Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 70 2011.

Session of 2 December 2011 recorded English translation - Original French/English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole, E-Maya and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: AYA, Master Spirit n7 of Superunivers n7, Orvonton

Malvantra Melchizedek.


Aya spoke after 1h36 min Total time meditation: 1h43min.


AYA: My children, this is AYA here. Master Spirit n7 of Superunivers n7, Orvonton. My children we tried to do a test with Cyril to see if he hears our words. This has not yet been conclusive because he doubted that these words came from us. Thus, you Cyril, dare launch you with what you think are your words.


Carole, we tried also to do some tests with you, but for now we will have to make a few more adjustments so that you can better hear our voices.


You, E-Maya, you'll soon hear us. But we have still some problems to let you talk in your Maya language and we know that you don't understand much English. If the words come in English, we will try to use ultra-simple sentences with the vocabulary you possess.


None of you will speak much at the beginning. You will not start with a great speech but it is necessary that you start even if it is just with 4 or 5 sentences to accustom. You all still doubt too much but it will come. You are already doing great steps forward and we believe that with a few more sessions you will be already more advanced


This is all my children for today and I encourage you to continue because you are not far from being able to hear our voices and possibly repeat our words. Thank you my children.


Malvantra: we will complete the session. This was long enough for you and we are happy with the way things are moving. Continue in this direction, we will guide you and you'll get there. Thank you my children and goodbye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.