PART N°5 - 2011.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Kathy

Date: 27 April 2011

Present: 3 Mayas and Cyril, Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

AYA, The Voice of The Trinity – Master Spirit n°7

KUWAYA, The Voice of The Eternal Son – Master Spirit n°2

Tomas – Celestial Teacher

Malvantra spoke after 40min Total time meditation: 1h33min.

Malvantra : Hello this is Malvantra here. I come to you to inaugurate a wonderful beautiful day, a festive day that we will celebrate together. We managed to put in place the (communication) system with reflectivity.

This little one here can already bear much better the weight of this system. It’s still strange for her but its functioning. Many people are here with me. All would like to speak a few words, but they are with too many. We cannot present them to you, you don’t know them yet and then it would be a lot of names to remember. I know that some of you have prepared questions. Let's see if we have time to answer them. The first person who will speak is AYA (AJOU), Master Spirit No. 7 of your Superunivers nr 7 Orvonton.

AYA : Hello I am Aya (AJOU), I know she pronounced my name differently, but this pronunciation is better. I'm so glad my children that we could finally implement this communication system with reflectivity to talk to you more easily, more properly. It is important that the words that we speak through you are transmitted as correctly as possible, especially for upcoming messages and that’s why we have decided in the end, together with Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa, to implement this.

You have been chosen to make this first test. We observed you for a long time and we know that you are going to do that very well. Later, when this will work properly, other transmitters will work with the same system. This is for later and in terrestrial terms this could take several months or several years, everything will depend on the candidates.

Yes my children, things are changing slowly in the right direction. This could not be otherwise with all the efforts we have done. What is new is that we, the Master Spirits who speak for

could already express a few words through this system.

Father Melchizedek is all radiant that he also could finally say a few words. We are all full of joy here because finally we can communicate more easily and more accurately.

I know you always ask from where this ‘Universal Energy’ comes that you all use with the techniques you have learned. This comes from the Centre of Paradise, from the Trinity if you prefer. It is powerful. It passes (from The Trinity) through Father Melchizedek, and then through other Celestial Beings of which some are Melchizedeks and some others Angels. We can mitigate the strength of this (Trinity) Energy and while these students that studied these techniques are gradually evolving (by using this Trinity Energy) they will be able to do many things.

However we blocked these teachings (in 2007) and we are pondering if:

These are things for later.

These teachings have been implemented intelligently, in such a way that when the mortal person who centralized everything would disappear, we could still use any student of a sufficient high (study) level to keep the system activated on Earth. Your teacher departed (in 2007) with our and his consent, this is all we will tell about it.

These teachings have been implemented to form the link between what is going to come and the start or the re-opening of all the circuits of the universe. All these students (3 million people spread over the entire planet) helped to facilitate this. Other systems have also been set up with other functions with other people. The fact that these teachings were centralized around one person was a risk, but we were able to complete them, put everything in place and it still works.

See you another time, my children. I am so happy to have spoken to you, goodbye my children.

TOMAS: Hello this is Tomas here, your teacher. We decided to let you ask your questions and here I am to answer them. So if you have any questions, please ask. I look forward to them.

Student: Question about communicating with our God Fragment.

Why does our God Fragment encounter so many difficulties to transmit us the Cosmic Truths? Is this because of the lack of intellectual capacities of our brain or is it a form of laziness on our part? Or is there another reason?

TOMAS: it is a difficult question to answer but I will try. Your God Fragment works on another level of consciousness, he needs to reach your mortal mind, but that mind is tied to your brain, to the nervous system of your physical body which works entirely electrochemically. And these two different systems are the cause of the disruption in the direct communication. This is the reason why we recommend to go in silence while trying to think on nothing so that He can speak to you. At that moment he is much more able to communicate his messages, to give symbols or pictures, to put ideas in your mind which might be helpful to you to have another view on some issues. It is especially during your meditation, during the inner silence, where he is able to reach you because than you change from level of consciousness.

It is by blocking your thoughts coming up in your mind that the communication becomes easier. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of time before you will hear his whispering voice. Often it is your Guardian Angel you will hear first, not your God Fragment. Your Guardian Angel is much closer to you.

And of course, if you are constantly busy thinking, working, being concerned all day long, having plenty of things on your mind you wouldn’t listen even if he would speak to you. You know also that when an individual stands beside you while you are busy with your concerns and he says something to you with a soft voice, you will not hear him because you are not listening.

When a person has not sufficiently learned how to go into silence, learned how to listen to this Voice, from which he is most of the time not conscious, it will delay and make the work more difficult for your God Fragment. There is obviously also a form of laziness, a form of licentiousness, not looking for communication with God, preferring a materialistic way of life,……and all of this makes that this soft, whispering Voice of God cannot be heard in the hearts of human beings.

Despite all of this your indwelling God Fragment will do constantly efforts to put ideas in your mind to push you to think on other values and take other directions. He is inexhaustible.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, of course. Can I continue? (YES) Is this the reason why so many high technological civilizations ended in self-destruction?

