Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 60 – 2011.

Session of 18 October 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: M.V. at Keerbergen in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

             Father Melchizedek.


Malvantra spoke after1h25min                Total time meditation: 1h59min.


Malvantra here: Father Melchizedek wants to speak to you. It is an honor for us that it pleases him to come to talk to you that we guided in her apprenticeship so that you would grow and be able to carry on your shoulders the responsibility to start up this new system of communication with reflectivity on Urantia. It is not only the system of communication with reflectivity you will start up but also the work that is around it as well as this new teaching we will give you to form small groups and individuals over the entire world who will be able to work for us directly under our guidance in order to install properly this Light network of the Melchizedeks.


This 'Light' to form this network was since a very long time on the way to Urantia but it is only the past 20 years that we started to place it around Earth and anchor it. To complete this anchoring permanently we still have to remove many alterations in human consciousness and this is done best in spoiled places which were used to supply the former “dark energy grid”.


We are pleased that we were able to release definitively any blocking which upheld many souls imprisoned through the work of all of you who helped us the last 6 months and the help of The Universal Father. There is nothing anymore that can maintain a human soul on earth, except her free will. You no longer need to worry about the souls of your ancestors, your family because we took care of them.


Some souls who currently die due to diseases, old age, natural disasters, wars and other things, may still need assistance following their dismay after sudden death or to have lived a too material life to traverse this former dark network that can no longer harm them. Help is there and the work of celestials and Midwayers will be facilitated.


The day human consciousness will be elevated there will be no need to help souls of deceased people who were not able to reach a sufficient level of mind openness, belief in God and in the hereafter. This is still part of your ongoing development and one day it will no longer exist.


Everyone is welcome who wishes to contribute to the raising of human consciousness and moral values one way or another, with small or large efforts. It will solve faster this problem due to the disregarding of The Universal Father whose Spark lives inside each mortal. Once human beings would communicate earlier, younger with their inner God Fragment, with his silent voice, souls will be able to grow faster and this problem to wander after death on Earth will disappear.


All of this is a consequence of your delay and the deviation you have experienced following the Rebellion. Yet much help has been given but we understood that it was not sufficient.


Nothing will stop your development anymore towards the era of Light and Life. This does not mean mortals should not make efforts. It is for him and her to choose to listen to the guidance of the voice of God in their heart because that is their free will.


Once a mortal could say: “we have never heard about Him; we do not know who God is, we do not believe in Him. »; but slowly this knowledge will penetrate the collective consciousness through many paths and the soul will no longer be able to say: "I didn't know." It is deliberately and knowingly that humans will choose whether to listen to the inner voice of God or not.


Many people have rejected the notion of God following the actions of religious institutions through the ages and the influence of communism. But, the First Source and Center, does not use priests and organized churches to join his children because he lives in the hearts of all and guide every soul in a unique way.


Many people in cultural and technological advanced societies deny the existence of a Universal Creator that we call The Father of all creatures and all creation. They believe in many things and some manage to evolve spiritually but they could move on much better and save a lot of time on the Mansion Worlds if they would start to accept and listen to the inner voice of their God Fragment that the Universal Father gave them.


Thank you, my girl.


Father Melchizedek here: I ask you all to remain humble and understand that my sons, The Melchizedeks, are hard at work to connect this Light network installed with the help of many Celestials and the Supreme power Director with all his helpers. Don't worry about the names of these Celestials because there is no need for it and in addition they carry generally numbers.


There's a Solitary Messenger which makes the link between the Paradise Sons, Master Spirit- AYA, the Supreme Power Director and my Melchizedek Sons to install this Light network who’s Energy comes from the Paradise Trinity. Many things must be organized and implemented and it is this Solitary Messenger who brings immediately the messages, the knowledge and guidance from Paradise to those who run the operations of the installation and anchoring of this Light network as well as the weaving of the communication system with reflectivity in this light network of the Melchizedeks.


It was a necessity to have the instructions from the Paradise Trinity and other Paradise Celestials arriving quickly at the performers because the Reflectivity system and other communication systems in the Superunivers and the local universe are sometimes not fast enough or not always suitable.


It was therefore decided to use a Solitary Messenger as intermediary to be able to lead this triple operation which is:

-       The installation of the “Light network of the Melchizedeks”,

-       The cleaning of the former Morontia grid and

-       The implementation of the “communication system with Reflectivity” into the “Light network.

All of this should be coordinated perfectly and in addition The Father wants to direct the operations. Therefore He has to be informed properly and be able to give His directives immediately and as correctly as possible to the Melchizedeks and other Celestials who work on these three operations.


We ask anyone with whom we will work in the future and to whom we will give capacities to receive our messages to work with us in the cleaning of this dark network to stay anonymous and not go public.


Errors in transmissions or understanding can occur; your world is far from perfect. In this case we will correct with future messages, but we'll never take sides for or against a transmitter through someone else who took her or his first steps, even in the case of someone that is already more experienced and this should be clear to you why.

You have ways to find your inner truths by contacting your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster. You can find all truths by putting you in silence asking the Spirit of Truth to enlighten you. Then we recommend if you have doubts to enter in meditation and ask questions even if we will not disclose you everything.


What we do not accept and never will do is promoting or penalizing a person who has the courage and the will to receive and transmit our voices or what Spirit tries to communicate to your fellow men. If the message or what is said doesn't resonate with you there is nothing that requires reading it, to listen to it, or to accept it and nothing allows you to diminish transmitters, or put you in our place by using our names to criticize or intimidate.


I wish you a good day and thank you. Goodbye my girl.


Malvantra : We will end the session. Thank you for taking time for us. Goodbye little one.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.