Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 61 – 2011.

Session of 29 October 2011 – recorded- English translation -  Original English/French.

Place: Mezza Verde at Placencia in Belize.

Present : Cyril, -B-Maya, E-Maya and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 43min                    Total time meditation: 59min.

Malvantra: Hello my children, this is Malvantra here. It lasted a long time before we were all together again here in this place. We have a huge program for you; there will be lots of things to do and you will do a good job. Our girl is still very tired of her return travel from Europe and will have to rest. This is why we shall resume the sessions with Ham and Tomas, with visible and invisible ones as well as questions about the Urantia book towards the end of next week. This will give you time to prepare yourselves.

Father Melchizedek is here, he is the Father all Melchizedeks or the Maya Cosmic Masters for the Maya people. If you read the Urantia book you will better understand who he is.

Father Melchizedek here: my beloved children, you all have served My Sons well. Thanks to your work, My Sons and some other Celestial Orders could do a beautiful job in cleaning the collective consciousness of humanity by removing all these lower thoughts of fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy that stayed in the minds of people. We are very grateful but many other things are still necessary in which all of you will slowly but surely grow and learn during many years.

You, the young Maya’s, will learn how to help your people in the future. You will get older; you will become stronger and receive more capabilities. You will learn to let us speak through you, instead of you telling your own beliefs incrusted in your minds to others. Your people needs you and you will help them in the future but for now you must first grow and learn your life lessons. You can already help in your environment and you do this very well.

The soul of the 'Father of the Nation of Belize' arrived save and well on the First Mansion World. He was a man of God and was resurrected after 3 days; he received a new Morontia body with a Morontia mind. He discovers at the moment his surroundings and is wondering how he can continue to serve God and his fellow human beings.

{George Cadle Price, P.C. (born January 15, 1919 – died September 19, 2011), was the first Prime Minister of Belize and is considered to have been one of the principal architects of the country's independence. Today he is referred to by many as "the Father of the Nation".}

I tell you this to confirm that the 'Father of your Nation' has indeed arrived on the Celestial Worlds.

To let go a soul of a deceased and pray that she follows the Light is still an important issue on your planet and as you don’t know with what kind of soul you deal you better help her to go towards the Light before the body is buried or cremated.

You will still have "wandering souls" for a while until all mankind believes in a single Creator of whom a 'Fragment' lives in each one of you. Once you are there every soul will immediately go to the Mansion Worlds and will no longer linger here. Those souls who wander can no longer harm and will not remain indefinitely here.

What you call "Obeah (a kind of local black magic)" is finished; practitioners will not be able to use it anymore because the system they developed is broken. If they still want to kill chickens they better make soup of it because they can no longer use them to hurt; which means that your fear for it has to go as well.

I thank you my children for listening to my words and say goodbye. I am very proud of you and thank you for all the work you have done for my Sons. Good bye.

Malvantra here: we are going to suspend the session; it lasted long enough for the girl. We will see us next Friday if all goes well. Goodbye, my children, goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.