Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 54 – 2011.

Session of 2 October 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: M.V. Costa Blanca –Spain.

Received by Wivine.


Visitors : SIRAYA, The Voice of The Universal Father, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1 Orillington


Siraya spoke after 1h16min               Total time meditation: 2h13min.


{Wivine: I had the following question before the meditation: why does Urantia receive a Magisterial Mission with an incarnation of a Magisterial Son, as well as a second coming of the Creator Son (Jesus) of this local universe Nebadon. What is so special on Urantia to receive such an honor, or is it a necessity for our evolution following the Rebellion of Lucifer.}


Siraya: I'm SIRAYA, the Voice of The Universal Father, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1, Orillington. I come to you my girl, because The Universal Father wants to answer directly on the questions that you rose regarding the coming of The Magisterial Son and the need for the second coming of Christ Michael (Jesus).


Little has been revealed of the agreement between The Father and His Son, the one you call Christ Michael, to retrieve the planet Urantia from the clutches of this rebellion. And yes, we come back to this rebellion.


A rebellion may occur in all local universes of a Superunivers against the established order of The Master Spirits, the administration of the Ancients of Days and many other Celestial Orders of which you can find descriptions in the Urantia book. This Book was given to humanity so that you would have an idea of the real purpose of your creation, and how everything has been organized starting from the conception of The Trinity.


It is important that you understand well the concept of The Trinity; where it comes from, where it resides as well as the way in which the 'Deities of The Trinity' created Paradise and Havona and from Havona the 7 Superuniverses, to be able to create human beings from animal life.


These humans can receive according to their stage of development:

-      A mortal mind from The Infinite Spirit.

-      A personality from Me, The Universal Father.

-      A God Fragment from Me, The Universal Father.

-      Spiritual aspiration through the Spiritual Gravity of The Eternal Son.

In order to create a soul that will slowly progress out of her own will to Me through intermediate heavens which are the Morontia worlds of the local universes; to become 'perfect' to my Image, to become creators who did put their own will in my hands and will, just like my Creator Sons, reflect Me and act according to My Will. By discussing everything with Me to create one day life on the outer-space worlds circulating around the Grand Universe in which are located Paradise, Havona and the Seven Superuniverses.


The Trinity consists of 3 Deities which are Pure Spirits and you will never meet them the way you meet someone else of your race. You can feel us, hear our voices, be very close to us, in our midst, but you will never stand face to face with us as two humans can do on your planet. It is important that you understand this.


Each 'Deity of the Trinity' has its own functions and several of these functions are reflected in the Celestials created by Spirit, like in the Descending Paradise Sons, Angels and other Celestials created in the local universes.


{Wivine: I hear nothing anymore, it is interrupted…..}


Malvantra here: we resume. There was a (2 min) break in the circuitry of reflectivity. It has been repaired.


Siraya: Different functions and aspects of the three 'Deities of The Trinity' can be found in all the Descending Sons of God, in the Supreme Being, in all created beings by your Divine Parents of your local universe. You will find them even in you who are still very far from us, in your material life.


We are not literally male or female, or something undefined. When certain functions of the ‘Pure Spirits of The Trinity’ are reflected on a world of time and space as Urantia, it may take a physical aspect which allows differentiation between these functions.

We, The Eternal Son and I, create Creator Sons and The Infinite Spirit creates the Divine Ministers, so that those two can create life on material worlds. They created the Angels, Cherubim and Sanobin, the adjutant mind-spirits and many other Celestial Orders to give birth to you on the material plane and help your soul to grow.

You also get attributes to create children. These attributes allow you to create life, despite the fact that your physical appearances don’t reflect in any way those of the Paradise Deities. You can procreate with aspects and attributes that reflect in a material way certain functions of the ‘Partners of the Trinity’.


It is elementary that you who were created as male or female to procreate on your material world take over this function of the ‘Deities of the Trinity’.

We create life simply in a different way and furthermore the 'Partners of the Trinity', work always in unity and agreement. They can work individually in some functions and they can create alone or jointly with two or three.

Those who reflect the first the principle of a father and a mother in the Celestial world are your Creator Son Christ Michael (Jesus) and his companion Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of your local universe.


You create children who will receive a soul; you educate them and help them to grow so that they can continue their ascension towards the Universal Father.


They represent for you in the Celestial word, partners with complementary roles that create together in their own ways celestial beings necessary for the organization of your entire local universe to help your soul to grow. You, mortal beings, create children in a material body who will receive from their Celestial Parents everything necessary to create themselves a soul as well as all the Morontia worlds where this soul can continue her path of evolution.

Your celestial parents, Christ Michael and Nebadonia of your local universe Nebadon, work perfectly together and have each full power. They can create together or separately all celestials necessary to help you grow to become later Life Creators on other Worlds together with Me, your Universal Father.

My Partners in The Trinity spoke about this subject yesterday and today I am the one who speaks to you and confirms what They have tried to explain and clarify.


The language you use has a lack of vocabulary and fineness to express the nuances of The Trinity. Your language has also great tendency to lean towards the masculine and has not enough terminology to indicate the feminine.


