Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 51 – 2011.

Session of 25 September 2011 – recorded –English translation – Original French.


Place : M.V. Moraira- Spain.

Received by Wivine (Februari 2014: I will not use further the nickname Kathy. It makes no sense anymore. The others still prefer to keep theirs.)

Visitors : MAJESTON Chief of Reflectivity and of the Reflective Spirits groups.

               Malvantra MELCHIZEDEK.

Majeston spoke after 1h05min          Total time meditation: 1h20min.


Majeston: It is Majeston here. I am the Chief of Reflectivity. I come to tell you my girl that you're going to be encircuited on a higher Reflectivity circuitery. You'll be able to see images that you were not able to see before or didn’t see well. Following the work you did we saw that it was absolutely necessary to enhance your ability to receive our messages more clearly when you entered these extremely dark places with the friends who have accompanied you and who have all done a great job, little matter in what form they did it and the way in which they have participated.

However the system in which you were encircuited during your trips was enough to lead you and despite a few small errors that could be corrected you could do everything that was asked.

We will encircuit you all in a different way to enable you to see and hear more clearly during the next stages and for the "new teaching" which must be started so that you can instruct and give abilities to others that would like to do this work, among other things.

You all had to grow, live your experiences during all these travels undertaken this fall and what you did before in Belize. Your introduction to this "new teaching" that you all will spread later will begin when you'll be back in Central America.

All means have been set up there so that your Belizean group can learn all together because you will be the ‘Guinea pigs’ to experiment with this new encircuitment. You will learn new abilities, new techniques and new methods that you then will teach others who will come to you. Each member of your group will teach one day this "new teaching" in the future.

I'm not going to talk about your exploits of this trip (from August,30 to September 17, 2011) because your praises were on the lips of the Angels of your Local Universe Nebadon, in all the Superunivers Orvonton, even up to Paradise. This entire group was of paramount importance and apprenticeship at all levels as well for you as for us.

This method of "initiation by experience" is very valid and seems to give much better results than theoretical lessons sometimes too long and seldom put into practice.

We will not explain the details of this "new teaching", or stick a name on it. You will experiment it and you will discuss the results with us. This will become a "new teaching" that will see daylight following teamwork between us and you. Those who wish to learn this will learn it also by practicing it and the theory (spiritual knowledge) will come afterwards according to their level of understanding and awareness, their eager for knowledge and a tremendous desire to help others.

It is this way that we will be able to spread this "new teaching" very fast amongst people of all cultures and religions having Faith in God. It is by practicing first that they will then receive during their meditations the ‘Divine lessons’ adapted to their cultural and religious backgrounds.

We can reveal many things but we prefer to first experiment before we tell you too much. We will discuss everything together following the experiences of all the group to bring forth out of this (experiment) the best education with the best abilities for the greatest number; a teaching easy to access, without starting from theoretical knowledge but from practice.

Thanks girl, thanks to all your travel companions and to the team that remained in Belize. We know that those who stayed in Belize would have loved to join you in Europe but that was not possible. They will travel later and live the same experiences as you did. Goodbye my girl, goodbye to all your fellow travelers on the road to the Universal Father.

I am Majeston, the Chief of Reflectivity talking life to you from Paradise.

Malvantra here: we will give you a break, little girl; take your well-deserved holiday. We are pleased that you could take the time to contact us and listen to us. Goodbye and have some fun.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.