Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 56 – 2011.

Session of 8 October 2011 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: M.V. Costa Blanca –Spain.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors : Malvantra Melchizedek

               Father Melchizedek

              Christ Michael (Jesus) and Nebadonia your Mother-Spirit.


Malvantra spoke after 1h23min               Total time meditation: 2h10min


Malvantra here: start to repeat what we will tell you. Father Melchizedek will talk, the Father of your Tontons because he has instructions and clarifications in order you would better work together.

He will start to talk.


Father Melchizedek: My children, I am Father Melchizedek, the first born of the Order of Melchizedeks created by Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit Nebadonia of this local universe.

Afterwards, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and I created all my Sons together, our Melchizedek Sons, and we created many and that is why I am called 'Father Melchizedek'.


They may sometimes work for Master Spirit nr.7 of your Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton to implement things necessary on your globe.

The “energy light network of the Melchizedeks” was established under the direction and supervision of the following Cosmic Beings: Master Spirit nr.7 - AYA, the Supreme Being, Majeston and the Supreme Power Director.


We can already connect you to this Light network and it will be completely encircuited in the future with what you call now the "communication system by reflectivity." All this is reinforced with the help of the Energy Transformers and Energy Transmitters who work with the Melchizedeks and other celestials who work under the supervision of the Energy Transmitters and Transformers.


They will present themselves for now as 'Cosmic Beings, working with the Energy of the Cosmos'. We thus name them for you to not put you in confusion and to simplify things. Some might give you their name but we don’t want them to do so at the moment.


The former Morontia Energy network doesn’t work any longer which was installed around Earth long ago and corrupted by the actions of Caligastia and Lucifer. We mean here that we were able to remove the intelligent encoding installed on this dark grid that maintained human beings in fear, confusion, hate, misunderstanding, and greed with the help of many Celestial and mortal personalities who worked one way or another on the cleaning of this dark network and also with the aid of the Universal Father, the Supreme Being, Majeston and your Master Spirit-Aya. The perversion that had been encoded in this network has therefore been removed.


The huge mass of human souls that remained blocked or imprisoned for so long and who were ready to leave have been brought to places that are better for them.

{Wivine: remember that still everyday people are dying under difficult conditions which often do not have faith in an afterlife, or in God. A soul has free will and when a mortal dies his soul keeps her beliefs. Nevertheless plenty of help is available now to let them leave faster this world as well as the older souls that still didn’t want to leave.}


The life forms created by Lucifer and Caligastia are a bit lost and we will begin to gather them. It is a work that we will do for you, but with your help by letting you create in some strategic places Light Anchors for this purpose. They will be like portals that will facilitate their exit in order to take them away from Earth to bring them to places much more conducive for their evolution. As you know these beings do not have the capacity to create a soul nor the possibility to receive a God Fragment. We are not allowed to destroy them according to the orders of Christ Michael, Nebadonia and the Paradise Trinity.

We will take them to a place that we have prepared for their evolution located somewhere on a Mansion World. We can thus see how we can help them best and to what they may evolve. This is not your concern, these are our matters. Later when you will be on the Mansion Worlds you may help and educate these creatures if this is part of your destiny and your desire; but this is for the future. These life forms can no longer harm. They are there, fearful in a corner, not knowing what to do and kept alive but not able anymore to interfere.


All we ask to those who are able to feel or see them is to send them love. Those with capabilities to help them leave use your usual techniques or use an Energy Light Anchor that your guides can help them relocate. We will not put a number on the amount of these poor creatures, it is not important but there are still enough of them to keep you busy for a while.


There is something else we need you to do to help us implement this new Light network of the Melchizedeks and that is the following:

1) To create yourselves Light Anchors with our help that you will use afterwards according to our guidelines. (You need to be with minimum two persons and create them where the Melchizedeks want them.)

2) To put you in meditation so that we can create our Light Anchors through you that you are not allowed to use afterwards. (You need to be with minimum two persons and create them where the Melchizedeks want them.)


These Light Anchors, regardless the type that will be created, will serve as anchor points to fasten this new Light network of the Melchizedeks on top of the former dark grid which will thus eventually be fully absorbed.


Therefore it is necessary that individuals or small groups of volunteers are trained. It is necessary that at least one of a group is able to receive or understand our messages and guidelines through “the communication system with reflectivity” that we are testing and trying to put in place so that you can better hear our messages and see what we want to show.