TOMAS: of course, nature evolves and so does the human intellect. Man is capable of doing much research on physics, all kinds of scientific research, but when his mind or ego doesn’t look for peace nor listens to his indwelling God Fragment and that he is only concerned with its own power and his power above others, than automatically all he will create will be destructive, to destroy others………….. and then of course,………….. eventually accidents happen.

If these people would have a higher consciousness and a good contact with God, especially those scientists, those with much knowledge, those leaders, if they would have continuous contact with their God Fragment, their science, their discoveries would be directed (by the leaders) to invent machines and tools that would be for the well-being of humanity rather than those with such huge danger of destruction leading most of the time to self-destruction.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Question about the Evolution of the soul. The Urantia book says that: “the soul is originally formed by the inner God Fragment with the consent of the will of the creature.”

At what level is this consent given by a child to our God Fragment, because personally we don’t recall having given a consent to our God Fragment from which we did not even know the existence not so long ago?

TOMAS: indeed, these consents in fact are given at a level of which you are not aware of in your everyday mind. They are done through the heart, they are done by speaking to God. Young children who have learned God's presence have learned to pray, to speak to their Dear Father, to ask things, and thus at a very young age a child can be in a situation where it decides to act in a certain way rather than in another way. We call this a ‘moral act’; you would rather say something like ‘doing the right thing’. At this point the God Fragment comes to this child and this is often symbolized in your Catholic religion by the first communion which is around 6 years.

Afterwards it will be your decisions, often unconscious, of which you are not aware in your daily life, which will help your God Fragment to create together with your mind this soul. This soul that will become the vehicle of all your spiritual wisdom will go to the Mansion Worlds or Morontia Worlds when you leave this physical body. Indeed you do not take these decisions always consciously. I don’t think you were aware of your first ‘moral’ decision.

Does this answer your question? (Yes) Is there another issue?

Student: Does this evolving soul that develops a "mind" during our life may pervert itself, just as we can pervert our mortal mind by our thoughts and selfish decisions during our life?

TOMAS: The soul in its embryonic state during your earthly life does not take many decisions, she must still evolve and her mind develops gradually. Therefore, your soul that you create here on Earth cannot yet be perverted in this stage of evolution. You are doing this and by doing so you prevent your soul from growing. And if you don’t have a soul that grows, that becomes strong enough, you will have a major problem to continue your evolution on the Mansion Worlds, the Morontia Worlds. Things will become much more difficult for you.

Once you are on the Mansion Worlds the situation is very different. There it is a question of " is your soul strong enough to want to undertake this long journey to go towards The Universal Father in Paradise" or is she “too weak"? It is a journey that requires a lot of mental strength and the question will come up if " you want to continue your ascension or not." This will be your decision.

If you don’t achieve to develop enough spiritual values, love, Higher Wisdom, even on the Mansion Worlds, your soul will stagnate or will move further and further away from the path of ascension….. perhaps until a point where she will not be able to grow anymore and decides to die, to die the way one dies on the Morontia Worlds, which means that you simply will no longer exist and your personality will go to God The Supreme.

Does this answer your question? (Yes)

Student: According to the Urantia Book, the creativity of personality is mostly interior and cannot develop if children and youth are educated in purely materialistic activities. Can you give us some comments on this?

TOMAS: You received your personality from The Universal Father. The Father is creative and therefore your personality, which is a small part of Him, is creative. You must rely on your inner faith, on your inner personality, on your inner God Fragment for this. To rely on this creativity you must be able to make contact with what comes from the Divine and what comes from the Divine cannot be hampered by the difficulties of material life.

I advise you the following: when you want to be creative, withdraw and sit in silence, let your Thought Adjuster ‘inspire’ you like so many artists say. This way you can start to create anything depending in what you are interested, the type of work you do and your material concerns will not interfere in this.

Yes if you create something in matter you can have problems to find the right material and if it is not good your work will not hold. This is the law of antecedent causation, which means, you have for example purchased a bad quality of stone to make your masterpiece and the stone broke. The cause is always something that happened and you have the repercussions. You throw a stone in a quiet pool and the effects are that the water is disturbed and makes waves and this ‘comes from’ and is ‘caused by’ the fact that you've thrown a stone in the water. This is the law of antecedent causation.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes thank you, you have anticipated the second part of the question. Here's the next question. What is exactly that Law of Antecedent Causation or Karma where so many philosophies talk about and rely on to declare that this is one of the reasons that obliges the soul of man to reincarnate so often in the flesh before she can continue her (celestial) evolution?

TOMAS: This is a law that is still so little understood. Many philosophies have no idea of what happens exactly after physical death. This has been revealed two times: during the time of

The fact that they had no idea of what happens afterwards, many primitive and advanced civilizations thought that you needed to be perfect before the soul could go on to the Heavens and this believe started already since the time humans had a concept of a single God.

