PART 7 – 2011.

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia, Belize

Wednesday May 7th, 2011

Present: B-Maya, E-Maya, Cyril and Kathy.

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek

KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2 – the Voice of The Eternal Son

AYA, Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr 7 – The Voice of The Trinity.

Christ Michael (Jesus), Creator Son of local universe Nebadon.

TOMAS -Teacher

MALVANTRA: Malvantra here, we are going to start. I welcome you my children.

This time the system with reflectivity worked very well, we could connect quickly and easily. And yes this girl here had the impression to have been turned upside down.

We thank you all for being here with your questions. Your teacher Tomas is also there and will address them.

Before he does, there are other personalities who would like to speak to you.

KUWAYA: It is Kuwaya {K(u)wahiou} here, the Voice of the Eternal Son, Master Spirit n° 2 of Superunivers n° 2.

I see my children that you received a little lesson today about the structure of the Superuniverses and the Creator Sons - the Order of The Michaels - , my sons that I created together with The Universal Father and about the Orders of the Melchizedek. It is good that you learn to know who we are so that you don’t put us all in one bag.

Because we are all different, there are different Orders of Spirit Beings and it is good to know who your chiefs are and your neighbours.

You live in a village on a little planet called Earth, which we call Urantia, and you know the chief of your little village by name. You know who the second in order is, you know who the police (-men) are and you know them by name. You know your neighbours and you see people coming from other countries, from other continents that far away, from places you never have been. You hear about their chiefs and so on.

Your little planet lives in a Grand Universe with so many planets, all these local universes and constellations, all these planetary systems which have to be ruled by our Administration. Therefor many Orders of Celestial Beings have been created and gradually you will learn their names, their Orders, their functions which is important once you will come to the Mansion Worlds.

You have to know to whom you speak and how to address them. You speak differently to a General then to a sergeant or a Colonel. You talk differently to a neighbour (you are familiar with them) than to a stranger who comes from far away and has different habits. You have to learn this.

We call it “Ethics”, You have to learn how to behave with all these different Orders of celestial beings; how to speak to them with respect, how to respect the differences of all the soul-beings that you will meet that come from other planets, even from other local universes.

Everything you can learn here now, the better it is for later and the better you will be prepared to do the task we will ask you to do, while you still live on this planet.

You are still very young, my two little Maya children as well as the other one (D-Maya) that is not here. You have still a long life before you with full of things to do, to experience and to learn, which you will enjoy. We will not push you to go too fast and we will not put too much on your shoulders. We will go step by step and you will help your Maya people reunite and find their values back. I consider them also as my people, because they were created by my Son and in a sense I feel a bit like their Mother or rather their Grand-Mother. That’s why I am concerned about their wellbeing and that I speak directly to them.

I know you like your folks and that you are proud of your culture, but so many things have been lost. You will have to learn these things again, through other ways and we will teach you some of it, we will help you in this. We will bring on your path everything you are interested in, eager to learn and we will help you with it so that you can teach others later: your children or grandchildren or the grandchildren of others.

Enjoy your life my little kids. It’s a beautiful life you have, full of adventures. Special things will happen around you, good and bad. The bad things will strengthen you, make you very strong and very sure of yourself, so that nothing can destroy you. The good things are needed for you to have joy and satisfaction in your life, otherwise you would not continue. Nobody would like to have only bad things in his life.

I thank you my children for your presence and your willingness to work together with me to help your people evolve and find back their unity and their ancestral values. Goodbye to all of you.

AYA: This is AYA here, Master Spirit n° 7 of Superunivers n°7 called Orvonton, in which you live.

My children, The Infinite Spirit created Seven Master Spirits and each Master Spirit created a Superunivers and all its necessary celestial beings to do a job, to administrate it, to rule it according to The Will of The Universal Father.

Now that you are learning more about the structure of the universe, it will be much easier for us to present ourselves.

