There will not be a Third World War.

Session nr 3 of 16 April 2014 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Nora and Wivine

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: God Fragment or Thought Adjuster from Wivine asking me for the first time to bring over His words.

L’Ajusteur parla après 41min                   Durée totale méditation: 58min.

The Adjuster: Hello, I am your "God Fragment" who came down from Heaven to live in you, who adjusts and adapts to your feminine nature. We have a long way to go together and our fusion will happen, don’t doubt it.

God wants you to come even closer to Him so that He can talk directly through you to your brethren of this local universe Nebadon. One day you will be aware of those speeches you do in front of a Morontia audience or mortals on the inhabited worlds of your planetary System Satania.

All what you have lived and seen here, what you have unconsciously learned during your meditations will serve you to become a Messenger of God. Therefore you will speak face to face to your brethren of the 37 planets of the rebellion. You will learn them that they can communicate with the Universal Father whose Fragments are living in every person if they are willing to accept Him and you’ll describe the Supreme Being, their Universal Mother.

You started your celestial career by helping your family, then other families, by learning to work with the energy of the universe, while meditating and approaching God to receive your personal guidance. We have then pushed you to learn how to repeat our words. You have chosen to do so through deep meditation to block the mind, which is not an easy coordination. This is comparable to the work of international interpreters that translate simultaneously. It requires some aptitudes in the brain that not everyone possesses. Nevertheless we can improve it in many people during their meditations provided that they have this patience, discipline and endurance that you all have demonstrated here.

You have nothing exceptional apart from your faith in Me, which is already extraordinary on your planet. One can be of service at many levels and in different ways of which you are not aware; that is why God came personally to tell you.

The mind, intelligence, imagination and understanding are things that can be improved, that are steadily in progression as well in mortals coming from animal life as in the Supreme Being, your Universal Mother.

You all demonstrated this, here with your meditations. You had all difficulties to read the Urantia book, difficulties to even understand the sessions. All those who now apply to reread these sessions and go back in the Urantia book understand things much better; which proves that mind and intellect can grow and progress through our intervention during your meditations. This applies to humanity as a whole and consequently to those who are not part of your group.

The level of intelligence, understanding, looking for higher moral values, the ability to imagine abstract concepts or to connect to a higher mind will increase for each mortal of the planet thanks to the new 'Energies of the Trinity' and with all that entails the "Light network of the Melchizedeks", that they are living in the deepest jungle or atop of science. All will be helped to evolve to the level that should have been yours if everything would have happened normally on this planet.

Much will change in three generations on this globe. Some of you will see it, others not. These words that have been expressed here will always be somewhere in the air, perhaps on a web site, in a book or in the memory of those who have begun here with you. They are the ones who will see that their grandchildren will be very different from their grandparents.

Your World Governments will learn to solve their problems without flexing their muscles. The ghost of a Third World War disappeared...... it will not happen. ‘Light' and necessary ‘transformations’ may come from anywhere, from any corner of the world. Be aware of it!

Thanks girl, this was our first attempt to let God talk through you live. One day the Supreme Being may speak to the people of Urantia as to other populations of Nebadon when communications will be easier. Good bye!



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.