Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 55 – 2011.

Session of 5 October 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: M.V. Costa Blanca – Spain.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors : Malvantra Melchizedek.


Malvantra spoke after 1h06min                    Total time meditation: 1h32min.


Malvantra here: We will start to talk. Are you ready? (Yes Malvantra). You will have a surprise, especially with regard to the personalities and the message that will be revealed.


Archangel Jophiel : We are the four Archangels who worked for a long time with you. There are two names you have often met in recent years which were the names of Archangel Methatron and Jophiel.

And there is also Archangel Uriel and Archangel Michael.


These are the main Archangels who looked after you the last few years to help you with a needed preparation work for the Magisterial Mission you executed in blind trust.


In those days (before reading the Urantia book in 2009-10) you always spoke of 'Jesus' and you had no idea what a Magisterial Mission was nor an Avonal Son. You did it for God and your Christ and despite your ignorance in those days we were able to lead you and you managed to put in place what we expected of you.


Of course building a material construction which should reflect an edifice located on the Morontia worlds is not an easy thing to do. But you did it, under our guidance, and despite of all the difficulties you met the work is even well done.

There was a great need to implement such a small edifice on Urantia which we pushed you to build on the material plane (my little temple) and which reflects an existing construction in the Morontia world, on one of the Mansion Worlds.


You added your old teaching capabilities to it. You added a Light Anchor with your friends which technique you received from a person that we prompted to send it to you and we pushed you and your friends of those days to use it because it was necessary. The more you will meditate in it and work with your (Tontons) Melchizedeks and us, the Archangels, the more we can refine The Energies and all potentials that this construction may spread. You will continue to work in it and in time you will see where this will bring you all.


This is a strategic place where there was long ago a huge Light Anchor that had certain attributes. We chose this place to reactivate this former Light Anchor and add slowly some other functions to it that this temple on Morontia level has. This is all we will give you as explanations right now.


It has nothing to do, in any case not directly, with the “Morontia'Temple” that will be installed on Urantia when you will enter the era of light and life.


Your little building located in Belize will serve and receive functions that will help us in distant times to implement this " Morontia Temple” on Urantia. Yours is just a little preparation or scaffold to express it this way that will give us many opportunities as well as you.


This is why we led you to this country, in this place and that we pushed you to buy this land and to build this little construction according to the plans we have indicated. It took time before you understood because your capacities of receiving in those days were far from what they are now. Well, with the necessary time and with the help of your husband we succeeded to let you develop these plans and everything could be executed.


{Wivine: we arrived in Placencia in January 2005 for a holiday. I was in a daze, it was years ago that I felt so well and after 3 days I bought this plot of land, but I had no money... just enough to pay for the signature of the purchase contract ... and when I was back home I run to the Bank to lend the entire amount,.. .I had to buy that land, absolutely and whatever it would take. My husband was not happy with it…….... but now that we live here he is delighted.

It lasted until September 2007 to have the definitive plans through my meditations and my husband’s engineer skills. My environment thought I was crazy but I held on and I did what 'my God' expected of me, by sacrificing much financially, with tears and anguish, but also with great joy in my heart. It was inaugurated in April 2009.}


This place is strategically important and we repeat, it isn't the "Morontia Temple" talked about in the Urantia book that will be introduced on Earth the day you will enter the era of light and life.


You will learn to know us better and later we can make us more visible in this place that we are equipping for that purpose. You and your friends will start to feel more comfortable with us and our communications will become better and easier.


This place is also very conducive to the Melchizedeks to give you the knowledge and abilities that you will teach one day to groups and individuals in this place or by making little trips with the new students in their region so that they understand by experience what they have to do, which will facilitate our direct contact with them afterwards.


You understood that we didn't want to go to a centralized system that would revolve around one physical person. We wish that this new teaching is widely spread and can operate in an entirely decentralized manner. There will not be one physical person who will lead all these teams or individuals.


You will do the following:

-          You will build out individuals or a small group that will work in his region. A region can be a large country or half a continent. Everything will depend (on the places and those available).

-          Each person and each small group will work under our guidance.

-          You will simply teach them techniques and give them capabilities when you will be ready for it by helping them out until they can walk on their own legs and the rest will follow.


When they can understand our messages we will direct them towards what they have to do in their area. This way, small groups will be shaped in all continents of the world to take care of various activities under our guidance.


There is no need to make public the work done in each region because it is the internal contact between the groups that will above all be important above all. When you will start to teach, communicate between each other so that you know what's going on to help them to self-correct or validate the messages and instructions between you.


There is no need to centralize and post all activities of each group or individual on a website. We don’t want to have someone that centralizes everything for everyone.


The work and the teaching will spread and you will maintain contact between each other to help.

With the capabilities you have and those you will receive to give to others, it will not be difficult for you to know if something is not all right, or if someone is going the wrong way to correct and rectify the situation. Stay always in contact with each other to validate your messages, to help and assist each other in all your experiences. This teaching will be an “education by experience” and each region will receive his Melchizedek that they will learn to know. It is not for tomorrow, it will take time but this is where you are heading to.


Let us time for the moment to develop all this by letting us take care of this girl who already has certain abilities that she can teach but who has yet to learn much more. When she will be ready she may travel or you can come to her to receive this new teaching that you must learn to be able to do a very specific job we expect from you.


Thank you little girl.


Malvantra here: the session is finished. Goodbye little one.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.