Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 62 – 2011.

Session of 1rst November 2011 – Recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde at Placencia in Belize

Present: Cyril, E-Maya and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.


Malvantra spoke after 1h08min               Total time meditation: 1h38min.


Malvantra here: Hello my friends. We have opened a new circuit to which we tried to connect you. All circuits we are trying to connect you are circuits of Spiritual Energy and not physical energy. Following the opportunity to be able to work gradually with you and by doing different experiments with different degrees of encircuitment of Spiritual Energy, we can develop a new way to connect human beings.


Each new connection, encircuitment or test we do allows us to transform the ability of your brain, the understanding of your mortal mind, the mind of your soul and your consciousness. Therefore, we can make you understand things differently and on a more spiritual level which will make you see, feel and understand better all what we are trying to teach you from the Higher Celestial levels, spiritual knowledge coming from the Centre of Paradise. It is through the elevation of consciousness, open-mindedness and capabilities of understanding of each individual that the global consciousness of humanity will raise.


These are all very new experiences for the System of Satania where so many planets have been cut for so long from the superior spiritual circuitry. These superior circuits are necessary to sustain Spiritual life forms and Morontia life forms which are not purely material as is your planet, your body and everything what you see with your physical eyes.


There are many gradations in these Spiritual Energies which also serve to create Spiritual and Morontia (half-spiritual/half-material) bodies. Be aware that everything in the System of Satania must be redone as well as on Urantia; this will take time and things are progressing well. We are doing different experiments with the Universe circuits Supervisors, their associates as well as with the secondary and tertiary supervisors to implement and connect all these Energies and Spiritual Forces around Earth to which we connect you.


There are a lot of Celestial Personalities who help to realize this which have not been revealed in the Urantia book; there are no names or definitions to explain you who all these Celestials are that are helping to establish this new circuitry and the Melchizedeks or M-AYA Cosmic Masters -Melchizedeks who work for Aya – are the ones that implement all these connections.


These are difficult things to explain to a mortal mind. You may perceive 'the light network' of the Melchizedeks’ as a grid with lines that intersect or Light spirals that surround you, or lines of Light which form circles within circles, all depends of your mind.


The Supreme Power Directors adjust material and physical energies and the Universe Circuit Supervisors regulate the Spiritual Energy. All are involved in the implementation of these new Spiritual Circuits which are installed throughout the System of Satania to recover the 37 planets of the Rebellion. We try to explain it as simply as possible so that you understand the difference. All your Constellation Norlatiadek and your entire local universe Nebadon will benefit from it and this is done through the coordination of Forces from the Trinity.

The Universal Father keeps everything well in hand and follows everything closely. The Infinite Spirit is implementing and has made available all personalities she has created to Christ Michael (Jesus) that he needs. Everything is perfectly organized and very new. There are lots of changes and movements in the responsibilities among all these Celestials who work with these Spiritual Circuits coming from the Centre of Paradise that are conveyed to you.


We'll leave it here to not increase the immense confusion of what is happening and we will wait with the revelation of names until the communication system with reflectivity is better implemented and that the people with whom we are testing will reach a higher level of understanding and connectivity.


Impatience does not help and this human impatience has already caused far too many unnecessary conflicts. We use many transmitters around the world that have abilities and different ways of connection with this ‘communication system with reflectivity’. With one we can connect this way, with another a different way. Each of these transmitters has a different language, different intellectual capabilities and different knowledge. According to our tests, the messages will be received in one way by this one and in another way by others.


We are trying through this phenomenon to convey what Spirit wants to make you understand through different transmitters. It is for you to see the differences and similarities and understand where it came from. Don’t start to judge because than you are on the wrong track. Take everything you did not understand, put you in confusion or disagree with in your meditation and we will gladly try to make you understand it differently.

We will say no more for now.


We will quietly inform you on other topics and we will try to bring you some knowledge through different transmitters. Than we will see how you will come to handle and process all this information from these different sources of whom no message will be perfect. It will be for us a way to reveal and make you understand a little more.


There is no mortal that is randomly put forward more than another. We are Celestial Beings and we test and re-test every mortal who transmits in their integrity, in their humility and capabilities before we decide to give someone more responsibilities. We add nothing more here either.


The information will come and according to the advancement of the implementation of the ‘communication system with reflectivity’ and the Circuitry of Spiritual Energy you will get better and clearer information. We can thus reveal new Celestial Personalities, describe their functions and even help with their names.


Each time we will launch new information we will observe and test all and I'm not talking just to this group here. We will test all transmitters and all reactions of the audience who listens and reads the messages to see how everyone is able to store, understand and respond objectively to those who put themselves at your disposal to channel our words.


Thank you very much my children. If your meditations take more time than before it's because we encircuit you in a new system that we try to test with different frequencies to see how you react and pick up. If this doesn’t work as we want we will have to do further testing until it works properly.


We know very well what we are doing but our biggest imponderable is the novelty of the experiment for your level of understanding. It is not the ability of the Celestials which is in issue here. So be patient because everyone will learn and grow with all these new experiments derived from the implementation of these new Circuits of Spiritual Energy in the System of Satania and on Urantia.

Goodbye and thank you my kids.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.