Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 57 – 2011.

Session of 11 October 2011 – recorded- English translation – original French.

Place: M. V. in Keerbergen - Belgium.

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 1h33min                        Total time meditation 1h52min

There are no human ‘reflectivators’.

{Note Wivine March 2014: this message was addressed to us and other transmitters in the U.S.A. who named themselves suddenly 'reflectivators' and who had numbers and they have been so kind to give me nr.1. Unfortunately this did imply that our messages were perfect and contained 100% truths what seemed to be a totally erroneous understanding of what the Melchizedeks were actually trying to establish and following this, questions were raised of what it actually was and we received a serious admonishment.}

Malvantra here: we prepared you at length because yesterday we were unable to finish. Many false ideas and things are running around now about the 'communication system by reflectivity.'

All transmitters are connected differently according to their genetic abilities, according to their brains and not one is actually, neither totally nor perfectly connected to the system of reflectivity as you understand it or as it is described in the Urantia Book.

You are all people we are testing in different ways with this new communication system. So for now, do not declare that your messages transmitted by what you call "Reflectivity" are 100% correct. We remain limited due to your language and your perception of all these concepts we are trying to make you understand through our messages.

We try many things here.

What we would like to do, is to pass 'one message' in different languages through different people around the world to help humanity evolve everywhere at the same pace on the spiritual plane by raising their consciousness.

Your Magisterial Son will come but he will not start with great flourish. He will not come to elected ones or self-elected ones. He will go to those who are capable, who have been trained and exercised to serve and nobody at this moment is favored to represent him.

Many transmit him or claim they do but this doesn’t matter. It can still take a lot of years before your Avonal Son will appear in the flesh and meanwhile there is much work to do, a lot of people to build out and many young people that must grow and learn because they will receive later huge tasks.

You are all tested especially to see if your desire to serve others is humble and real or if it is to serve yourself. Many people receive responsibilities and we allow this to test them. Sometimes we have pleasant surprises and other times we are less happy. We are testing you regularly and constantly to see if you have the necessary caliber to undertake the task of being part of the members of the "mortal corps" that will work one day for the Magisterial Son to help this planet evolve into the era of Light and Life...And right now none of you is ready.

Possessing some knowledge does not mean that you are ready; neither being able to hear and transmit our messages, regardless the system used.

We are testing many systems currently with many people to see what works best. We need people without prejudices, without preconceived ideas cemented into their minds. This is why we prefer people who simply volunteer and are willing to follow our instructions.

We have already done several tests because the goal is to quickly train many people who will form small groups (min. 2 people) of which at least one person will be able to receive our messages properly to 90%, to be able to direct them to the places where we will ask them to do a specific job.

What you now call the "communication system via reflectivity” is only a small echo of what it will become when it will be fully integrated and implanted in what we call here the “Light network of the Melchizedeks”.

Meanwhile we had already good results and those who would come later will understand immediately that the “teaching” they receive will be used to do a job whilst receiving our instructions directly from us.

We speak here in very general terms and I ask you to stay a bit serious and to stop fiddling with the term "Reflectivator" by suggesting that these transmitters tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It is far from being the case but it is already much better than it was before and we want you to stop the game of calling you 'Reflectivators '. This is a word you humans launched and no mortal at this time is a "Reflectivator" as described in the Urantia book. You're still mortals with imperfect physical bodies.

We are doing tests and try to install the system but none of you may now appoint him or herself as a «Reflectivator» in the sense it has been launched to the public and the way your readers understood it.

This is a misconception and it is necessary you understand that. None of you has the ability at the moment to reflect 100% what we are trying to transmit as concepts.

I hope it is clear what I just told you?

Thank you my children.

This will be all and we will complete the session. We have nothing else to add. Goodnight my girl.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.