Human beings believe in reincarnation since a long time. Since the very beginning when man was still primitive, they believed that the spirit or soul, although they did not speak of a soul in those days, would go automatically into the body of another new born child after death. These considerations have evolved. What karma says is that you will harvest the consequences of what you engendered. You do bad actions, the negative effects will sooner or later come back to you. You do good actions you will produce benefits.

Thanks to the good decisions and actions you take in your life your soul can evolve and grow; you can gain a lot of spiritual Wisdom this way, but if you lead a very selfish life and you harm others knowingly and voluntarily then your soul will not grow much. Humans can even descent below the level of an animal. An animal doesn’t kill for pleasure, he kills to defend himself or to survive, he doesn’t harm because he likes to harm.

All these philosophies mingled many things, and the old teachings were lost. Those teachings spoke about the changeovers and the developments the soul must undergo on the Mansion Worlds, which are “half-material, half spiritual, where the soul will transform each time by passing from one world to another, receiving many times a different Morontia body until she becomes more and more Spiritual and can reach God in Paradise.

These philosophies understood this too literally, from the point of view of a mortal earthly mind and eventually they started to think that instead of evolving on many (non-material) worlds which they could not envision as long as they lingered on Earth, you had to live many lives on earth before you could become an evolved spiritual being and continue to live after physical death as a spiritual being in the heavens. Hence that misunderstanding.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you.

TOMAS ; You have another question?

Student: Regarding the survival of the Human Ego. Is the ego a part of our "personality" received from The Universal Father? The U.B. speaks about the material ego, the Morontia ego and the spiritual ego. Can you explain us a little bit more about these different "egos"?

TOMAS: Of course the ego is part of your personality. It is the fact that you have an individual personality that makes you realize that you are different from someone else. You give yourself an identity: I am Mister such, I have such parents, I did such studies, I am in that type of business. Of course, and it's the same thing when you're in the Morontia Worlds and the Spiritual Worlds. You'll always realize who you are in your relationship to others, you will see that you are different, you will see that there are people or beings, that can do things you are not capable of or that there are people who don't know how to do things you can do.

You'll always realize the differences with others and your ego is your ‘me’, is your "I m a this person”, I am this individual and I come from there and you relate to all your environment, your friends and your acquaintances like this and this will continue.

The great danger of ‘ego’ is not to have one but is to start thinking you are superior. The great danger for you comes when you begin to believe that you are much better, smarter, more powerful or wanting power above others, looking down to others………… and this can happen to you at any level. Look at Lucifer. He was not even a human being coming from animal evolution. This can always happen and this erring will sooner or later lead you to self-destruction; you will fall from the pedestal on which you have put yourself.

Being satisfied of a great accomplishment that you achieved in life, that’s a very healthy ego, one is allowed to be proud of what he or she achieved. Why would you not be proud of yourself? Although being proud comes from your ego it will help you realize that you did something good. Feeling the desire to communicate your joys, your actions to others are all normal things. But when you want to use your awareness, your knowledge to put yourself above others to feel important or to manipulate and harm others……. there you start having a problem.

An ego is needed, without ego you would not be able to continue to evolve. It’s your ego that will push you to act, to say: "I want to go higher up, I want to become a better person, gain more spiritual wisdom, I want to undertake this long path of ascension," ……that’s your ego that pushes you to do so and this has nothing to do with right or wrong. The ego is not necessarily negative; you will not be able to function without it.

Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you.

TOMAS: Ok, then I say goodbye and until our next session. I hope that we will be with more people so that I meet your companions. Thank you both for having organized this session. Goodbye.

MALVANTRA here: There is someone else who wishes to talk to you.

KUWAYA: This is KUWAYA (Kwajou) here, Master Spirit No. 2, The Voice of The Eternal Son. Hello my children, I come especially to thank this little one. She understood now the role of my Son, Christ Michael, in this Local Universe. She understood now his great goodness and all the efforts he has done to try to recover you and get you out of the claws of this rebellion.

His plans are excellent and with certainty of success ……they will take some time to achieve.

Patience is something very important. Every human being always wishes that everything happens in his own lifetime. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are projects which require very much time and often more time than your own human life. This is our problem with human beings.

Nevertheless, be very aware that your contribution to the Plans of Christ Michael, regardless that you have put yourself under one mission or another, will help to achieve them.

After you, others will pick up the torch and eventually this way, after hundreds of years, your planet will be able to bring herself in the era of Light and Life. Your planet started already to go in that direction and be happy that you can contribute to this, even if you won't see all the results during your mortal life. Trust us, we're working, you are working for all your future generations. We know that you have no children and that it is for the children of others, for their future generations that you are working and this is beautiful. Thank you very much my children and I wish you a good evening.

MALVANTRA: Malvantra here, Monsanloran has a few words to say.

MONSANLORAN: Hello this is Monsanloran here. I see that you have organized your short trip to the South of Belize. I thank you for this and I expect you over there. Goodbye my children.

MALVANTRA : We will end this session. Thank you for your presence and having organized this. Goodbye my children and see you next time.


Mezza Verde Group

For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.