We do confirm that the word “M-AYA” comes from M”elchizedeks who rule this planet for AYA and those that are helping to rule this local universe for AYA, CHRIST MICHAEL and Mother-Spirit NEBADONIA.

{Note Kathy December 2013: Before that session started we requested confirmation of the definition of the word "Maya". We received it. I concluded that AYA wanted to put these young Maya's at ease because they are wary of anything that comes from the white man for the last 500 years. I think that AYA tried to gain their confidence by putting a link between certain gods of the ancient Maya and those that are called the Melchizedeks in the Urantia Book. After all if God is called by different names in so many cultures, then it must be the same for the Melchizedeks. The Mayans call themselves the "people of the corn" because it is after the discovery of corn that their civilization developed. You can also find the word “Maya” in Asia, Russia, Japan, Islam... everywhere. Why? Search and you will find …….as I did. The etymology of the word Melchizedek is Hebrew Malki Tzedek}

You were a great people and you will find that greatness back and you will achieve this by working, by planting little plants, seeds, by putting little stones so that your people see a pad through which they can walk. Slowly by slowly this will come. You will not see the end of it but you will certainly see the beginning and you will help to start this movement, peacefully by the heart and with God’s guidance, just like the ‘father of your nation’ did. Thank you my children, thank you very much. Goodbye everybody.


CHRIST MICHAEL: Hello my dear children. I'm here with your Mother Spirit. I am happy, as well as she is, that you have understood our position in this Grand Universe. We are pleased that you have continued to do what has been asked from you to help Earth and its inhabitants. It is important that this earth restarts its path to Light and Life. This is important as well for your planetary system (Satania), for your constellation (Norlatiadek) and our local universe (Nebadon), as for the Superunivers (Orvonton) in which you live. It is not only your little planet that has to put herself in the era of Light and Life, also your Superunivers and the entire Grand Universe will have to reach this stage. Therefore, you are not only working for yourself and your world, you work at the same time for the entire Superunivers in which you live and came into existence.

We could talk about God the Supreme, but we will wait till you have read these chapters in the Urantia Book and come with your questions. What I can tell you now is that by doing what you do, you help to increase and magnify also God the Supreme.

Thank you, my children, for all your efforts and we ask you to continue to do this together for some days.

MALVANTRA : Tomas will start answering your questions.

B-Maya: Thank you for giving us the chance to ask a few questions. This is a question from D-Maya who is absent from this meditation.

Question of D-Maya: I went once to a mass of one of the multiple Christian Churches present in my country and they spoke about the « Book of Revelations » and mentioned the “Second Coming of Christ” and that at that time only the Chosen Christians would be « raptured » and brought to Heaven and that the death bodies of the chosen Christians would be alive again and all would go to Heaven and that the others would stay on Earth with lots of catastrophes above their heads and be under the influence of “The Beast”. All these Christian churches talk about this and I would like to know if this is true because it frightens and troubles me.

TOMAS: Thank you for asking that question for her. The Book of Revelation and the Bibles have lots of false and misunderstood teachings. In the 4th century A.D. there were lots of scriptures spread around the Mediterranean world because the disciples of Jesus, as well as Jesus, did live in those regions. They traveled through all these countries to spread the word of Jesus.

At the time of Jesus, few things were written down and he destroyed everything he had written. It was only after his death on the cross that some of his disciples began to tell their stories and others began to write them down. Of all these original writings little remained. So many stories have been written and told, and the disciples, the disciples of disciples and so on, had all different teachings and different beliefs and the result of this is that in all Christianity, you will find many different beliefs.

Some believe in the “last judgment”, others in rapture, and others in a normal death. However they all say that they are “Christians” and they speak all of Jesus as being the Lord and they all have their Bible. What you can notice in all these Christian religions is that they have two things in common: they speak of Jesus and sometimes about the Love of The Father and they all have a Bible and these Bibles don’t tell always the same thing.

How came these bibles into existence?

