PART 6 – 2011.

Session of April, 30th – 2011

Place: Mezza Verde

Present: Cyril and Kathy.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Monsanloran Melchizedek.

Received by Kathy.

Malvantra: we are ready to begin. No, wait a moment it is not tight yet.

(after waiting 30min.)

Malvantra here: we want to explain the link between us and the “ancient teachings” you followed so that you would understand. What you will do here is not a higher level, is not a continuation of those teachings. Consider it a next development because we will give you other tasks and other capabilities, but it will not be a straight continuation of the accurate techniques of those teachings.

What you will do for us are other things and your previous schooling is helping you. Thus, never declare that this is a continuation of your former teachings. Your former teachings are the foundation of the work you do now for us, compare this to a specialization. I tell you this to make it very clear that you have to stop questioning yourselves about this issue. Your former teachings were stopped where we decided to stop them and now we depart to other destinations. Monsanloran wants to talk to you.

Monsanloran here: Hello my children. I see you are back from the short trip you did yesterday. (to the temple of Uxbenka to pick up data while we were in meditation)

I am sure you have questions…Ask them, I'll see how I respond. Ask your questions.

Student : While we were meditating on top of that Maya temple, we heard steps behind us, as if somebody was walking around us. But there was nobody (some of us opened their eyes to verify). We had the impression other Beings were around us.

Monsanloran: There were indeed a lot of celestial beings around you. The Midwayers were there, the Angels and people of our Melchizedek Order. It is quite possible you felt our presence. Normally you feel the Midwayers first, they have the tendency to make noise, to slam doors and walk around you. They are very, very close to you and when they are around you can almost feel them physically but you cannot see them with your physical eyes. This is what you have felt and heard. Another issue?

Student: Was there a Permanent Light Anchor Merkabah like we have here in our place in Placencia?

Monsanloran: It is comparable to what you created here, but much stronger and different and created by other methods. Uxbenka is a door through which we can move. It has always been guarded by Beings of Our Order (Melchizedeks) or rather Celestial Beings who work for Our Order. Knowledge had to be transmitted and we have done that yesterday. We thank you for having gone there.

Now you are a bit like a library that you cannot access personally because you don’t have the key of the door.

If one day you need a book to do a special job for us, we will lend you that book and then you will have access to some of that knowledge stored in you all. I cannot say more for the time being, this will suffice as an explanation. There are things that are better kept silent right now and which will be revealed to you when you will have a better understanding and if this is necessary for the wellbeing of humanity. Just be happy that you can serve this way even if you don’t know exactly about what I am talking. I will leave you now my children, your day is not finished yet and so I let you go about your business.


Session of Monday 2 May 2011 --Original French – recorded.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present : Cyril, Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: - Malvantra Melchizedek

SIRAYA, Master Spirit nr.1- The Voice of The Universal Father.

KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr. 2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son.

AYA, Master Spirit nr. 7 – The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

Christ Michael (Jesus), Creator Son of this local universe Nebadon.

Nebadonia, Conjoint of C.M. and Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

Malvantra here : we will start with Kuwaya. Be ready.

KUWAYA: Hello, I'm Kuwaya, the Voice of the Eternal Son, Master Spirit n° 2 of Superunivers n°2. I come to you my children for a very important reason. We need your help to implement something we need. The reason we asked you to come here is because this new communication system with reflectivity needs more strengthening. Kathy feels already the difference and we are working on you all the same way we are working on her.

We need to tell you things that have not yet been revealed and you need that knowledge to do your work properly. I know that it is still not clear to you but it will come. We cannot explain this to you, you would not understand.

Generally, I speak, in a certain sense, for The Universal Father. I express his ideas, I transmit them and it is The Infinite Spirit that executes them. Only here, My Son needs My help and the help of his Father, The Universal Father.

This is the reason why you receive those Master Spirits like:

Siraya,The Voice of The Universal Father. Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers n°1

Kuwaya, Me, Master Spirit n°2, of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son, and

Aya, Master Spirit n° 7 of your Superunivers n°7called Orvonton, who is there and represents The Trinity : composed by The Universal Father, The Eternal Son and The Infinite Spirit.

We have different roles and I represent especially, just like My Son does, the Mercy of The Father and I would like to emphasize how much it is needed on your planet. Thus I'll ask you a few minutes of your time to send:

The Love of The Universal Father and The Mercy of The Eternal Son to your globe to have more impact on her transformation.

Then you will use your Light Anchor here. You will sweep it over the entire world with the intention to deposit a blanket of bright light, to coat all Earth with this Love and Mercy, with this universal energy to start the spiritualization of all matter of your planet.

I ask you to do this every day all together to enhance the effects. The more you are, the better it is.

We will be there to strengthen your intentions but you have to do it. It is a simple task that does not ask much time. Do it with 2, with 3, with 4, with 5, with 6 to 10, regardless.

Goodbye children, this is what I wanted to ask you. Thank you very much.

Malvantra here : Christ Michael is there.

Christ Michael: Hello my children; C.M. here. It’s a long while ago I came to visit you. My Mother, The Eternal Son-Mother and companion of The Universal Father that created me asked you personally this favor. Try to do it because it is very important right now. Many things are happening, not always in the right direction and we must rectify and take certain measures to counteract the side effects of negative thoughts and actions of some on this planet.

It is not necessary to spread this session. Other groups whose sessions are posted on websites are already doing the same kind of work. Here we will put something else in addition and you will do this as long as we ask. We'll tell you when it will be successful. Thank you kindly to help me with the recovery plans for Urantia, to get her out from the clutches of the Rebellion and to help me take her towards the era of light and life. I greet you my children and thank you for answering my call. Goodbye.

