Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 53 – 2011.

Session of 30 September 2011 – recorded- English translation-  Original French.

Place: M. V. Costa Blanca – Spain.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: Malvantra and Maltucia Melchizedek

               MOIRAYA, Master Spirit nr.3 of Superunivers nr.3. The Voice of the Infinite Spirit.

               KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2. The Voice of The Eternal Son.


Malvantra spoke after 1h26 min                       Total time meditation: 2h08min.


Malvantra here: We continued to encircuit you on this higher reflectivity network. It will take a long time before you will access it. Others from your group will also be encircuited on this higher network when you will restart your meditation sessions in Belize and following you will all be able to see more and hear better our information. We will do a test to let you speak in Dutch as this people need also to hear our voices. We ask you not to abandon your web site and deploy it to the Dutch language. Don't worry for the French, sooner or later there will be someone that will help you with your task and take responsibility in France.


Now I give the floor to Moiraya, Master Spirit nr.3 of Superunivers n°3, the Voice of The Infinite Mother-Spirit.


Moiraya here: Hello little girl, I know you love to see me as a mother in the way your Creator Son Christ Michael-Jesus did. Jesus called me Mother Spirit when he talked about me to your brethren on Earth. For you, sexual beings, I'm like a Mom that carries you inside her, that makes you grow and sends you the local universe Mother-Spirits with their Adjutant-Mind-Spirits and their Angels to guide and raise you.


My presence will be increasingly felt and will be more and more understood. In fact I am rather a grandmother for you because I'm the mother of Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon and you are her children.


I don’t mind if you prefer to look at Me as a mammie in your heart. The Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit have for you a motherly face and it is time that this “Motherly" facet of those two Deities of the Trinity come back into the consciousness of humanity. The Urantia Book and The Bible were written with the mindset and the vocabulary of its epoch and now comes the time that all our aspects must be accentuated.


We are Pure Spirits. Nor The Universal Father and neither The Eternal Son or The Infinite Spirit possess physical characteristics like you from which you can determine that one is male and the other female. It is in some of our functions that you can relate us to women. The Eternal Son and I have functions that can be found in women. We have already addressed this subject but we would like that it is said, understood and that it integrates human consciousness.


Particularly where The Infinite Spirit plays the role of a mother towards The Universal Father, who bears His children, cares for them, gives them a material body and nourishes their physical bodies as well as their minds. It is this role I take on for mortal beings through my Daughters, the Mother-Spirits of the local universes and on your planet this role is taken over by your mothers. It is the woman who bears the children, who educates them that takes over this task for me in your material world.


The Eternal Son, born of The Universal Father, can play the role of a mother when She creates with The Universal Father their Creator Sons, but She also represents everything of spiritual value and spiritual energy. She introduced a circuit of pure spiritual energy that surrounds you to pull your souls towards The Father and help them grow.


I am going to leave the floor to Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, the Voice of The Eternal Son.


Kuwaya: Hello my children, this is Kuwaya here who speaks for The Eternal Son. Yes my girl, we return on this subject because The Infinite Spirit and I would like that those aspects that appear to you as female, be issued in the consciousness of Mankind so that men and women learn to respect each other and see themselves as complementary and equal. Our love for you is comparable to that of a mother who has an important role to play.


The mother who educates her children is going to be the first to talk about God, to speak of The Universal Father to her children. She will be the first to join their little hands to teach them to pray. She is often the first to help her child to take his first steps and to indicate him the difference between good and bad by making him understand what is good for his evolution and what not. She always forgives her beloved child, despite his foolishness. This mother will always look at her child as the most beautiful and the best, she will forgive, she will reach out and will always give her love and mercy. Any loving mother will understand these kinds of feelings I am trying to express.


Soon, Moiraya and I, will speak up much more to guide men and women in their role as educators and how they should prepare their children to teach them to go “in silence” and meet the Spark of The Universal Father that will one day live in their hearts. The arrival of a God Fragment is for the moment around 6 years but in time the child will be younger and younger and in a more distant futur a newborn will receive immediately a Thought Adjuster to develop a soul that will have great potential and will grow very fast.


The arrival of our Son, The Magisterial Son, will be of great help in this because this is part of your evolution program towards Light and Life.

The world will hear our voices more and more and humans will thus understand with what we tell that to move towards the era of Light and Life, the status of man and woman must be balanced and that it is necessary that their relations are harmonized in mutual respect.


Future parents must understand that their task is to develop souls and not children in a physical body that will one day drive nice cars and earn lots of money. No, we are talking here of parents who have the responsibility to grow souls, the souls of their children and to raise souls in harmony it requires that the importance of the role of women, of mothers must have its place in your societies, in the consciousness of humanity and all religions.


Otherwise you will not develop normally or quickly towards the era of Light and Life. Also in The Trinity you will find the male and the female facets because if this was not the case, it would not show itself in Creation.


Thank you little girl and goodbye.


Maltucia: I would like to tell you something, my girl. I know you have the impression I abandon you but at the moment we have so much work to do. Soon you will be back in Belize and believe me your group will have a lot of work to do for me. We'll give you clarifications that will offend some and rejoice others.

There are truths that must be said so that all mankind can continue his ascension knowingly and not with laws and interpreted truths to satisfy the pride of a fraction. These are words that may seem hard but unfortunately too much harm is done to half of your population, to women that are also evolving souls on the way to The Universal Father.


Your Creator Son, Christ Michael-Jesus, began with the liberation of women when he lived among you and he had to fight very hard against several Apostles. Despite of this, he managed to set up a group of 12 male Apostles whose memory remained and a group of 12 female Apostles you never heard about.


Malvantra will end the session. Goodbye my little one, goodbye and don’t give up, don't be discouraged, it is not worth it. You have still so much work to do. Think on your friends that you are going to help grow and stand on their own legs and on all the others that we are going to send you. They all need your strength and your goodness and       your kindness. {Wivine: I'm absolutely not nice when people get on my nerves!}


Well, we know you slip regularly. But hey, you too you're only at the beginning of your path to The Universal Father. We expect from nobody perfection at this stage of development. Goodbye little girl and thanks for your courage and everything you've done for us and thanks to the others who have done this with so much joy in their hearts and with a lot of spontaneity and simplicity. Goodbye my girl.


Malvantra: the session is finished. Goodbye my girl.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.