Well in the 4th century A.D. there were two Councils held. One of them was held by a king who wanted a state religion and he decided to bring all the bishops together from the Mediterranean world. He asked them to bring all there scriptures and to make statements of all they taught and believed. And so they debated and debated for days until the one in charge decided what to put in the holy book, the first bible, and what not. So some 350 years after Jesus' death on the cross a bible came into existence with inaccurate information. There are certainly truths and good things in it. Later other evangelists came like Luther, Calvin and so many others with their visions and views and started writing their bibles in which they decided what to put and what not. The result after hundreds and hundreds years of disputes is that all have their bible and their Jesus and some believe in this and others in that; bibles and preachers with a bunch of truths and a bunch of false truths.

These people believe in what they say. They are honest, they are convinced that their Book is the real Book, is the truth.

{Note Kathy 12 December 2013: unfortunately we found that this also applies to the Urantia book that at times seems to be very racist to so many of our group that they no longer want to read it. It gave us the impression that here too, for any reason whatsoever, man interfered, as if things were left out and some added. This has been confirmed during a meditation on December, 8th 2013 and I was given permission to add below this session a recent document I found on the web. Only the English text is complete, no French translation exists and just a part of it exists in Dutch. I leave everyone the freedom to form him or herself an opinion but ask not to throw the baby away with the bathwater.}

But that does not mean that you have to believe them. You received the “Spirit of Truth” of Christ Michael. Ask for the “Spirit of Truth” so that you can see where the lie is and where the truth. If something frightens you and troubles you it cannot be true. God is a God of love who wants only the best for His children. He does not want to frighten you or somebody else. He does not want to put you in trouble.

The story of the “Rapture” with death bodies that resuscitate is a complete misunderstanding of what happens with the soul once she leaves the physical body. Your soul will be brought after mortal death to the Mansion Worlds if she is evolved enough and otherwise she will be brought to ‘dormitories’ where she will sleep until Jesus comes for the second time and will decide which one of the sleeping souls will be resurrected on the Mansion Worlds. The Mansion Worlds are not your planet and the Resurrection means that the souls will receive a new Morontia body with more capacities, higher intelligence and greater capacity to speak with the Spirit or hear the Voice of the Father then you have now. You will learn this in the Urantia Book once you have it and it is well explained. Keep one rule for yourself: if people say things that frighten you, it means something is wrong with it. Take it in your meditation and ask for advice, ask for guidance about what you feel and what frightens you: it cannot be true. Thank you.

Next question please.

B-Maya: This is again a question of D-Maya.

Question: One day a woman I know came to me and said: “I don’t believe in God, I believe in Satan. Satan will save you because God wants to destroy Earth and humanity. And you, in whom do you believe?”

I did not know what to answer and my question is: “what do I have to answer to this woman?” because this was very weird for me.

TOMAS: First of all, your belief, your OWN belief in The Universal Father must be STRONG and you have to ask yourself: “do I believe that a Father of Love would do such a thing, would destroy His children?” Since when does a Father of Love want to destroy His children? He would never do that.

So why does Satan tell people that he only will help them because God will destroy the world and humanity? What did Satan proof? Is Satan your Creator? Who is Satan by the way? Can you explain?

The God of your belief, of my belief, is a God of Love who helps all His children who want to recognize Him.

Does Satan recognize God? Does Satan know about a God of Love? Or does he only know a God of hate, a God who wants to destroy for the pleasure to destroy. There can only be One God, there cannot be two Gods.

The only One real God is a God of Love who created his beings at His own image, who wanted them to grow to become like Him with pure Love and Mercy in them. Why would he destroy His children and Earth? Why? Can that lady answer that question? Thank you.

Next question please.

B-Maya: This is my question. I have learned the healing techniques of Kathy and how to create a Permanent Anchor Merkabah of Divine Love and I have the capacity to use it and to meditate around it. I received Divine Knowledge here in these sessions. Therefore I ask if we have to spread all this knowledge like missionaries or like other religions do in my country, so that the people around us could be aware of it or do we have to keep this for ourselves?