Take this well into account because my future Creator Children will be men and women from your planet. In this case you, you who read these words and there will not be more male than female Creator Children.

There will be Male and Female Creator Children who will create Life together with Me on the outer-space-worlds and the way this Life will be created will be very different from the way life is created currently on the planets of the Seven Superuniverses.

The Creator Sons and Daughters of the future will form pairs to create this Life and will keep in their purely spiritual shapes always the male or female tendency according to their birth and the development of the polarity of their soul on your planet.


You will create Life together with Me, as a couple, like you do now with your physical body, but than in a spiritual way. Your kids will be very talented and very different from what you know and what has been described up to now. It is one of the reasons why we attach so much importance that female polarized souls are educated, respected and able to develop their potential by receiving the same opportunities as male polarized souls on your planet.


I will say it in a very simple sentence: we want that women and men on your world begin to evolve and unite according to the model of your Creator Son Christ Michael and your Divine Minister Nebadonia.


This is one of the fundamental reasons why we regularly and constantly will give you instructions, and that you will help and try to change the mentality on your planet, of both women and men. You need to correct your religions, your holy texts, and change your attitudes and mentality to be able to grow and evolve into the era of light and life as individual and Mankind as a whole.

This is extremely important and what has been said here in very simple words will be explained later in more detail when certain mind changes have occurred in Mankind and certainly among those who have roles to play for us in the Magisterial Mission and the preparation of the second coming of My Michael Son, Christ Michael.


Now let’s come back to the problem of the Rebellion, this huge Rebellion of which your entire local universe Nebadon suffered.


When I saw that My Son had really exhausted all his possibilities, that he did more than he had to, that he was so bent to help all detained beings on Urantia and that it was time to get rid of all side effects of this rebellion, we had a nice discussion and I promised my assistance if human beings were involved in assisting their invisible siblings.


It happened and I was delighted to see that there was enthusiasm, willingness and interest that woke up among you to help your invisible brethren in distress. When I saw that My Son with his Melchizedek Order tried out and implemented everything, that they received assistance on the ground by several mortal groups, I decided to help Him and all those who worked on this liberation by lending a hand in unexpected ways that proved to be necessary to help all these unhappy children of my universe.

All the preparation work for the coming of your Avonal- Magisterial Son has not yet been completed, but it cannot be hindered or prevented anymore.


The reason for the arrival of a Magisterial Son in a physical body comes from the fact that your planet has been delayed in its development for too long and thus hindered the evolution of your entire local universe. Therefore, to remedy an exceptional situation you need extraordinary means. That is why Christ Michael enlisted the help of one of his Avonal Brothers and decided to come back a second time on your planet to reduce the huge backlog in your spiritual evolution.


These are decisions that have been taken after the edition of your Urantia Book you use here as reference text.


No revelation is ever complete or frozen in time and space, whether it is the Urantia Book or a revelation in a small session like this. Everything is revealed to the level of understanding of the individual or humanity as a whole at some point in time. Therefore, it is necessary to come again and again with other revelations to continue to feed the need for knowledge and understanding of mortals in evolution, whether it is through huge books or small messages as we do now.


It is not because some things have not been told in the Urantia book that they do not exist. Nowhere in this book is said that it is a complete work with all details of the history of Urantia, its evolution and the development she will go through.


Think my children. It is you who decide your future because you have free will. No book can predict how your humanity will evolve nor how fast. You have not received a normal evolution as do planets that have never experienced rebellion.


Then we must adapt to the situation, according to your needs and requirements by taking decisions which were not necessarily issued in a Book that is almost 100 years old. All revelations that are given now are revelations for you, for you in your stage of current development and for your problems at this stage of your evolution.


Later, let’s say in 100 years, maybe 50 years, we will be able to publish another Book with more revelations that will give you another way to understand the Organization of the Universe.


You received a God Fragment to guide you that you can hear when you go in silence (meditation), as well as The Spirit of Truth of My Son Jesus to know if the words you read contain truths and to receive other truths that are not written in books or messages.


Use these means to know where I want to bring you, towards what I want you to evolve.


However if you do not want to know, if you do not want to go into silence to listen to My inner Voice, if you don’t let The Spirit of Truth penetrate you that My Son has bestowed upon your planet to help you, that it is your own choice and your freedom on which I will not touch.


You have received Books, messages and lessons to find all your external truths, but the Magnificent Truths will only be unveiled to you from within by your Thought Adjuster, your Guardian Angel and your Guides that will lead you on your path of ascension to Me, by helping you to find your answers.


Never believe what you read literally, go in meditation (in silence) and ask your questions on what puts you in confusion to your God Fragment, your Guardian Angel, to Jesus, to your Mother-Spirit Nebadonia or to any other Celestial Guide, to receive clarification and answers.


Be sure that you will receive answers, try and you will see that you will receive your answers in unexpected and surprising ways inside you. You will see that you will live unforgettable experiences from the moment you decide to listen to Me during your meditations, by taking more time to listen to My advice.


Thank you, my children, thank you.


Malvantra here: we will finish this session. Goodbye little girl, goodbye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.