We would like that at least one person of a group has rudimentary knowledge of the Urantia Book or is willing to make an effort to read it to better understand who we are and with what they are busy to facilitate our communications.


Once these people are built out and initially it will be only a few individuals or one small group, we will give each of them assignments and missions to create and use these Light Anchors the way we ask them to do in their area and …………………….their region will be a bit larger than a big city.


We called it with this girl a "new teaching" and for the moment we don't want to give it a name because this "new teaching" will not be for the masses. We want to say here that it is a schooling for people who want to do a temporarily specific job for us with a specific purpose so that in time this Light network can be inserted in this former corrupted network in order to install a new consciousness for all humanity.


As we have already said, there will not be "one" person who will lead all groups or individuals and there are still many tarnished places on this earth that should be cleaned according to our instructions.


Everything what could be hidden by humans to other humans, all malfeasance, and corruption in human consciousness will slowly dissipate because it will not be nourished anymore by this former dark network. The current mortal mind unfortunately is still strongly impregnated but we will raise it.


Compare your current mind- intelligence to an ancient television made with old materials, older technologies, in a mechanical way which can only receive low waves and which will be replaced in time by a high definition television which will pick up very high waves to receive high definition images and sounds so that all mankind can better hear and understand everything that comes from Spirit.


In time this old television with its older technology will not be operational anymore, will become outdated and people will not want it anymore. They will prefer to go to the new technology that will slowly replace the old one. This is only an image to try to make you understand how it will work in the future.


Don’t expect anything miraculous and flashy in the transformation of human consciousness. The new influences and the disabling of the older aging and low influences will make that 'the best' inherent in the human being will not be sidetracked anymore, instead it will rise to the surface.


What is corrupted will be denounced worldwide at all levels as well on economic as on Bank level, in journalism, the corruption of Governments on high or small scale because news will spread quickly through your internet and other communication systems. All that is corrupt and all hidden truths will surface.


Anyone who still wishes to work with the old corrupt outdated system will be systematically prevented from doing so by your own justice, by the evolution of your own consciousness. Because you'll see that these actions are not right, that it cannot continue like this and that it must change. You will push collectively your leaders to change their mentality, to resign or fall. You will see that all these changes will happen.


Once we can install this “light network of the Melchizedeks”, once all the dark spots are removed everything can be put in place for the coming of your Magisterial Son.


Efforts are still needed but you know that it's worth the trouble. Already in so little time, with some actions in a few months, miracles occurred of which you will see later the effects in your society and here I am not speaking of a long period of time.


It is important that those who will work for us know each other and meet so that we can connect you together in our ways to help you appreciate one another. Telephone and internet communications are excellent tools, but nothing beats a face to face conversation, to have done some work together to enable the Thought Adjusters to unite the souls, the minds and hearts of the participants.


When you will meditate together we will connect you on this new “communication system with reflectivity” in such a way that you’ll all feel it and afterwards you’ll speak of what united you and how you experienced it. This will be a superior experience than all explanations we could give you because it goes beyond your comprehension. You must have felt it to understand and all of you will come to this understanding in a different way.


Thank you very much my children. This was Father Melchizedek speaking to you. The Big Tonton of our girl and on top she imagines me with long white hair, a long white beard and severe but nice eyes.


Malvantra here: We will complete the session. Don't worry too much that it lasts so long before we talk. You’ll understand later, don't worry. We thank you to have always this patience. Goodbye, my girl.


Wait a second, Christ Michael (Jesus) and Nebadonia are here.


Christ Michael with Nebadonia here: we thank you for all your efforts and those of your companions; for all the admirable work you've already done and still will do for us to illuminate this little planet Urantia, which is very near and dear to our heart and which is so remote, so darkened and damaged.


Your teamwork will have a great impact. You will become more than a little group because you will turn on many lights on this globe. From you many groups or individuals will awaken and ask to be trained to do this work we asked you to start; each with his or her capabilities and role to play which will be communicated individually or collectively to them by the Melchizedeks Brothers.


Thank you my children, thanks to all of you to show us this example of Co-creative teamwork, of intermediaries between the celestial world and the physical world to illuminate and raise the consciousness of all Mankind as well as the one of Urantia, the Supreme of your planet.


Thank you my children. Goodbye and this time I am taking the role of Malvantra.  "Little girl, the session is well over now.” Goodbye everyone.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.