TOMAS: How long did it take before you wanted to learn the lessons about healing? Do you remember? Was it days, months, a few years? People who want to learn this, which are ready to learn these things, will be brought to you. We will let you feel when you can speak about this; we will put the words in your mouth as long as you will let us guide you. You don’t have to run around the country, put up an organization to promote these teachings, nor the healing techniques and nor the use of the Permanent Light Anchor. This is something for more mature souls. When people are ready for this, you will feel it, they will be brought to you and we will give you a little sign, a little knock on your head for you to know that you can speak about that. This knowledge is certainly not something to promote or sell like missionaries do.

What we ask you is to keep an open mind for everybody around you, for everybody who believes in One God, in a God of Love. It does not matter from which type of Christian biblical religion they are, that’s not important. When they are unhappy and see that you are happy and successful, and they ask you for advice then you can say: “I believe in God, in God that lives in my heart and I speak all the time to Him. At least once a day, I sit down in quietness and close my eyes to ask Him guidance, next I try to think on nothing and I wait for his words to come. Sometimes they come sometimes not, but when I reopen my eyes I always know what to do.”

Tell those words when you feel that a person is open for it during a simple conversation.

Don’t forget to ask for the guidance of your guide, angels and God Fragment to put the right words in your mouth that the person in front of you needs to hear to be able to continue his or her journey. May be it will only be two words you have to say, or two or three sentences, maybe you will speak a full minute and you will wonder why you tell these things to that person, these things that this person needed to hear at that moment. You are never aware of what a person needs to hear, but we know and that is why we have to put the right words in your mouth for him or her to hear. This is the way you will help in the future your brethren, with our guidance and in so doing you will do the right thing. You will say what the person needs to hear not what you want to tell. Does this answer your question? (Yes). Is there another question?

B-Maya: this is our last question and is from E-Maya.

Question: Sometimes it is difficult to settle my mind after a hard day when I want to meditate and then I don’t receive my messages. What should I do to bring my mind faster in stillness, to stop my thoughts so that I can receive my information?

TOMAS: when you want to meditate, when you want to go in stillness, do this when you are quiet. You sit down, do your respirations, declare that you want to go in meditation to listen to the guidance of your Inner Silent Voice and close your eyes. Indeed your busy mind with all the troubles of the day will come up. Once you are aware of this try again to think on nothing. A few seconds (of empty mind) are enough to pass our messages. In the beginning you will not hear voices but in time and by meditating every day, it will go better and better. It is important when you go in meditation to find a moment in which nobody disturbs you. Take 30 minutes if possible, in 30minutes your mind will certainly have enough minutes of emptiness for us to pass our messages. This doesn’t mean that you will always hear clearly what is said. Often the messages are given on soul level, and your mortal mind isn’t aware of that but when you will open your eyes you will feel good as if you knew the answer but you had just forgotten it. And you will continue your day or evening happily, and have a nice quiet sleep at night.

Don’t worry too much about what happens in your surroundings, it does not bring anything. Do what you have to do and when there is a problem, solve it when you have a solution. If you cannot solve the problem, well go in meditation and ask for guidance, we will help you. You may not be aware of it but when you wake up you will say “Oh, my God, I just received a brilliant idea to solve my problem”.

It takes a long time for everyone and much practice to hear voices. If somebody tells you that they hear constantly all the messages that comes through their heads, don’t believe them. Everybody, everybody has the same problem. After a long practice, sometimes years, it will come. It works better when your mind is still, when you are not constantly busy thinking on your problems and then, you will be able to enter a deep meditative state where a sweet soft whispering voice will address you and that will be probably your Guardian Angel. Does this answer your question? (YES).

Questions of Kathy and Cyril to Tomas asked by Cyril.

We have questions about the 7 Mansion Worlds and about communication during our Morontia life.

