Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 69 2011.

Session of 30 November 2011 recorded- English translation Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, E-Maya and Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitors: AYA Master Spirit n 7 of Superunivers n 7, Orvonton

Malvantra Melchizedek


AYA spoke after 1h29min Total time meditation: 1h46min.


AYA: Hello, this is AYA here, your Master Spirit nr.7 of Orvonton, your Superunivers where your local universe Nebadon is located. I come once again to you my children to tell you how much this work that you are doing is important and that we are well aware that these long meditations are not easy. We are delighted that you do them and that you have enough free time for it as they are needed so that we can bring you at the level we have in mind for you. Stay as you are my children, simple, devoted, tenacious and full of good will.


We have many things to say and I am speaking here on behalf of the Trinity and as Master Spirit of this Superunivers. I am the one who created this Superunivers with my helpers and co-workers. I operate from the Havona circuits and my world of housing is located in front of my Superunivers Orvonton.


All Master Spirits of the Superuniverses have been called together to confer with the Trinity and The Supreme Being about the future of the outer-space worlds and the evolution of the Master Universe. There were a few topics that were related to your planet and its future destiny due to the fact that she is located near the border of this Superunivers Orvonton, opposite to the first outer space level. Your scientists are already seeing activities in this outside level with its constellations in creation and fusion of which your satellites can sometimes take such pretty pictures.


We will need you to already sowing earth for the distant future and implement what we will tell you later for this future destination of Urantia. We already told you that when your world will be rooted in Light and Life, when all your local universes, your Superunivers and all other Superuniverses will be anchored in Light and Life, that the Supreme Being will be Almighty and become God the Supreme.


Then your planet will be designated as a University for the Finaliters (of the Corps of the finality) to improve their future vocation that you might call little Creator Sons. Do not yet try to imagine what it might be, however it is a great destiny that could be yours someday in a very distant future.


For the moment God the Supreme, is still just the Supreme Being. She is very aware of you and asks us regularly about you since you have discovered her and you send her lyrics and feelings of love and parentage. Since you have understood and felt that She is like a Great MOM to you growing together with you, just as do all young mothers when they have their children at a very young age. You've figured out who she was and you have established a connection in your hearts with Her.


She felt this and She sends you all Her Blessings and thanks you for loving Her as a MOM. A MOM you can yet not see but of which you already feel the presence and of which you know that She is there. This, my children, is what your Supreme Being, your Supreme Goddess asked me to convey to you.


The more people will awaken to the presence of the Supreme Being, that will understand who She is and establish a heart-connection with Her as a child who loves his mom, many things will change in human consciousness.


A Universal Father demands also a Universal Mother in the minds of mortals which were created as sexual beings on your world. That is why again and constantly we request that all human beings, male or female, start to live on an equal footing with respect for one another, by loving each other and by creating stable families.


Your father Christ Michael and your mother Nebadonia who created you here on this planet in this local universe show you the example. Your local universe is a huge family. You have a lot of brothers and sisters on many other planets in this local universe that doesnt look like you but who have the same parents: Christ Michael and Nebadonia


This, my children, is the message I had for you. The Supreme Being, your Supreme Goddess in which you live, sends all Her Love and Blessings to you. Thank you my children, I thank you in Her name for having given Her your heart. Goodbye to all of you.


Malvantra here: the session is finished. One outstanding thing must have happened that The Supreme Being wanted to give you these words of kindness and gratitude through AYA. It touched us all because it is a first small miracle of human consciousness that opened itself and to whom has been answered. If more people could understand what you have understood and could send their love the way you have done, many things would change much faster in human consciousness. Much more people would feel surrounded by their cosmic family without thinking of oneself anymore as a separated being living on a small isolated planet.


Thank you my children. You dont realize very well what we saw and what it triggered. You will understand later. Goodbye my children and thank you very much for this unforgettable moment for us. Thank you.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.