Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 66 – 2011.

Session of 19 November 2011 – Recorded – Original English.

Location : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, Carole, B-Maya and E-Maya and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monsanloran Melchizedek.


Monsanloran spoke after 54min              Total time meditation: 1h13min.


Monsanloran here: Hello my children, I am very happy to have you all together and I see that your recorders are functioning now.

Your first steps will be to learn to listen to our voices and the following steps will be transmitting what you hear and see because sometimes you will receive an image to describe.

This system where you have to get into deep meditation before receiving/transmitting will last for a few years. It is an exercise to learn to give you over to Spirit in such a way that your mind, your intellect and thoughts don’t interfere in the transmission. In time when you will be more qualified and trained you will be able to do this automatically with open eyes in front of others. Some of you start to be receptive to what we whisper when they are addressing people and it is this way that your words will be filled with wisdom in the future, the wisdom that the person in front of you needs to hear.

You can exercise yourselves with those who come for help by asking first our guidance before you answer and let “our words” flow through your mouth because we know better than you the needs of others. This is an exercise that you can do from now on in your daily life with those that are coming to you with their problems or experiences.

In the future you will carry very important Celestials who will speak through you while you are conscious of it and have your eyes open. People will hear your voice while sometimes seeing a light around you when you will do this.

That’s why these meditations are sometimes so heavy and time consuming. We have to prepare your bodies, your mind and brain so that you are able to carry these much higher and heavier celestial personalities of which some are known and others not and we will not reveal them to you right now.

We thank you to help us in this as this is our first experiment. You will be able in the future to follow the celestial broadcasts of your Local Universe and will know what is happening there. The broadcasts of the Superunivers will be for much later generations. You will see this happening in 10 to 20years if you continue these meditation exercises and trust us.

Many important things are going to happen soon and you will help to put the foundation of a “New Era” that will move forward all your brothers and sisters of Urantia into Light and Life. You will help together with many other groups that are also working with us of which some are aware of it and others not. They all are the foundation stones to anchor Urantia in a few thousand years into the era of Light and Life.

I will work with all of you during this beginning phase. I know there is still the cave near one of your villages which you call the “the house of Maltucia”. This cave will play an important role in revelations that Maltucia will bring forth to you but before you enter these caves you need more (material) protection and improvement in your receiving capacities.

I would appreciate that you come together at least once a week for these meditations so that we can encircuit you to bring you on higher levels. In time you will all be able to receive and transmit our words and even see us. Some of you can already hear our voices and transmit, others can see and for some it is still a matter of believe and faith. I assure you it will come for all of you; if you endure, if you continue, if you are steady and consistent we will bring you all that far.

When you help your brethren, when you work to reach higher spiritual levels, you will start understanding your life experiences in a different way and you will receive opportunities. If you work for God and humanity with your heart because you love to help and without looking for material or other rewards, that help will come back to you but not always the way you except. God doesn’t pay you back with lots of money, you have to understand that. When you receive from Him the necessary help you don’t say neither: “that’s not what I expected, I wanted that other thing”.

God knows very well your needs and He will provide you opportunities to improve your life, to become stronger, more independent and capable.

Don’t try to receive always from others, no, be the one who gives. Your life is an association between you and God. Work on yourself by serving your brethren and by discussing all your actions with The Father. You will see that by being of service under the guidance of The Father, He will always provide what you really need and that is not always what you imagined. You are all intelligent enough to recognize many examples in your life of what I mean here.

Thank you my children and continue like you are doing. Thank You. The session is over.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.