Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 52 – 2011.

Session of 29 September 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place : M.V. Moraira – Spain.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra MELCHIZEDEK


Malvantra spoke after 1h23min……………………….Total time meditation: 2h11min.


Malvantra: Hello, this is Malvantra here. This meditation session lasted longer because we started with the first preparations to encircuit you on a higher level of 'the communication system' by reflectivity’. We showed you some fashion pictures for testing. You already could see in detail the clothes of these models and the colors we have shown you will be those that we ask you to wear in the future; the colors white, blue and red, in darker, lighter or pastel. This will be the colors in which you will dress in the future according to the styles we showed you because colors are important. Colors have always had an effect on the psychology of people as well as on those who wear them.

Just like you sometimes pass your time to imagine what the Magisterial Son and his Melchizedeks would look like, we amused ourselves by showing you a collection of clothing in these tones leaving you free to change your wardrobe later or not.

{Note Wivine February 2014: they were joking! I still didn’t change my wardrobe. I am a woman and it is true that I sometimes amused myself to clothe and invent haircuts and hair colors for the Melchizedeks………. with or without a beard!}


Let’s come back to more serious stuff.


Concerning the creation of Permanent Light Anchors.


To your question concerning the creation of a Permanent Light Anchor in a geographic location we do not have much to add to the document (28 June 2010) that we have developed through D.R.. It is with this document that you started to create your first Light Anchors and the system works. However you can rewrite it in a more logical way for you by keeping the essential elements listed in the original document.


However we want to add two things:


1)   First, these Light Anchors that you create with this method are connected to the Paradise Trinity and anchored to the center of Earth. The strength and success of this 'Energy of the Trinity' that you can use and direct for the welfare of others or to harmonize certain situations, depend on your intent and the sincere love that you add. If you want to use it for selfish reasons or to harm others, the Light beam of this anchor will not move. You won't be able to use a Light anchor whose Energy comes from the Paradise Trinity for material, selfish or negative purposes. There is simply nothing that is going to happen.


We will give you a simple example. You live next to neighbors that you don't like and who are not nice with you. If you wish to use this Light anchor to move these people to another location so that they would not annoy you anymore nothing will happen because your goals and your intentions are only for your own well-being.

Another example. If you use the Energy from the Paradise Trinity of this anchor when you are angry, you have dark thoughts or want to harm others, you won't be able to start it up. Nothing is going to happen.


You cannot destroy it by your thoughts, nor use it for selfish reasons or to harm. The Energy from the "Paradise Trinity" brings everything in harmony and to start it up your intentions and your heart must be in harmony with Divine Love.

You'll have best results if you use it to be of service and the more you will put your heart in it the bigger will be your results. The more you will use this anchor for the well-being of humanity, to heal, to prevent wars, reduce disagreements or to help humanity to grow spiritually, the more this Light anchor will grow and help there where you will place your intentions.


The Energy and Light of the Paradise Trinity harmonizes everything. It is powerful, loving, intelligent, and binding.


2)   Secondly, if you use a Permanent Light Anchor in group, it is extremely important that each person uses it with the same intention and for the same purpose in order to obtain the desired results.

Do not use it for another purpose than the one issued by the group when you are in the group. If you want to use it for other reasons do it another time when you're alone; from your home or where the Light Anchor is located, this has no importance.


But it is important that when a group leader declares the intention of the use of this Light anchor that each one of you uses it with the same intention and for the same reason.


We absolutely don’t recommend individuals who are in a group that decided together a purpose and how to use it, to change your mind afterwards and do something else.


This girl knows very well from experience what we are talking about. Too often she had to hear afterwards that several of the group did not even listen to the intent and began to use it for their own purposes or according to their own ideas and then the effect is not the same; you won't get good results, neither as an individual in the group or the entire group.


When you want to work in group, do it really all with the same intention. It is only than that you can use a Light Anchor in all its power. To reach this goal each member must be honest towards the one who declares the intention for the group and towards his own guides, the Midwayers and Celestials who are there to help in the use of this Light Anchor.


You have the right to have something personal in mind but use this Light anchor than alone, another time and when you use it in group put all your strength from your heart in it and focus on the same intention to get maximum results.


