Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 73 2011.

Session of 18 December 2011 recorded Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril, Carole, D-Maya, B-Maya, E-Maya and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitors: AYA, Master Spirit n7 of Superunivers n7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

Malvantra Melchizedek

Christ Michael- Jesus Creator Son of your local universe Nebadon.

AYA spoke after 1h12min Total time meditation: 1h50min.

AYA: this is AYA here my children, Master Spirit n7 of Superunivers n7 called Orvonton.

My children, thank you for being here at this appointment. We have been able to do the last necessary connexions.

Our Supreme Being, your Queen Mom, will now be able to follow the progression of all children on Urantia through the Reflectivity system of Majeston.

We will not give you the technical details how these connexions were done and made possible, but they work. The presence and the love of the Supreme Being will be felt much more than before through all your Superunivers Orvonton, even on Urantia. What is new is Her exceptional interest for the children who evolve from animal life to Her through many evolutions and a long ascension path.

She wants to have more contact and be of inspiration to those children who are now ready and prepared to understand and accept Her Presence. To those who understand that they are part of a cosmic family, who understand that their evolution will influence the evolution not only of their brethren on Earth but also of all their brothers and sisters in this local universe and this Superunivers.

The peace and that special feeling, that feeling of being cared for, that quietness with which you will feel surrounded will come from the love of the Supreme Being which shall pass through the Planetary Supremes. You received already the care of Mother-Spirit Nebadonia but now some of you can add the care and the love of the Supreme Being; all those who will be able to understand and love Her will feel Her peace and care like a nice cape that surrounds them.

This was Her desire and Her wish and now this has been made possible thanks to you and your patience, my little kids.

I am surrounded by the six other Master Spirits as they all have helped to make this possible. You live indeed far away from the Supreme Being, but now you will become more aware of her existence and presence already on Urantia and this is something very new.

Normally, it takes a very long time before a soul is aware of the presence of the Supreme Being during her ascension career. You have to reach almost Havona to start feeling her presence and have the desire to look for her.

The fact that this has been made possible will benefit all the Grand Universe and naturally you, little ones who live here on Earth. I mean here to those who are aware of Her existence and who want to make contact with Her. From now on much more people will understand faster their connexion with their brethren of other planets, of other universes and will understand that all their actions will make evolve this Grand Universe one day into Light and Life.

On the other hand this will also have an impact on your mind; your mind is your intellectual capacity and spiritual awareness of what exists beyond your planet. You will receive in time progressively the capacity of a Morontia mind which is much closer to the Cosmic Mind distributed by the Master Spirits. Normally you would only receive that type of mind after physical death when you arrive on the 1rst Mansion World. Where you would receive a new body of Morontia material and a Morontia type of mind; like a new brain that will help you understand much better what is happening on the Morontia worlds, understand the Morontia values as well as all the concepts of the Higher Spiritual world.

Many things are happening now to help this planetary System of Satania located in your local universe Nebadon to bypass the delay of 200.000 years quarantine of your planet.

You are speeded up in many ways. You will receive with this Morontia Mind a much higher understanding than you would normally have in your mortal life and you will also receive a little touch of the constant evolving Mind of The Supreme Being.

Study a little bit more in your Urantia Book about the difference between your mortal mind, the Morontia mind and the Cosmic Mind.

I know you will not understand what I am telling you here and thats why I ask you to read a bit more in the Urantia Book. Dont worry, we will help you understand while you are reading to give you an idea, a much larger view of what I am trying to convey here today.

The capacities you will need for your later tasks will be much enhanced with these New Mind possibilities. Of course, this will ask a long training and the discipline to do together these long meditations but they will give you less problems in time. In a few years you will be able to sit 4 to 6 hours in meditation while we will bring you to some Morontia schools where you will be taught during those hours.

{Note Wivine April 2014: here we decided to buy us a few more comfortable chairs than the white plastic ones we were sitting on.}

You are already taught at night. We take you to other celestial worlds to give you teachings during your sleep which you will not remember. Later, during those future extreme long meditations, you will be able to see the others and you will remember everything. What I mean with you will see the others, is that you will be able to see your Morontia teachers, the Melchizedeks and the other classmates the same way as if you would be sitting in a classroom here on Urantia and you will remember everything when you will open your eyes, which is not the case now when you are taught during your sleep or in a meditation.

This can be done with anyone once they pass through these long meditations that you are doing in group or individually. This is not something that is only open for your group.

Thank you my children, thank you very much and you receive all the love of The Supreme Being, your Queen Mom.

I leave it up to you now to decide when you come back together and I thank all those who did a special effort to join this special meditation. Your group has now his full members so dont add others. Goodbye my children, goodbye.

Malvantra here: hello my children, it has been a long time that I spoke to you. Many changes where done and many new things came along. You did all well and we are all very satisfied to have you as our students as it will be in our schools that you will receive your teachings that you will need for your future tasks. As well the ones you will do here on Earth as the ones you will do on other places who are not on Earth but while you are still living here. It is important to be able to do these tasks while you still have a physical body.

It is too soon to give many details about this and you will not be the only ones that we will train for this. We prefer to keep the groups separate for the moment because it is a necessity for your safety and peace of mind that all these groups stay secret, dont know each other and have no connection with each other. The time to work all together is for a distant future and has nothing to do with making peace together and join together.

This group here and others we form are working directly under our command and we have decided that these groups will work individually without knowing each other or hearing about each other. We have our reasons for that. I hope this is very clear to you all. Your group is complete now with the six of you. You will have a long, long training before you. Some of you are young and others are a bit older. In time and I will not say how many years, you will have tremendous capacities to become those ambassadors for AYA, for Christ Michael and Nebadonia as well as for The Supreme Being.

Thank you my children, you all did very well and we are very satisfied for your trust in us. We also thank the few ones who helped you out and who are not present here. Goodbye my children, goodbye.

Christ Michael here: I am the Creator Son of this local universe, your Father and Brother. I am here to give you a few words of encouragement in what you are doing. I appreciate this very much as well as Machiventa Melchizedek your Planetary Prince and your Magisterial Son Monjoronson. What you are doing is preparing the coming of, the Magisterial Son with his 12 Melchizedeks, of Adam and Eve with a lot of their children who were born on Earth.

It is a different type of work than what you did before. It asks much discipline but I am proud of you all, you who are my children. I am very proud of you and I thank you to be of service not only for your brethren on Urantia but for all your brothers and sisters on the planets of this planetary System Satania and in a larger way of all Nebadon by helping us to bring this local universe in Light and Life. Thank you very much my children, thank you very much.


{Note Wivine: when everyone is in a meditative state, most of the others do not understand what I say when I repeat the words of the Celestials. But this time BMaya told us afterwards that he could hear 2 voices: my voice through his physical ears and inside of him the voice of the Celestials who spoke.}


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.