Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 67 – 2011.

Session of 23 November 2011 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: AYA, Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

                 Malvantra Melchizedek.


AYA spoke after 31min.               Total time meditation: 59min.


AYA: Hello, this is AYA here, your Master Spirit nr.7 of your Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton. I am here to talk to you about The Supreme Being, a Deity in evolution who will one day become The Almighty Supreme and then God the Supreme. Your destiny will be on par with the destiny of the Supreme Being which is actually your Universal Goddess, your Universal Mother that will evolve and grow in Deity through the work that you have done already and still will do for her. All your experiences, all your decisions and actions provide Her an experience and understanding of the evolving worlds.


She is also your Providence. When sometimes things seem to settle for you it comes from Her, the Supreme Being.


To understand the rest of your evolution after you were embraced by The Universal Father and became a Finaliter you should understand the Supreme Being who will one day become God the Supreme. She is a growing Goddess that grows together with you and when all Planetary Systems, all Constellations, all local universes and Superuniverses are anchored in Light and Life, you will all be part of, know and feel God the Supreme.



The Supreme Being is the "OverSoul" which covers the isle of Paradise, Havona, the seven Superuniverses and the ‘Outer Space Worlds’. When She will have reached Her Supremacy, when She will be Almighty and will be able to direct the Energies and govern the Master Universe alone, than all of you who evolve and grow from one celestial world to another to reach Paradise, you all will continue to evolve to your next stages of evolution (after becoming a Finaliter) together with God the Supreme, your Universal Mother.


You will have more capacities and power then now. For now, following the union you have with your God Fragment which you received from The Universal Father, you can create a soul that will become like God by working together with The Father, by doing His Will. You Co-create your soul and nurture your personality (= capabilities, features and character traits: identity) together with The Father. You decide and The Father helps you and this way you co-create your eternal life with The Universal Father.


When you will have reached The Universal Father and he has embraced you, you can receive next the embrace of The Eternal Son. This means that you will be encircuited as well by The Father as The Son and you will become those candidates that are able to continue their growth in God the Supreme when The Supreme Being will have reached Her stage of Almightiness.

When you continue your evolution and will be accepted in God the Supreme you will receive also a 'touch' of The Infinite Spirit working through God the Supreme and then you will become like 'Trinitized Beings’.


This will give you a direct contact with The Trinity as the Trinity plays the role of Thought Adjuster for The Supreme Being. You will be under the influence of the Trinity in a much closer and direct manner than now. You will then get additional capacities to create and implement life, to reveal God the Supreme when She will continue Her path and Her Ministry in the outer space worlds which lie outside and around the seven Superuniverses.


We are not going to reveal too much on this subject because it is still surrounded by mysteries; although when we, The Master Spirits, are together we know many things of the future and expansion of God the Supreme to the outer space worlds when She will be Almighty.


The Creation has no end. You will continue to grow and evolve with and in God the Supreme to infinity. Everything evolves and all beings that are now in the local universes and the Superuniverses will get other tasks and grow with Her.


If I am the one speaking about The Supreme Being, your future Supreme Goddess that is because I am always in contact with Her. She is aware of herself, She has a will and is able to make decisions but She cannot always carry them out by herself. She receives therefor help from The Trinity, from us The Master Spirits, the Ancient of Days and the Creator Sons with their Mother Spirits (= together they are God the Sevenfold) who help Her all very much in different tasks to administrate the Grand Universe.


When you will all become more aware of the Supreme Being She will speak directly to you through My Voice.


God the Sevenfold, will one day be the 'Crown' of God the Supreme. The members of God the sevenfold work independently now to help the Supreme Being to manage, administer and create life in the Superuniverses. One day your Creator Son, Christ Michael, and his creative partner - Mother Spirit Nebadonia - which are part of this ‘concept of God the Sevenfold’, will also work with God the Supreme, but in a different way than in present times to create other things that are yet unrevealed.

You will follow them because they are your parents since the beginning of your creation and your life here in Nebadon. You will follow them if it is your destiny and your desire to continue your path of ascension.


Thus, in a huge distant future, you will find your Divine Parents back that have created and helped you to grow in your local universe. Even during your long evolution towards The Universal Father, throughout your path of ascension, the Spirit of Truth of Christ will always be there to show you the right path in your moments of doubt. You will leave your local universe when you will become a 'pure spirit' being, when you have passed through all the Morontia stages that are still semi-material. The Spirit of Truth of your Creator Father (Christ Michael) will always be near you to help and you will always keep the appearance and "mark of Nebadon", your local universe.


It is a fact that Lucifer knew many things and knew the evolution and experiences through which the Finaliters had to go. Unfortunately a wire broke somewhere in his mind and he wanted to take by force and intimidation what he could have received with patience. It could have work out but he did what he did and this had as consequence that much is distorted in your religions, atheism and philosophies.


Your Magisterial Son and his team, as well as those who will work for them will bring much help to change a lot of things through which your population will begin to search for "God within" and learn to put their will in His Hands.


Much help will be granted to transform all your social and educational systems as well as your Governments. With the help of The Universal Father and your desire to serve we will help all humanity to aspire to reach the day of being anchored in Light and Life.


As you did not follow a normal development we had to find other solutions. Then don’t worry, we have everything well in hand and you're well on the way to reach the goal.


We will build you out and you will help your ‘TontonsMelchizedek to gradually implement this communication system with reflectivity which will be used to pass the same message around the world in different languages; this is all very new to them that’s why they have to learn by testing. As we have said from the beginning it is because your group is multicultural and multilingual and that you volunteered for these experiments that we chose you.


Thank you very much for listening to my words of encouragement. Goodbye my children, goodbye.


Malvantra here: indeed my children you are going to talk for many celestials whose voices were rarely heard on Earth. You will learn to know them and bear their energies. This will require much patience on your part and long encircuitements. Meanwhile you can help the world with your healing abilities, using the Light Anchors you helped to create and continue your study of the Urantia book to better understand the purpose of your creation and all Celestial Orders that have been created to give you your life, so that you can develop and become like God.


Thank you my children, we will complete the session. Goodbye, my children.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.