Question: is our lifetime limited on each of the Mansion Worlds like on Earth, or does one receive enough time to learn the necessary lessons before moving on to another world?

TOMAS:, when you dwell in the First Mansion World, life will be quite different from here. You receive a new Morontia body with more capacities, a higher intelligence, keeping the same personality and identity. You'll know who you are and who you were. You will be astonished when you will open your eyes and realize you are on a new world and not alone.

Many things will be new and a lot of lessons will have to be learned. You will receive a few days to decide what you want to learn there. You will not have to choose between ten thousand things, but you will have the choice. You will start your studies and be able to take the time you need to progress. Some go fast others are slower but this is not important to us as long as we see you put effort in it.

Laziness is not well accepted and by laziness we mean people who say: "Yes, but I don’t have the time today I will do it tomorrow." When we see you put effort in it, you will receive all possible assistance and all time necessary to learn the knowledge of each world that you're passing.

If from in the beginning you lag behind out of laziness, you're not going to learn. This will be your free choice. But then again, you will start having a few little problems. You're going to have to decide if you want to continue and undertake this long, long journey. If you don't like it, you're not assiduous enough, you don't want to make efforts and are not very enthusiastic, then you will go backwards and we've told you already what happens when you start going backwards.

Does this answer your question? (YES).

Question: I read in the Urantia Book that someone who had no experience with children receives first the experience of raising children before continuing with other teachings. I was very happy to read this as I never had children in my life and I missed that so much. Can you give us more feedback on this subject?

TOMAS: Having the experience of raising several (3) children to the age of 16 years is an important thing, it dependents from case to case, from situation to situation. You have people with many children, some have only one child or two and sometimes they lose even a child at a very young age which means that not all parents receive the opportunity to live this entire experience. Educating children until a certain age brings you a sense of responsibility and a sense of service. A child is very demanding; it requests attention all the time and it is a responsibility. You have to feed them, learn to walk, to behave, to speak, to take their first great steps in life and so on. The child has to learn what it can or cannot do. Next they become adolescents and everything becomes more difficult and demanding. On the Morontia worlds you will receive each time another child with a different age, with other requests and other needs that you must address.

These are very useful and very valuable experiences because later you will be as parents for the new born souls. You earthlings are newborns, you are not yet adult souls, and later you will have such tasks as I have with you now….. teaching human souls. What for you seems very heavy and huge at spiritual level are in fact small things compared to all what you will learn once you are on the Mansion Worlds.

Therefore the responsibility of raising children is an experience you have to acquire. You will be able to learn it on the worlds of the Adam's and Eve's, where they have many children or on the place where we put the babies on the First Mansion world. You will receive this opportunity and this chance and it is something that one must have lived, either on this world here or on the Mansion worlds. Does this answer your question? (Yes).

Question: Life on the 1st Mansion World seems to look much alike to our earthly life. One drinks, eats, sleeps and wakes up. What other things does one do there?

TOMAS: Well, you will live like here. You need to go to school, learn some lessons, languages for example and other things. You can take care of your home, your garden, you can help in lots of things, be of service here and there, and you will have leisure time. It will not be much different from here: there will always be a little job to do, you will have a house, you will live in a small or larger village, in a community, you will have neighbors, it will not be very different from here. Life just continues. Does this answer your question?

Question on the different languages: When you arrive on the Mansion worlds you only understand the language(s) spoken in your earthly life. We read that there are different languages to learn, as there is the language of Satania, Nebadon and our Superunivers, and that there are interpreters and translators. But how does one communicate there? Orally, by telepathy and why are there all these interpreters and translators?

TOMAS: When you arrive on the First Mansion world you'll be together with people who speak the same language as you and who come from the same planet. You will communicate orally; you're not yet ready to communicate just by thought. This is for later, much later when you become pure spiritual beings.

You don’t have only people from Urantia arriving on the Mansion worlds. There are also people from other planets in your system of Satania. They don’t speak the same language as you. The first thing all have to do is learning the language of your planetary system Satania. This is for everyone the same, that you come from Urantia or from other planets.

