches the required level, she will better understand where we are bringing her and she will be more apt to communicate directly what we want to tell people. She will be able to instruct many because this teaching will be simple and will provide tremendous opportunities. This "new teaching" will be adapted to the new situation, the New Energies and opportunities that will become manifest on Urantia.


We cannot, and will not give more explanations on this subject, but when the girl will be built out and will have instructed others, it will spread very fast. We will bring people to her or we will bring her to places during her travels where people expect her as it was done here by coincidence.


I give the floor to Archangel Michael.


Archangel Michael: I am Archangel Michael, who has the sky blue color. The sky blue color that you've seen around the Menhir in Carnac during the creation of the Light Anchor came from my presence. I showed my presence this way that you would recognize me. This Menhir that attracts so many people will do much good to anyone who will be in its surroundings. Each person who walks with wandering souls around her will be released by touching this Menhir or by staying a bit in its proximity. All souls who wander and which will be attracted by this Light will understand that it is a passage through which they can continue their path of ascension and evolution; the same goes for celestials and other life forms created by Lucifer and Caligastia. The human souls will be the first to leave and will go faster through this door without that it requires any action on your part.


There are different systems and different forms of connection for different purposes inserted in the “communication system by reflectivity”. This will allow you to educate many people in the future.

My girl, your schooling will take time and when you are ready as well as others from your group, we will bring you all those whose purpose and desire is to follow this teaching. Later when these people will have the required capabilities they will be able in turn to teach this in their environment.


For now we will use this girl and her group to develop these "new teachings" that appears to her to be a mixed system, but which will become something else in the future.


I greet you my children and I wish you a good journey during the next few days. We will be beside you, we will protect you all during your journey (France-Spain) and we'll guide you. Everyone will be there, my army, your Tontons Melchizedeks, Adamson, Christ Michael and many others who will follow your work.

All the work you do here is broadcasted on television in this local universe Nebadon, with antennas that go even further. Many people are interested in what is happening here because it has never occurred. Then do your best with a smile because many are looking at you. Goodbye my friends.


Malvantra here: we will complete the session. You still have much preparation to do, but we wanted to announce this good news about this "new teaching" that will provide a direct connection with the Trinity and the Universal Father. Thank you very much my children. Good bye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.