Return M-AYA Cosmic Masters.

Part 75 – 2011.

Session of 27 December 2011 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitors:        AYA – Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton

                   Malvantra Melchizedek

                   Christ Michael- Jesus – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon


AYA spoke after 37min.                Total time meditation: 1h21min


{Note Wivine: we had a few questions. Here they are:

1)    Different people are asking us to join them in their projects who are transmitters and other Light workers. Is this what you expect from us?

2)     Do we need to continue to focus on the Rebellion of Lucifer and its side effects still present in our consciousness, our beliefs and other attitudes?

3)     What about those who establish a list of sects and give them a rating from good to bad?}


AYA: Hello my children. This is AYA here, your Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7 Orvonton in which your local universe Nebadon is located; a local universe created and under the Supreme Sovereignty of your Creator Son Christ Michael and his conjoint Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit.


I will answer your questions with Malvantra who is near you while I'm talking from Havona through the circuitry of Reflectivity of Majeston. I also speak on behalf of the Supreme Being, that you call your Queen Mom.


We have put in place 200,000 years ago with the Melchizedeks a special school on the worlds of the Melchizedeks to study all phenomena of the Rebellion of Lucifer; all positive and negative impacts that the rebellion had on the local universe of Nebadon. As everything is related it had also effects on our Superunivers Orvonton.


Your Creator Son, Christ Michael, had many difficulties with his local universe which is located far from Havona. He is a unique Creator Son, as they all are. He has many features of his Mother, The Eternal Son and he loves his Father, The Universal Father. I followed him for a long time and he had one of the greatest misfortunes or perhaps he was fortunate that it is in his local universe that the Lucifer rebellion broke out, just at the moment he was preparing his seventh bestowal and had not yet received all powers above his local universe.


It was one of the largest that happened in our Superunivers and organized by a Lanonandek Son of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Lucifer was brilliant and intelligent with certain arrogance towards his superiors. He knew that the best time to choose his rebellion was 200,000 years ago while Christ Michael was busy with his bestowals. It was Gabriel who left Salvington towards the System of Satania to keep an eye on this rebellion while your Christ continued his work.


It is a fact that this rebellion, unique in its kind, attracted great interest from the other local universes in Orvonton and also of other Superuniverses. As you know there's not one Superunivers headed the same way just as is the case with the local universes because they are all unique and have the stamp of their Creator Son and their Divine Minister. Urantia is special in the sense that it is your planet that Christ Michael has chosen to make his 7th bestowal being born as a child of an earthly mother. This attracted also much interest to see if this bestowal would have sufficed to remove many side effects of the rebellion.


Christ Michael understood that if he wanted to save all his children, both mortals and celestials, that he needed time and you have all received 200,000 years from the time the rebellion spread. I am referring here to those who participated in the rebellion and are in a great Hall trying to follow what I tell you.


Everything has been implemented now to retrieve your planet for The Light and 'The Light network of the Melchizedeks’ is yet stabilized and lies around Earth.


Only, it is necessary that you are connected to it in order to evolve in a different way as you develop a more Morontia mind. These connections can be done overnight but it works better and faster during your meditations. It is this work that the Melchizedeks are doing with their aids: trying to connect those who will speak for us, and the people who are part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny and those of the Cosmic Reserve Corps, the ones who are aware that they are part of a cosmic family.


This way of working is something very new which arouses great interest in our Superunivers, but also in The Trinity and the Supreme Being. They want to see how it works, how human beings react because it is a “Première” which has never been performed and in which many Celestials of Paradise, Havona and Uversa participated.


We repeat again that the best preparation to become active for us is to go in silence, in meditation because that’s the way you will receive the connections to this Light network to acquire the capabilities required to obtain a higher mind, a higher intellect and capacities to be able to reflect our messages properly up to 95%. This is also something very special and very different from what is normally done elsewhere.


There are indeed a few Solitary Messengers who are involved in the communication between The Trinity of Paradise, the Supreme Being, us (Master Spirits) and the Melchizedeks who run all these operations. The Solitary Messengers are used primarily as liaison for communication between us. They are not there to bring our messages to mortals. For the moment we have no plans to open an additional special school concerning the rebellion and its effects. All this is too early and would not serve humanity.


We know you have questions and that you are curious and you will occasionally receive personal answers to understand with what you are busy.


We decided to speak less and less about this rebellion on Urantia as it is over, it is the past. We will teach you how to connect you more to the Morontia world and how to catch up with your 200,000 years delay.

