It takes patience, zeal and stamina.

Session nr.1 of 9 April 2014 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole and Wivine

Received by Wivine

Visitor: AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7, Orvonton. The Voice of the Trinity and the Supreme Being.

AYA spoke after 1h07min              Total time meditation: 1h26min.

AYA here: I am AYA, Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7 Orvonton in which is located your local universe Nebadon.

Carole, I'm here to answer your questions.

During more than 3 years you learned to meditate long and deeply. You were given plenty of abilities to an extent you don’t even realize. Meditations serve to encircuit you on the “Light network of the Melchizedeks” in which the 'communication system with reflectivityis woven.

You are also connected during your meditations to a Morontia energy circuitry and to the circuit of Spirit of the Eternal Son, which attracts you to him and gives you that need and desire to always learn more about your destiny after mortal life.

It is not important that humans believe in reincarnation or that everything must be achieved within a single mortal life because both are misconceptions.

Mortal life, that will last longer in the coming centuries, serves to experience, to strengthen your character, your endurance, your tenacity and if possible in your current conditions your faith in ‘One Creator'. Once you acknowledge and accept this Creator, your soul will begin to grow faster. The more you will share your life with ‘The Creator of All’, the more that you let Him intervene in your daily decisions, the more you will learn and let your soul grow.

It is this soul that will continue her evolution on the Morontia worlds, the Spiritual worlds, then on Havona and later on Paradise. During the next era of the universes, you will continue your experiences and your evolution as a 'pure spirit' in and with the Supreme Being on the outer-space worlds.

To obtain a status and high responsibilities in the era where you will work with the Supreme Being in the outer-space worlds you should act here and now, undertake and experience all knowledge because it is in this life that you lay the foundation in your soul to reach this.

For now the Supreme Being is still little known on the habitable planets of Nebadon. By the fact that you're still agondonters, those who must believe without seeing and that the concept of The Supreme Being is difficult to understand, the benefits for your soul will be even larger and the results tremendous for your future career on the outer-space worlds.

The "new teaching" is ready. Wivine is indeed the first who managed to obtain the capacity to transmit the first two levels. This will come for you too, Carole, if you engage a little more; as for those to whom it has already been transmitted and those who will learn it in the future because that is the goal.

That is why we have trained you to listen to our voices so that one day you get to speak in front of an audience by expressing "our" words instead of what is in your mind.

The purpose was not to train everyone in your group as a transmitter/receiver (T/R) because that is only an intermediate stage that will disappear in time.

We may in the future connect more people to the 'Light network of the Melchizedeks' during their meditations so they can more easily develop their 'Morontia organs’ which will help them to better see and hear what comes from the spiritual world. They will reach, with patience, spiritual insight of the highest level a human in your current conditions can reach.

{Note Wivine February 2015: what is meant here by "Morontia organs" are organs which must be developed in the brain. These are not the "spirit receptive glands" as described in the Urantia book. I guess they speak of a more distant future here or about the ‘HUMAN’ of the future. I know what it is, because they have shown me and we are developing those during our meditations and I speak about it in the lessons. For now we need to develop them step-by-step, maybe within a few generations people will be born with them. I do not know. As long as the Celestials don’t give explanations about it in a session, I don’t want to say more.}

This is not comparable to the foresight or clear hearing that some people have for the moment on your planet thanks to genetics. What these people can hear and see is too influenced by their minds and what they can see is often too close to Earth. Where we take you is of a much higher level, it comes from The Trinity and exceeds far Earth's environment.

Go on with what you are busy, both of you, and add to your group only those ‘new ones’ who received the "new teaching" as it is taught at the moment.

These 'newcomers' will rarely or never hear Wivine transmit our messages because it disrupts the individual quest; ultimately, those who hear and then read them eventually depend on them and will not make the effort to develop their own skills with the received capabilities.

They must learn to receive their own messages, through the transfers of energy, through their meditations, through the development of their personal circuits and by gradually coming closer to their indwelling God Fragment.

This way, they will not depend on a transmitter to receive their spiritual knowledge or to follow their own path. Everyone must learn to stand on their own legs and follow their personal guidance with these received resources. This 'new teaching of the Melchizedeks' is not intended to be centralized around one single person, on the contrary.

We have pushed you to the Urantia book so you would have an understanding of it, that you may receive a basic Cosmology and understand better what you are dealing with. Nevertheless, this "new teaching" will be transmitted during the coming years to many people who have not read the Urantia book and perhaps will never do.

Therefore it is necessary to learn to let you guide by blocking completely your mind during your meditations. It is only this way that you will manage to let flow the stream of words through your mouth inspired by your indwelling Spirit that people need to hear.

In order to get there, Carole, you need to have more patience and endurance. You make efforts and we appreciate them. You thus prepare the way for those new ones who will progresses much faster than you, thanks to your efforts and willingness to open the path for them.

Wivine, your young Mayas will come back one by one within the next 5 years and will bring more of their people. Take them separately in the meditations and when you transmit your knowledge, as you did at the beginning. Do not place them in the presence of people who are ‘not Maya’. This will put them in confidence and will enable us to teach them according to their cultural backgrounds.

I'll let you finish your day and will regularly come back to visit you.

Goodbye Carole.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.