Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 72 – 2011.

Session of 16 December 2011 – recorded  -  Original in English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole, E-Maya and B-Maya, Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: AYAMaster Spirit n° 7 of Superunivers n° 7 Orvonton – the Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

AYA spoke after 1h59min              Total time meditation: 2h17min


AYA: My little children this is AYA here. I have an announcement to make. You all have been brought here together not so much to be en-circuited on a higher level of the System of communication with Reflectivity but to bring you on a higher level of Spiritual circuitry. This level will give you much more awareness and consciousness of the Spiritual World which is still far away of your home as a matter of speaking. We can say and confirm now that these first tests succeeded.


We ask you all to come back next Sunday so that we can connect a few more wires. During the next sessions you will start to hear better the voices of the Higher Spiritual Beings, of the Master Spirits, of the Melchizedeks, the Archangels, Gabriel of Salvington the Chief of all the Archangels, Christ Michael and Nebadonia your Mother-Spirit, the Most High - The Constellation Fathers of Norlatiadek - of Lanaforge your System Sovereign of Satania, and naturally Machiventa Melchizedek your Planetary Prince and the one you call Monjoronson, the future Magisterial Son.


Don’t worry my little ones that you still didn’t achieve to repeat our words as this will come.


We are preparing you, re-wiring you, putting you all together in new circuits and binding you together on Higher levels. So that you can hear better, see better and understand much better what we try to tell others through you. You will be one day a medium through which we will speak, but be very, very aware that this will not give you more ‘soul benefit’ then someone else who cannot do this and who serves his brethren very well in different ways.


We had our reasons and you had yours to do this work together with us. However, this will not give you more soul benefit than other souls who are not part of this group. It gives you more "opportunities" for soul growth, but you must ensure that development by using those additional resources. Not one that works just as a medium, a vehicle or a transmitter through which we speak receives automatically more soul benefits. Do “Always” remember this.


The benefits for your soul come forth from your actions, your decisions, your heart, your selflessness when you help your brethren, the love you have for them when you are of service to them and the Love you have for The Universal Father. It is your desire to progress, to learn, to ask means for unselfish service which will make your soul grow and shine and not the fact that you are carrying our voices.

Remember this always and repeat this to those who would think that because one day you will be able to do so you would be more worth than them as this is a false conception.


The same for you, don’t look abnormally up to people who repeat our words, who carry our voices as they are just a medium and one medium can perform better and faster than another, but without being such an intermediate you can manage to evolve your own soul. The fact to be clairvoyant or clairaudient, to be able to repeat our voices as this girl does before you, doesn’t mean that their souls are grown-ups and that they have more merits then a person who doesn’t.


Much more important is to have faith in our presence, to have FAITH in God and to possess such a Faith in God that nobody can break it. This is here of much more value than to be able to see our presences, to hear our voices or to repeat our words.  I will explain you why.


We call earthlings Agondonters because you had to go on only by Faith because you could not see or hear and you had to go on by yourself, alone and in extreme difficulties. You are a special type of evolving souls with a special characteristic that you will carry with you all along your ascension. It will not be so visible anymore when you will reach Havona and Paradise, but once you are embraced by The Father and became a Finaliter and joined the Corps of the Finality than you will see again the “mark of the Agondonter”, the one who had to go on blind and deaf, only by Faith and Love for The Universal Father.

That is what is important ………..and only that.


Nevertheless you will all be able in time to repeat our words properly. As a group and as individuals you will be of great value to us. Not only will you have to do tasks on this material world but you will also be able to do tasks on other worlds while you are still here and that is all I will say and explain about it.


Thank you my children to be of service to us, to have that patience to stay so long in stillness and trust us like you do.

So from now on do not feel uncomfortable and certainly not inferior to those who can see or hear us better than you do. The fact not be able to see or hear develops a quality that is very necessary for a later work; it develops Faith and Trust in the Celestial Orders, in us that cannot be destroyed.


Thank you my little ones, thank you very much and we will meet on Sunday. Our Supreme Being, your Queen Mom, is always near you. She follows all your movements and is pretty much interested in what you are doing. She sends Her Love. Thank you my children. Goodbye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.