Nebadonia here: quickly a few words my dear little children. I am so proud; you all do your best with such a great heart. You are so eager to learn and to serve. Thank you my children. Know that I am always near you and that you can always call me, always. Goodbye.

Malvantra here : the session is finished. Thank you for always answering our calls. It is import you do what is asked here. Start as soon as you can. See you soon, goodbye.


Session 4 May 2011 – recorded

Present: D-Maya and Cyril, Carole, Kathy.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

Monsanloran Melchizedek

KUWAYA – Master Spirit n° 2 – the Voice of the Eternal Son.

Christ Michael – Creator Son of our local Universe Nebadon

Malvantra: Its Malvantra here: Kuwaya wants to speak to you.

Kuwaya: I AM Kuwaya my little children. I come to you to thank you for your contribution to help this world becoming better. To bring it back to the Light, so that eventually all human beings of this planet can live in peace and in harmony. So that all children of this earth can develop their potential, just like you ask in your prayer.

You asked for the “Love and Mercy of the Universal Father” and here we are. We will give you that power that you could use it and we are very grateful you asked.

More is needed, so we will ask you to continue a few days more but the effects are already seen from our side. Continue like that my children. I thank you very, very much. Goodbye.

Christ Michael here: I see you did what was asked {sending The Love of The Universal Father and The Mercy of The Eternal Son-Mother in group to Earth} and I thank you very much for helping me in such simplicity and in such eager to serve. More will be asked of you all. We will train you and help you with these tasks. You are of a very, very great help to us and I thank you for doing this. Goodbye my children, I leave you now.

Malvantra here: Father Melchizedek wants to speak to you.

Father Melchizedek: Dear, dear children, its Father Melchizedek here. For the ones who don’t know who I am, I am the Father of The Melchizedeks, those you call the Maya Cosmic Masters. They are all my sons.

I created them together with Christ Michael and Nebadonia, your Mother-Spirit a long time ago, long before this Earth was born.

My sons are very special.

They are able to help in lots of situations all over this local universe. They have schools and universities were you will go in the future to follow classes. They are the best of all this Superunivers and they are there only for the children of this local universe. Others (from other universes) may come and have a look but they cannot follow these classes. My sons help also in the creation life with the Life Carriers. They help with judgments, in the courts, they can rule a planet, they have many, many abilities and have served humankind since a long, long time.

I am very proud of my sons. Not one failed once and now you can work with them, help them and serve them. They gave you lots of capacities to serve God and to serve you brothers and sisters. Be grateful for this.

This girl is the first human voice on Urantia through whom I could speak, through whom I can express myself right now. My voice has never been heard on Earth before, never.

It is a great honour for me, to be able to speak for the first time to human beings of this planet, to people that agreed and offered their services to my sons, the Melchizedeks.

Lots of things will be asked from you, but nothing that you will not be able to carry out. We know you are eager to learn and to serve and we are grateful for this eagerness. We will use you for little tasks that will contribute to the “Plans of Christ Michael”, your Father who created you together with your Divine Mother of this local universe, so that His plans can be realized and that this planet can go back to Light and Life. I thank you my children to have listened to my few words and I say goodbye.

Monsanloran here: I take this opportunity to thank you, all who are sitting here and those who are not, for having gone to the south of Belize on my request. I had not the possibility until now to thank all of you.

No…… you will not remember the knowledge that has been stored in you. If it is needed, we will take a part of it for you to know, to help you do the work we ask and otherwise you will never remember this knowledge.

It is important that you carry it. Compare yourselves with libraries from which you don’t have the keys to open the doors. You are all very important to us, very important.

You are like ground troupes doing the work on the field and all of you have different assignments.

Stay close to each other, work together, keep your group together because it is most important for your own growth and to serve your planet and Humanity.

Yes, you are all from different continents and countries. You have different cultures; different food habits and you speak different languages which make you representative for this planet. Don’t think, once you arrive on the Morontia worlds it will be different. There you will meet human beings from other planets. They will speak different, they will even look different than you and you will have to learn to work with them too.

You receive already the opportunity to start learning this during your lifetime. To learn to work in group with people from different countries and later, with celestial beings from different universes, speaking also different languages, having different personalities and that is one of the most important things to achieve in the entire Grand Universe. So be happy that you find yourselves together with different people from different cultures, with different languages right now in this place and that you can learn to work together whilst you are of service to God and Humanity.

Later you will learn to be of service, not only for this planet but also for human beings of other planets. This is for much later, when your soul will leave this planet after physical death.

Work never stops and learning never stops (during you entire ascension career) and you will live extraordinary adventures, lot of challenges and you will like it. But what you can learn here, what you can experience here will be of extreme value to you.

So many Angels, so many Higher Beings, who have been created by thought and not through biological life, are jealous of you. They would like to have a mortal life like you and you…….. you want to become like Angels, like God. You will become one day like God. You will be able to create new life on different planets; you will be able to create worlds. There is no end on what you will be able to do. It is beyond your imagination.

So be happy that you are all here together with your differences. In your hearts you all feel the same: you want to help and that is the most important thing. So if you want to help the entire planet, start to love and respect each other otherwise the love you will to send will be tempered.

I will leave you my children and we will see us later. Goodbye.

Malvantra here: we are going to stop this session, see you next time and continue to do every day what we have asked you to do. It is so important and so needed. Thank you very much for being together here with us. Goodbye my children.


Mezza Verde Group

For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.