PART 8 – 2011.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Date: Friday 13 May 2011 – recorded –

Present: D-Maya, Cyril and Kathy.

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Father Melchizedek

- SIRAYA, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers nr.1, The Voice of The Universal Father.

Christ Michael, (Jesus) – Creator Son of this local universe Nebadon.

Malvantra Melchizedek

Malvantra here. Father Melchizedek wants to speak to you.

Father Melchizedek: my little children, this is Father Melchizedek who speaks to you. I only need 5 minutes to announce you the good news.

We have managed to develop a new communication system with reflectivity. It is a system which so far has never been tried nor explained to humans. We did different tests with this little girl here and we have seen that the last tests work very well. This will allow me and other personalities from the Higher Spheres of our Superunivers, Havona and Paradise to communicate or pass messages. It can also be used by the celestial beings from this local universe that are closer to you but not entirely with pure reflectivity. It is therefore a double system, but it works well.

It will take time to implement it with many people but if this system works properly we will continue with it after having tested it out several months..

Don’t ask this little one how it works because she has absolutely no details.

More information will be than communicated to other T/R’s. This will allow you to compare your information with those of others to see the overall picture and validate your messages. We will test this communication system in two-three languages with you and in the future we will use T/R’s from other countries speaking other languages than yours.

The purpose of this communication system with reflectivity is to train more people around the world to speak in their own environment to their people in their own language all at the same time. This will avoid the delay in messages and this will allow all people of Earth to evolve at the same pace. Do not get excited because it will take some time before it can be implemented worldwide.

That's what I wanted to tell you, my children. It is of great importance. This will change the way in which we will communicate with humanity in the future. This system of communication by reflectivity will be a huge step forward and will facilitate the transmission of a message worldwide. You can compare it to the invention of your internet which introduced a revolutionary transformation in the way you communicate information. Thank you very much my children.

Thank you my little Maya girl that you waited here while I was speaking in French, but I had to try this system out in another language. Not because we have to test the ‘French’ of this little girl here. No, we have to test to see that we can translate and work easily in other languages. We too work with translators and interpreters to bring over our messages.

Malvantra: there is someone else who wants to speak to you.

SIRAYA: This is Siraya here, The Voice of the Father, Master Spirit n°1 of Superunivers n°1.

We will from now on present ourselves to your group with our names and the Order to which we belong, so that after a while our names will be enough and you will know immediately who we are, where we are situated in the administration of this Superunivers, local universe, Havona and Paradise.

Our dear Father of all Creation has decided that more celestial personalities will be presented to Earthlings to contribute to the evolution of humanity, to help you grow a little faster. This way we can start to communicate simultaneously in all regions of the world.

Now we communicate in one language and have to wait for translators to bring forth these messages to other parts of the world and it is too slow. Things have to go a little bit faster so that the Plans of Christ Michael can be achieved in the time period he has in mind. This is the reason why it is important that we can communicate in different languages instantaneously.

We will not speak Maya because this girl doesn’t know the Maya language. In time you will be able to use this system to speak in Maya to help your people. It is important for the Maya children to learn to read and write in Maya, to learn Spanish and English. The messages you will receive have to be written down and put on the internet to bring them over to all Maya people. You have Maya’s living in Belize speaking English but a huge part of them live in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras and they speak Spanish and not all speak Maya.

I don’t expect you to write and read Maya in two weeks. You can take your time just do the effort to start. That’s all we ask.

This system of communication will be even faster as your internet. Some people will receive these messages during their sleep. They will not be aware of it, but somehow when they will awake they will use that information.

Later, in a decade, in hundreds of years this communication system by reflectivity will be much used for the communication of our messages and will be very helpful to the people of Earth to receive appropriate and correct messages.

This is the wish of The Father and everybody contributes.

There was a communication system between your people (Maya’s) in the ancient days which was different. Your High Priest could communicate with each other and receive our messages very properly. From now on we will work with all people and all races of the world at the same time to be uplifted all together as One Nation on this planet. This is the Will of The Universal Father and these are the Plans of Christ Michael.

Thank you my children, thank you very much to give us the opportunity to bring this message forth to those who have to know. Thank you very much.

Malvantra: Christ Michael wants to speak.

Christ Michael: Hello my children, its Christ Michael here. Yes we are all in a hurry because you did not plan this meditation.

We are protecting you all, stay away from the outside world to avoid that these new tests would not be aborted before they could take birth. Thank you very much my children. Goodbye.

Malvantra: we are going to close this session. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Goodbye my friends.


Received by Kathy

Sunday 15 May 2011 – this was a message taken on my computer that was not recorded.

Kathy: I felt a terrible pressure on my head and said: I listen!

Christ Michael here: write down the message.

Don't worry my little girl, we stand beside you, we hear you and understand you; put your mind at rest and take a break, you need it. This is very demanding of you as well as for the others. We will disclose you something about this system of reflectivity and its impact.

Think of a mirror in which you look at yourself. You don't see yourself but you see other things. You see a person who gives a speech and you hear and understand what that person says.

Thus, it will be like a video which will be printed in the conscious memory of the people. They will understand it in their own language; they will have the impression that it is a dream that looks real. It will remain in their minds and what they have seen and heard will never leave them. This will change their hearts and their attitudes.

All this will go much faster than you think. This will be a revolutionary change in mentality, to bring peace and unity between humanity. They will understand that all are brothers and sisters of the same family, belonging to ONE CELESTIAL FATHER and they will acknowledge this FATHER.