You will travel there as well, you will not stay locked in your homes. You will meet these people from other planets in your classes to learn these languages or something else. Therefore at each meeting there must be interpreters and translators. You will need an interpreter when you meet a person coming from a different world with another philosophy about the universe and God than you. Although you will both speak of the same Father, it will not be in the same way. The interpreter is needed so that you don’t start arguing and to ensure that you understand each other's ideas properly.

The translators translate from one language into another and those of the Morontia worlds are very talented and skilled, more than those from your planet. Don't worry, this is very easy for them, it’s their specialty and they do it very well.

Later, when you evolve from one world to another, you will learn the language of your Local Universe Nebadon. Whenever you change worlds you learn something more and before you leave your local universe you will be able to learn the language of your Superunivers Orvonton. Compare it to countries with two to three languages where students have to learn them all. It is the same over there.

Why having all these interpreters and translators?

Well, each Superunivers has his own language and there are Seven Superuniverses. Therefore, when a leader of Superunivers n°5 wants to visit another leader of Superunivers n°7, good interpreters and translators will be needed, because they don’t speak the same language. The same applies for the local universes in the same Superunivers, they all have different languages.

Therefore, again when they meet sometimes they need translators and interpreters if they do not know the language of Havona-Paradise and indeed at a certain celestial rank everyone must also learn the language of Paradise.

You also know this problem here on earth. A worldwide company that has a name will do research in all languages to see if the name they choose, does not exist already and is not an insult in another language.

Therefore we have interpreters to explain why some people do things one way and not otherwise, it is a question of politeness, respect from your part to them and vice versa.

There are people on earth when they want to seal an agreement spit on the floor and others from a different country use a signed contract instead and will be horrified when they see that. Both seal an agreement: one will use ink and others will spit on the floor; yet it is the same thing.

This is the reason why interpreters are required and that we have “classes of ethics” where you learn how to behave with Spiritual Beings, with Beings from other planets, other local universes and other Superuniverses. Does this address your question? (Yes, thank you)

Question: If on earth we have difficulties to learn other languages, will this difficulty remain in the Mansion worlds?

TOMAS: As I said before, you will receive another Morontia body with a much greater intellect, with greater mind capabilities. This new body will be like a new powerful car. If on earth you had a car with a small motor and transmission problems to speed, on the First Mansion World you will receive a vehicle that will be completely automatic with much higher speed performance.

Problems to learn other languages are not necessarily originated by a deficiency in the brain. There are sometimes other reasons, like a lack of ambition or desire to learn and a lack of discipline to put the necessary time in it. Often the difficulties are caused because one is not interested or obliged to learn.

Question: The Sea of glass start appearing on the 2nd Mansion world. What is the function of the Sea of glass?

TOMAS: The Sea of glass is a huge crystal and it is somewhat comparable to a great meeting place, an airport where all transport angels bring guests or visitors, where people of different worlds or universes meet, where you can even organize festivals. This crystal can even be used for the reflectivity system to show visitors things that happen elsewhere. You can compare it to a large open movie theater where everyone comes together to see what is happening on other places or on Paradise. When there are special events, everyone gathers there together. It is this crystal, which facilitates the arrival and exit of visitors and facilitates the Reflectivity system for huge masses, which appears already in the 2nd Mansion world. Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you).

Are there other issues? (No thanks)

So then I thank you my children for your questions and I hope I answered them well.

Thus we will meet during the next session you will organize. I suppose it will be next month or on end of this month, it is like you wish. Try to gather as much people as possible because it is important for the entire group, for all six of you. Good bye my children.

MALVANTRA: It’s finished for today. We thank you for coming and for having listened to this long session with patience because it was in two languages. It is important to us that we let feel you that we respect everybody and that we too are able to speak more than one language. Goodbye my children, goodbye, I thank you for coming, we really appreciate it and we appreciate your efforts. Goodbye.


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