We hope that this is clear for all those who are starting in this work and begin to work in group. A group working for the same goal and using a Light anchor with the same intent will always be more effective than a single person: for healing, to stop wars, to clean the dark network or to help souls to follow their path of ascension according to the Plans of Christ Michael and the Universal Father... it doesn’t matter.


When you use it in group you all agree on the intention and you use it by visualizing all the same intention without changing your mind afterwards, or pretend that you agree.


{Note Wivine February 2014: the problem did not arise when we were on a mission with our own group, because then everything was quite clear to everyone, we had a definite mission supported by “the entire group of Belize”. It is when we wanted to use our Light Anchor in Placencia outside our missions that it happened and with other people.

These are problems that arise when one starts to work with something that one does not know. We lived many experiences of that kind and learned a lot of things for which we had no manual and still no name          . Although a name………… .for us it does not play so much………. as long as it works, that we get results and that we feel the inner transformations which bring us a little closer to God………….. we are pleased.

And then a name…….. must be defined and this can only limit what comes directly from God and subsequently dozens of "copycats" will arise claiming they do the same to bring confusion or for personal profit. If our sessions are not always clear for some readers and that our terminology is sometimes confusing....... well, what should I say... maybe there is a reason for it.}


The « void » in the middle of a Permanent Light Anchor.


We will talk about a detail concerning 'the void' that exists in the middle of this imaginary globe in which this Light anchor was created. We are going to tell you this:

1)   This "void" is a door through which we will materialize us one day with a Morontia body to make us visible to people who will be able to see Morontia forms in more distant times. In the future we will be able to materialize a ‘Morontia being' in it during a limited time so that the group can see his teacher and communicate directly with him to be taught.


2)   A second thing for which we will use this "void" is to send images through reflectivity to show you and let follow you conferences taking place somewhere else in the universe. This is also for the far future.


Only we can activate something in this "void", not you. You couldn’t, even if you want to call on any celestial being of the universe to show and materialize him before your eyes. No human being is able at this moment to materialize anything in this void.


If I said "for the moment" I mean that in a few thousand years, when human beings will have a much higher consciousness, when they will have developed their latent divine abilities, or that they are in the era of light and life, these anchors with their "void" will have other functions which are incomprehensible and inaccessible for you right now.


Currently, this 'void' cannot be used by a human being, nor a fallen angel nor a dark being, or by a wandering soul or a life form created by Lucifer and Caligastia.

Do not forget that these Light anchors are connected to the Paradise Trinity and nothing and nobody can disrupt this Energy, or make bad use of it, despite what you might try to do, believe or think.

These Light anchors that you are currently implementing with our assistance can no longer be contaminated as has been the case in the past with some old Light anchors constructed in a different way with a different energy. The lifetime of a light anchor that you create with your technique and with our help is indeterminate. These news Light anchors cannot be soiled or used to harm or hamper anything or anyone.


There is only one way to use them and that is with high and good intentions, with a huge heart to help humanity. There is no other way and your beneficial results will depend on the sincerity of your heart to help others, whether it will be visible or invisible beings.


We hope that these explanations have enlightened you on all doubts that you may still have about the use of these Light anchors that some call Merkabah's.


Formation of new groups.

Let's talk now about the formation of other groups.


As we have already announced several times we will develop a "new schooling" with easy techniques that can be spread very fast to instruct more people. This will include the meditation technique you use in Belize that we have developed to receive our messages via reflectivity, as well as the technique of the creation of these Permanent Light anchors and on top the individual development of the latent abilities of Man to help in other areas.


The training of individuals who could later form small groups (min. 2 persons) in their region is very important. For this we need to develop a uniform and easy system, instruct properly these individuals and new groups to work in agreement with us and whose main task will be the cleaning of the secondary dark grid.


The faster we can train these people and groups, the faster they can start working in their area, the faster the House of Urantia will be cleaned and ready to receive her Magisterial Son and the second coming of Christ Michael.


This teaching will be developed in the coming months and then we'll see how we will spread it.


When this girl here will be back home in Central America, the Q/A sessions with Tomas and Ham with visible and invisible beings around the reading of the Urantia book will continue. These sessions were of great help for everyone, as well for the group that organized it as for the invisible ones who had access to it. These sessions are also part of a rehabilitation plan for beings that are invisible to you and who are your human and celestial brothers and sisters.


We will close the session. Many personalities still want to talk through this kid but it lasted already too long for her. Goodbye girl.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.