You will be able to see some effects of it during your lifetime. It will bring you all much faster towards the era of Light and Life. You will not be alive anymore when this will happen but we know you are happy to be able to contribute.

Monsanloran needs the group for certain issues. I hope he can count on you?

Kathy: Yes, certainly.

Monsanloran here: I would like to ask you to go all together once again to a place I will indicate you. It is not too far. It is the temple behind the village of the Mayas. Go there with the group, use the permanent light anchor of Placencia and sweep it over that site, the village and the vicinity. We can undo this way the effects of ritual actions done in ancient times that were contrary to the Light.

Yes I know, you've already been there with your buddies of your Ancient School, but it was not enough. Go therefore back and do what I ask. In half a day you will be back. You must go all six. Your group is very bound together and this will enable us to establish a Light Anchor.

Kathy: do we have to create one?

Monsanloran: No, you must not create one. We will do that by using you all. I will give you further instructions in a meditation with reflectivity. Organize one and I will give you my instructions.



Monday 16 May 2011 – recorded

Present: Cyril, D-Maya

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

KUWAYA Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.

AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

MALVANTRA: It’s Malvantra here. We are going to start this session. Monsanloran is here, he wants to speak to you about your trip.

MONSANLORAN : Hello my friends, I will ask you to go to the village of the Maya kids, to the temple in the vicinity.

You put yourselves in meditation and during that meditation we will use you to create a Permanent Anchor of Universal Energy. That’s all your group will have to do. I don’t know if you will be able to sit down, otherwise you will have to stand if possible in a circle.

You don’t have to say an intention you just call me and say:

Monsanloran we are ready so that you can do what you want to do with your helpers: you can place a Light Anchor permanently here with our help.” Than you just start your normal meditation and during that time we will use you to create it.

It will be slightly different then the Anchor placed here in Placencia. The Energy will be very strong, hold you on something if you stand to not fall down.

I thank you to organize that little trip; maybe next Sunday if it’s suitable for you all. Thank you very much my children. Goodbye and see you there.

KUWAYA here: I am Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son. My lovely children, how nice to be here with you and to see that you are of service to the Melchizedek brothers; to be of service in a way that you can clean up a part of the mess of the Lucifer Rebellion. We appreciate it and it is much needed.

We thank you for sending the Love of The Father and the Mercy of Myself every day. Please, continue this a few days more because it helps so much your planet and Humanity.

I know events have been predicted and dates have been given. Don’t pin yourself too much on dates. There is a great event planned, there will be a great shift of consciousness, but to give a precise date is very difficult although for us it will soon happen. We will indeed use everybody we can as a Light Anchor; we will use them all as sparkling plugs. This way we will create a Light network that can be implemented.

The communication system with reflectivity will be implemented on a larger scale this way too. This doesn’t mean that every person that can be used as a Light Anchor will suddenly be able to transmit and receive but they will have one day the possibility. There are Human Light Anchors spread all over the world. This is part of the work of the staff of Monjoronson and will help him also in his Magisterial Mission; it will help him to come sooner with his 12 Melchizedeks and a very large team.

Much is going on for the moment and I know you all feel tired but we count on you. So try to be present for us each time we need you, because these are very important historical moments.

Lots of groups are doing the same or different things for us to implement everything. So each team, each person that is working for us is extremely important. You know that when you work in a network if one part fails, everything fails. Be happy that you can contribute to these beautiful moments, because they are historical: THE FATHER RECLAIMS URANTIA.

The Father decided to interfere, to give that trust, that necessary push to fasten things and to assure that the plans of Christ Michael will not fail. Not that there was an error in them but to make them more secure and achieve them faster.

It will be a mental shock for the people of Urantia and you will all help them understand with our guidance why this great historical moment happened.

Thank you my children to have given me this opportunity to speak these words. Goodbye.

MALVANTRA here: somebody else wants to say a few words.

AYA here: hello, I am Aya with the Melchizedeks who work for Aya and Monsanloran is one of them. Monsanloran is happy that he has again a team in this region and that he can count on you. He planned different tasks so be prepared to travel around the country once in a while.

Things are going fast but you will hold on, you do all very well. I saw your entire group was very interested to read in the Urantia Book to learn and ask questions. It will be much easier for us to make you understand what happened on this planet and what is happening now.

The reason why this planet is so important that The Father interferes will be revealed later. We have learned not to reveal too much at once. Human nature cannot hold too much revelation. By giving it in bits and pieces you will absorb it much easier, without failures or putting yourself between us and your brethren as a kind of new leader of some movement.

I thank you my children and goodbye.

MONSANLORAN: Monsanloran here again. As Aya said I am one of these Melchizedeks that works for Aya and indeed I repeat that’s where the name MAYA comes from.

We, the Melchizedeks who work for AYA, have worked with our helpers in different regions all over the world during different periods of time. You will find the word Maya in Russia where rivers are called Maya, we were in Central America, in South America, in North America, in the Middle East, in France, in England and even Spain. The last known population where you will find that name lived in Central America and not just in Belize.

I am happy I can start again with a new group that can help me to achieve a few needed things that have to be done. You can compare it on one side with a “cleaning up” and on the other side with planting “new trees of wisdom”. This is a marvellous thing to do. Thank you my children, I am gone leave you now. I think Malvantra wants to close the session.

MALVANTRA here: yes we are going to close the session. I thank you my friends, I thank you my children. Thank you very much and see you next time. One day, not tomorrow, you will all be able to see me. Goodbye.


Mezza Verde Group

For the definitions and explanations in blue see The Urantia Book.