Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 59 – 2011.

Session of 15 October 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: M. V. in Keerbergen, Belgium.

Present: Charles and Wivine

Received by Wivine.


Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra spoke after 51min                  total time meditation: 1h05min

{Note Wivine: below are the answers to questions of a 30y old boy I have known for 8 years from the time of my previous teachings and who wishes to participate in the "special task of cleaning the dark network". He didn’t tell me his questions so that there would be no doubts about the answers. And Yes, even my entourage tests me. He also participated in our trips to Germany, Austria, Spain and France last September.}

Malvantra here: Let's do a test in Dutch. We have not yet tested this language and are grateful you are here together so that we can try it.

As we said, we want to be able to pass one day the same message at the same moment to many transmitters in several languages so that our words are heard everywhere on this planet at the same time to help mankind move on synchronously. To get there we are weaving the "communication system with reflectivity” into the "light network of The Melchizedeks " that others call differently but that doesn’t matter. It is a huge job that we just started.

You have all different capacities of reception and transmission. This means that we must connect you all individually, customized and that is why we are testing. We are currently engaged in two languages: English and French. Later other languages will be added as well as Dutch.

If you would take time to be quiet and put you in silence around your light anchor, we could connect you to this network and bring you from a lower circuit slowly towards a higher circuit so that your ability to see and hear can improve. It is a process that requires patience.

You'll see, if you're alert, that we sometimes will exercise pressure on your head or on your chakra 7 or 6 to notify that we have something to say; then take the time to go in silence to listen to our voices. You can provide excellent services. It doesn’t have to be for tomorrow or immediately, but if you discipline yourself and you really want it, than we can connect you to the "communication system with reflectivity” which requires training and patience.

I am the head of The Melchizedek Schools, of those who implement this on your planet with the help of the energy transformers and transmitters which are cosmic beings who can transmit the energy of the universe or hold it and change frequencies so that it can be used by humans on Earth.

We, the Melchizedeks, are working since a long time with you as well as your guardian of destiny or your personal guardian angel. Your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster can already reach you well. He agreed, if you take the time and you feel ready, that you become a servant in this great necessary work of cleaning the dark network. Moreover you have already participated and you did a fantastic job.

You all have obtained many results because many souls could leave thanks to you and the additional help of the Universal Father.

There are still souls who wander, some fallen angels and other life forms that need help to go towards the Light; but we confirm that from now on not one soul of the deceased can be retained here to prevent her to go to the Mansion Worlds that have been created since antiquity, well before the Lucifer rebellion, to precisely welcome them. The reason for the existence of the Mansion Worlds is to give the opportunity to the soul to evolve from one Morontia world to another, then from one Spiritual world to another, until she has finally achieved her perfected spiritual status to be embraced by God and join the "Corps of Finality.

The Corps of Finality which at the moment is the highest spiritual level a human soul can reach has a great goal that was never disclosed. It’s only recently that it has been explained to this girl, namely that out the Corps of Finaliters will emerge one day 'creator sons and daughters’ who will, together with The Father, have the capabilities to create life on the uninhabited planets of the outer space worlds that are developing and which lie outside the area of the Grand Universe.

You, my child, will be one day such a 'creator-child' in a distant future.

If we use words that you don't understand you can find them in the Urantia Book where they are explained. Try to form a picture of how the Universe works so that when a celestial creature comes to you that you would know with whom you are communicating and that you will not put all Higher Beings in the same bag. There's much difference in the nature, tasks and responsibilities between the Superior or Cosmic Beings and it would be good that you understand the functions of The Trinity, composed by the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

If there is a day you do not know what to do you could read a page and the evolved being close to you that helps you with your Energy transmissions will help you understand these texts. If you have any questions ask them in your meditations and he will guide you through the Book according to your questions. What you do not understand now, you will understand later. You do not need to read this Book in a week or a month because you have many years ahead of you.

All we ask you is that you start reading.

If you participate regularly in the meditations that are designed to connect you to the "communication system with reflectivity " of the Melchizedeks so that you later could hear our messages, you will be able one day to perform independent tasks for us. When you will be more educated we will send you people that you will train and give you group assignments that will be important for all mankind.

This is your decision, you have free-will.

We'll help you, we will hold your hand, we will boost you, we will increase the capacity of your brain, we could possibly extend your life, we can do a lot but is up to you to take the decision and especially to do the effort.

We know your perseverance, my boy, we know your heart and it is high; but nothing can be achieved without effort and this applies to everyone.

We are not asking you to throw away all you learned in your previous studies. Use these skills and continue to use them. We will give you in time other capabilities of which you already know one, namely the creation and use of Light Anchors. But there will be additional capabilities that will give you much more power to do this specialized work for which you are currently not fully built out.

Nobody until now has received an explanation of what exactly is this 'specialized cleaning work’. You know that there are some Light Anchors that must be created and used, but much more has to be added that has not yet been revealed.

It is your decision.

When you have made your decision with conviction then stand right in the middle of your Light Anchor and talk to us. First you address God the Father, and then his Son Christ and then us - the Order of Melchizedeks responsible for your region and then me - Malvantra Melchizedek -- asking us to guide you and help you in this task for which you volunteer.

Do not feel inferior to others. Each has his or her task and each one of you is taught. Your heart is great and this is what matters and not the ambitions of a personal ego as seen so often in so many people moving around in the so-called spiritual world.

Thank you, my boy, to have heard the call to come here so that we could reach you directly. It is up to you to decide, but you are considered fit to do this job and follow this training. I wish you a good night and a good journey back home. Goodbye my children, goodbye. The session is finished.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.