Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 74 – 2011.

Session of 23 December 2011 – recorded – Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present:  B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril, Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitor: AYA – Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.


AYA spoke after 58min                 Total time meditation: 1h27min.


AYA: This Aya here. My dear children I come to you to wish you a Merry Christmas and when you will meet together next week I will wish you a Happy New year 2012.

I know that for the end of 2012 many disasters where prophesised in the American continents and in Europe. These ‘End of Time Prophecies’ do not come from The Light but from darkness and the date December,21 - 2012 was meant to be the beginning of their rule.


The beginning of the Rule of Spirit or the reclaiming of this planet by Christ Michael-Jesus and The Universal Father was planned for end 2011, which happened and is engaged since many months. You all helped in this as well as others. Many people were involved from different religions all over the world to implement ‘The Cosmic Light Grid’ of Christ Michael and The Universal Father.


You know about the Melchizedeks from the Urantia Book, but be aware that they have other names in many different cultures. Machiventa Melchizedek stayed for almost hundred years in the Palestine region with Abraham, the godfather of Christianity, the Jewish religion and even the Islam. He came here one day in the flesh and taught Abraham everything and was known in those days as the “Sage of Salem”. His priests went until Asia and influenced many philosophies in those regions that are still existent.


One day you will understand that most ancient religions possess basic Truths coming from Christ Michael through the Melchizedeks and this is also true for the ancient Maya religion.

The Melchizedeks rule this planet since hundreds of thousands of years. When the Planetary Prince Caligastia came 500,000 years ago he did a good job during 300,000 years and the Melchizedeks left but when he embraced the rebellion they came back to rule the planet again.

200 000 years ago, people of the “mortal staff” of Caligastia that stayed faithful to Christ Michael and the Universal Father, kept many secrets and knowledge hidden over the entire world to be revealed when the time was ready.


You are keepers of a small part of this ancient knowledge and you will once come in contact with others who will learn you other secrets and knowledge. For now you stay under our watch, under our care and we will guide and teach you what we have in mind. We know that your hearts want to serve, that you want means to help and that you are not asking for material means.

You can only help a bit with material means and that wouldn’t be fair to those without money who want to be of service too. How can they be of service if one thinks that giving is only a matter of money?

We hear many times the demand: “Oh Lord, give me plenty of money so that I can help my family, my brothers and sisters and others!”…..this is not the way you should be of service, this is not the way how we will teach you to help.

You have to give them self-esteem; you have to learn them about The Father and the guidance of The Father within; be friendly and listen to people, give them courage to fight, learn them to stand on their own legs and in their own power so that their souls grow, become strong and that they can be proud of themselves.


That doesn’t mean that you cannot help your children financially or a friend in financial need. Be always careful that you don’t start to make others (financially or otherwise) dependant of you, don’t make them lazy because then you don’t do them a favour. There need to be balance and harmony in everything. Spoiling people is not always the right way to help, give tools or education to develop their skills.

These are all new learning processes: how to be a good parent, a good grandparent, a good auntie, a good neighbour and how to educate the younger ones. This will be a huge learning process that we will teach you so that you can show the example.


We will not teach you how to earn and spend money. We are going to teach you real values with as basis your love for The Universal Father and the knowledge of the “indwelling God Spark” as well as how to set up a united family with responsible parents who set an example for their children.


Indeed the “Christ Cosmic Light Network” or what you call the “Light network of the Melchizedeks” is yet installed around Earth as a source to help you evolve, in which you have to grow and that is your responsibility. We did our work, now it is up to humanity and we are there to guide.


The reason why we need more people to hear our voices and repeat our words properly is because we want to reach the entire world. The more people who can do this the faster the messages will be spread. If you would have had a normal evolution without 200,000 years quarantine many people would already possess these capacities but now we have to do a lot of encircuitment and much more to bring you so far and it is true that those that are genetically pre-disposed make it easier for us.


To give you an example: you know how important proper communication is in a great corporation or even in small businesses. The message send by a manager must be delivered correctly to those who need to execute the work. Well here it is the same: we need humans who are capable to hear our messages and bring them over as accurate as possible to those who need to hear them.

You will all be able in time to repeat our voices and when you are ready and we are ready with the system we are testing with you, you will start, don’t worry.


Why first with this girl here?

She practiced during years a system to lock her mind to be guided from within by her intuition because she couldn’t hear our voices and by doing so she developed slowly a certain capacity with which we could work by adding some connections. She didn’t receive it because her soul was more developed than yours. This was made possible because she did an effort to be guided only by Spirit and not by her own mind and that took her more than 10 years to develop in her meditations.

It is up to you to understand that if you have not the genetically pre-disposition you will have to pass through the same efforts. She is an example that by effort, patience and consistency you can reach it and you are the lucky ones because you will reach it faster thanks to our help.


Thank you my children and Merry Christmas. Goodbye my children, goodbye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.