Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 71 – 2011.

Session of 7 December 2011 – recorded- English translation – Original French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present and received by Wivine.


Visitor: AYAMaster Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7, Orvonton – The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

AYA spoke after 29min                                Total time meditation: 1h02min.

{Wivine: there were many things that disturbed me and I started meditating to get answers to my questions that I had registered on paper and I asked at the beginning of the meditation because afterwards when I transmit I cannot interfere with my mind anymore.

Questions: Is the “communication system with reflectivity” already installed or not? Will the Magisterial Son come in a very short time in the flesh? –Is there something like a "mortal corps" which will serve The Magisterial Son when he will be here in the flesh and is it true that their life could be extended for hundreds of years?

Can a human see the Celestials residing on Paradise?

What's happening with this "new teaching"?}

AYA : {AYOU] here. Repeat my words so that I can better explain you what is happening.

The 'communication system with reflectivity’ that we have tried to make you understand by letting you read what is written in the Urantia Book is a communication system developed by the Master Spirits at the request of the Supreme Being, your Queen MOM who one day will receive her “sevenfold Crown” through all our efforts and yours, the children from time and space.

You cannot see a Celestial from Paradise, what you might see and yet it is not sure is a Seconaphim that reflects exactly what it needs to share with others.

The mortal mind is not able to distinguish our forms or our lights, even if you look as you say with your third eye or the eyes of your soul. You are not able to distinguish us even if you see a light shape or colors during your meditations.

So do not pay attention to all these people who claim to be able to see Celestials of Paradise or Higher Beings in the hierarchy of the local universe, because believe me little girl, all what they claim to see comes from their imagination, their desire to see us. You along with others, you can see light reflections, moving colors because we all have our colors. For you we are all Light Beings and the white light is composed of the entire spectrum of colors. Often you think to see a Celestial whose name you know and it may be someone else. This has no importance for us but what is crucial for us is that humanity advances and that the Plans of Christ Michael and the Universal Father can be achieved.

You all advance with misconceptions, it is not possible otherwise but your understanding will grow as you progress throughout your ascending career. Even with the new capabilities you will receive you will still be far from reaching the spiritual level of Paradise. Thus don’t boast about it.

Each step forward is a step forward, not only for you but you will sweep along all the others. This will continue during all your ascension, through the Morontia worlds, then the Spiritual worlds, to reach eventually Havona and Paradise. There you will be embraced by The Father and reach the Corps of Finality to continue afterwards your experiences in all Superuniverses and then go through the circuits of The Eternal Son.

You will continue your experiences and be of service in many places because the Grand Universe is vast and there is a lot of work because there are still many worlds newly created in those Superuniverses where you will be able to be of service until the moment where the Supreme Being has reached the stage where She becomes God the Supreme and will take charge not only of the Grand Universe but of all the development of the Master Universe and thus evolution will continue.

Now let’s come back to the system of reflectivity, which is a communication system in place in all Superuniverses, and elsewhere, but which could not be implanted on your planet following your quarantine during 200,000 years. This system will be implemented to help also those who will carry our voices, who will speak for us and who will have first received a heavy workout.

Those that have expressed the desire to help the Magisterial Son, Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek to implement the plans containing new structures, to help with different tasks in the Magisterial Mission which have not yet been revealed, must all be first accepted by their Thought Adjuster as a 'potential candidate' to be part of this famous "mortal corps".

It is KUWAYA, Master Spirit No. 2 who speaks for The Eternal Son, who will then review the candidates to see if they are valid. If so, they will receive capacities for higher connections with Spirit. Then it's the 24 planetary Counselors that will finally give their agreement.

Everything has already been done for many of you. Only, we are not going to give you names and we will not even tell if you are part of it. We understood that this would only disturb you.

So many things have yet to be done and many places still need to be cleaned.

What interests us now is that your multilingual and multicultural group is able to bear our energies and to reflect our voices by this “system of communication with reflectivity”. It is only through long meditations that we will be able to encircuit you and put you, not on the Morontia, but rather on the Spiritual circuits.

All this takes time and we are pleased that your small group may not feel the need to brag about it because these tests are very important for us. Once this will be developed and tested we will have it easier to connect others.

Be aware that all those who are candidates to learn how to work with this communication system will have to do a great work on them to get there. Nothing is easy, it demands heavy work, and nobody can take shortcuts. Those who imagine that they have immediate access to it are deceiving themselves and they will sooner or later be aware of it. Therefore, little girl, don’t upset you anymore.

The "new teachings" Christ Michael would start and which is also part of the plans of the Magisterial Mission are not ready.

Learn first all of you to receive and hear our words and transmit if possible just a few sentences. We wish that more of you would be able to receive our words so that you can compare between each other what you received and that you understand where we want to take you and what we expect from you. So you won't have to run to others outside of your group anymore or read messages from others to validate your information or your own messages. You will receive than your internal control and validation between you all.

Later, when you're all able to hear our voices, others can join. But all this is not yet for tomorrow, you will need to wait a few years before all of you will get at this level.

Concerning the coming of the Magisterial Son in the flesh, still have some patience and avoid to get too excited because the desire is very high (for some people) and expectations unreasonable which may cause problems in the minds of people.

Your soul doesn’t need to evolve to be in the presence of the Magisterial Son. You can as an individual reach the state of Light and Life without it. You can help your brethren under the guidance of your Thought Adjuster, your Guides, your Angels and other Celestials without the Magisterial Son being physically on Earth. Too many people see this coming in short term and are excited about it forgetting the most important thing that is to love the Universal Father above everything trying to do His Will and not theirs.

It is a fact that your ascension to The Father could be delayed if you stay with the team of the "mortal corps" of Monjoronson, Machiventa and Christ Michael but they greatly need a “mortal corps”. If you want to participate and if you are accepted, you will be welcome. This will give you an unforgettable experience, no matter if your life lasts another 20 years, 50 years or a thousand years. Only, don’t want to be part of it to prolong your mortal life. Don’t do it for this purpose because then you will lose the benefit of it and your life will last what it would have lasted normally.

My girl, your ‘Supreme Queen’ sends to everyone on your team who is aware of her existence, many kisses and little hearts and thanks you for sending the same. I give you her appreciation.

The reason that I am the one, a Master Spirit, talking to you for the moment and not a Melchizedek or anyone else of the Celestial Hierarchy is because you have this connection in your hearts with your " Supreme Queen' (The Supreme Being) like you call Her. It is also necessary that you get used to our much heavier energies and we must also accustom to speak directly to humans of your planet.

Your Queen Goddess, The Supreme Being, wishes to have closer contact with mortals who will grow up by experience and wish to begin this long career to Paradise to continue one day their path with Her.

Goodbye my little girl, goodbye and be quiet, everything will be fine. Good bye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.