Those teachings will come to help people understand who they really are. We have no desire to continue to focus on Lucifer and his Rebellion.


We infuse currently in the collective consciousness of humanity new knowledge, a new consciousness with positive ideas, with hope and more of the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Christ. There is such a power that emanates from this "Light network" around Earth that people will open to these new truths that they need so much and are yearning for. The past is the past and we don’t want to stir in it or constantly talk about it.


The foundations of the future must be implemented and we will work with hundreds of thousands of people from all levels of society. This will be done in all religions, as well as in sects and those with questionable beliefs because even among those there will be an awakening, otherwise they would disappear. All of this will happen.


There is one thing that I would like to remind every human being that receives and transmits messages that we will never name any organization to tell you that it is a good or a bad one. We will never do this, and we ask you to be very careful not to mingle your own desires and needs with what comes from Spirit. When you read or hear that a group is better than another, that some group is worthless or is a danger to others know that this doesn’t come from Spirit. Spirit does not work this way.


It is up to you, who have free will, to make your own choices and if you have an excellent contact with your God Fragment thus follow his advice and put your own will, your own desires and needs in the hands of God.


We need people who make the link between us and others, that do exactly what we expect of them and learn to give them over with confidence to what Spirit tells them, brings forth and let them know.


If there is one thing that we will never bring forth that is “inquisitors” who will start looking for their own demons and who will play the upholders of the law and point their finger to other groups than theirs to crucify them.


I hope that I have been very clear.


Thank you my children for listening to me. I say goodbye and your Supreme Mom as well. Malvantra will say a few things.


Malvantra Melchizedek here: we are preparing new schools to which we will bring humans who are willing to attend courses during their meditations or their sleep to be build out so that they can take one day the floor or do tasks for us. It will take time to educate everyone. For the moment we are studying how we can connect many transmitters together to be able to pass the same message in different languages over the entire planet because this is still not achieved.


You are all in the phase of study and connection. As AYA, Master Spirit of our Superunivers, has said we need serious candidates who work with us honestly without personal agendas. We ask you all to meditate regularly for a long time once a day or several times a week so that we can better prepare you for your future tasks. We ask you to study, to learn to follow your personal guidance, your Thought Adjuster, your Angel-Guardian of destiny and your other guides that are close to you to teach you. When the time will come, those who must start to act will be forewarned.


My children, you know what you have to do. Continue your group meditations which sometimes take up more than two hours and continue to study your Urantia book because there are a lot of truths inside that you have not absorbed. We will reveal them through this text with the questions you ask and we will teach you and help you read with another mind and a greater understanding.


Don't worry about what happens outside your group. You're not ready, or not intended to join or cooperate with other transmitters, groups or individuals who are not close to you and who have a different way of approaching things.


You are in our custody and guardianship.


Worry only about the studies you will undertake because it will take several years before you can be of great assistance to us.

When you are ready we will put you in contact with others if there is a need. Stay for now between you and follow your teachings coming from our schools during your long and deep meditations, during your sleep and during the reading of your Urantia book that you'll learn to read differently, on another level of understanding.


We regret that all these stories disturbed you but perhaps things are clearer this way now for those people who help us very much in their own ways. They will understand that the time to meet as they say is not yet to come.

Thank you my children and I say goodbye.


Christ Michael here: I would like to say something. We are busy with many things and many people around the world to prepare the arrival of your Magisterial Son and His Mission and to prepare my Second Coming. My Second Coming will not be in the flesh but I will always be very close to you all the time.


You my children, we asked you for so long to stay secret and anonymous by keeping the lowest profile that you may have in order to grow and study in peace, to not be brought into confusion by other children of me that are extremely dear to me and who also want to serve me. They received another cultural and religious education, other teachings than you and know things that you don't know, just as you know things they do not. It would only increase your confusion and prevent you from growing and learning.


I say to those who will read this session that "I love you all”. I can read in your hearts and I know all your abilities and believe me, you serve me and you will serve us, don't worry.

At the moment we ask you to live your life, to study and take patience.

If you want to carry out a project, talk to your Thought Adjuster, talk with me and I will come to help you and direct you.


My children I love you all. I am so happy to have you as sons and daughters, to know you want to serve Me and help your brethren with your means and your abilities. Not one of you is more important than another to me.

You are all important.


Thank you my children and I say goodbye to you.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.