Practice makes perfect.

Session nr.6 of 4 May 2015 Ė recorded- English translation Ė Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole, Nora, Wilhelm and Wivine.

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Received by Wivine.

Malvantra spoke after 57min.††††††††††††††††† Total time meditation: 1h27min.

Malvantra Melchizedek here: repeat my words my girl because they are important as all the other times so that you can learn and grow.

The evolution of mankind takes a lot of time and it goes hand in hand with the evolution of the planet.

The Life Carriers developed on your planet a salty type of protoplasm that evolved in the seas. These first living cells developed in plant life and then appeared fish, land animals until a few million years later the mammals manifested. It's out of these mammals that the human form appeared. These early humans made their first experiences by looking for shelter, manufacturing tools, grouping to work in families to find food and protect themselves from wild animals and other tribes. The discovery of fire was very important, it allowed them to keep themselves warm and cook their food.

Of course all this concerns the development of the human physical body which had still a long way to go.

There are two things that differentiated these first primitive humans who possessed a will from their animal predecessors.

First: the fact that they received a personality. Animals donít receive a personality from God.

Second: the fact that the adjutant mind-spirit of worship and wisdom were able to anchor in the first couple of primitive humans, which was the signal that the first human mind was born on Urantia.

The mind of animals grow as well thanks to the influence of these Adjutant mind-spirits, but they only manage to access five of the seven: first the one of intuition, then the one of understanding, courage, knowledge until the one of council. They have no access to the one of worship and wisdom and those are the ones who make the difference.

The fact that the mind-spirits of worship and wisdom could function in a human mind means that their intelligence is higher than of their forebears. It is also the announcement of the coming of the Thought Adjusters, the Seraphim, the Guardian Angels and other Celestials who help humans to develop their soul-embryo into an adult soul that learns how to know God and worship Him. Of course at the beginning it will be stones, mountains, thunder, the sun, huge animals and so on.

In the meantime humans continue to grow at biological level thanks to the efforts of the Life Carriers. When their biological evolution has reached its maximum level it is time for the arrival of a Material Son and Daughter on the planet, called an Adam and Eve, to raise this biological level with genetic qualities that will enable humans to reach higher spiritual levels during their earthly life. However, it is only after several generations, when the offspring of Adam and Eve become mortal, that they will blend with the more evolved populations of the planet.

The coming en mass however of the Thought Adjusters needed for the development of a soul will only happen after the coming of a Magisterial Son in a bestowal mission; i.e. an Avonal Son born of a terrestrial mother who transforms a planet through his influence. He proclaims the Truths of Heaven and when his mission is completed he returns to his Brother Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon, so that they can pour the Spirit of Truth of Christ Michael on the planet. Following this all inhabitants of the globe will automatically receive a Thought Adjuster after their first moral decision, which wasn't the case before.

1,500 years ago a child received a God Fragment or Thought Adjuster on average between 10 to 12 years, just before puberty. 100 years ago the average was between 5 to 6 years and now this average lies between 4 and 5 years.

This means that todayís children, and it happens in all ethnic groups, have at birth an intelligence and an ability to make moral decisions that is much higher than before. As a result there are children in your current generations who receive their Thought Adjuster between 1 and 3 years of age. This average of 4 to 5 years will lower within a few decades between 2 to 3 years.

This is due to the fact that more and more humans have the ability to use the Energy of the Universe at different levels, some the Energy of the Trinity and some arrive at this day to use the Pure Energy of their God Fragment.

When these people use their capacity to transfer these Energies towards individuals, countries and continents they transform the DNA of man, from newborns to the elderly, especially those who know how to use the Pure Energy of their God Fragment.

The more these Energies are transferred by humans to help their brethren selflessly, by doing transfers every day to all countries and continents, covering the entire globe, the more they open the valves to attract even more of these Transformation Energies of God.

What we want to say is that the independent God Fragments, those who donít dwell in the mind of a human being, help you with your Energy transfers through the circuit they did implement.

These are Energies of Transformation at all levels.

They can be used to destroy darkness and help a soul go towards the Light. They can be used to balance the mind of people, to strengthen the immune system and transform the DNA of the physical body. It is through this that the physical body and the mind abilities of men will become as they should have been if Adam and Eve had not defaulted and their mission would not have been aborted after 500 years as has happened.

You received more than three months ago a Magisterial Son in a bestowal mission to help, among other things, all those who work with the Celestial Energies at all levels. Not to redo the work Christ Michael - Jesus has done during his 7th bestowal on Urantia 2,000 years ago.

The importance of this work with these Energies of transformation is much underestimated on your planet but it bears fruits and we will find more and more candidates to work with them. It is a work that brings no earthly glory, but it helps to develop your soul, to connect with your Thought Adjuster in order to achieve higher levels of spiritual insight.

This spiritual insight, of which we already spoke, has nothing to do with so-called farsighted people who are born with this gift. This gift which comes from the genetics of the Adamites was destined to give you the possibility to see the Angels, the Midwayers and the Celestial Teachers to elevate your soul to higher spiritual levels during your earthly life.

But in the current situation these gifts donít seem to give most of these people the opportunity to evolve their soul towards superior spiritual states. On the contrary, when they see, they see often first the dark spirits. When they hear they can't distinguish whether it comes from the darkness, the fallen angels or their Celestial Teachers. Unfortunately as there are not so much people with these gifts they consider themselves as superior on the spiritual level. In addition they try to make you believe that it is really the case, because according to them it proofs that they stand on a higher spiritual echelon.

My children, nothing is further from the truth, it is far from true. Unfortunately most of time these birth gifts only increase their pride, making them lazy rather than to use them to let grow their soul by seeking God in their hearts and helping their fellowmen. Many of them are even unwilling to know God.

This means that these gifts become rather a handicap for the development of their souls than a benefit.

Through your work with the Energies of Transformation, we help you develop 'those' abilities that should have been yours. We do this in such a way to ensure that it goes hand in hand with your love for God; by building an intimate relationship with your God Fragment and developing an unconditional love for your brethren.

A person who wishes to grow by getting capabilities and superior knowledge from the Heavens must first develop his humility and come to the conclusion that it is not his will that is paramount but rather the counsel of his indwelling Thought Adjuster and Celestial Teachers.

We let you follow this path first by crawling on the floor; then on your knees, then by standing on your two legs keeping both hands in ours because you had to advance in the dark. This allowed us to let you grow without developing an excessive spiritual pride. All your capabilities are now part of your daily life and donít prevent you from having a normal social and professional life or to be a mom or dad like any other person.

We will open your eyes slowly and initially the lights and flashes of light will dazzle you. We will try to do it carefully so that you can participate in the events of the First Mansion World, sometimes the Second during your meditations and you will remember it, without having the impression to be someone exceptional, which we want to avoid at all costs.

Be aware that no one will walk on his two legs without passing first through all steps that these people with whom we are working here have passed. This means that everyone has first to learn to crawl, then advance on their knees, then on their two legs and in the meantime we will regularly put toys in your hands with which you can exercise. It is only then that we will gently open your eyes to true spiritual insight.

You are not prompted to do extraordinary things; you are the ones who always wish to undertake grandiose projects: but for what reason?

The little things are as important as the big ones. It is your 'motivation' to do something good that matters. We will give you all means to help you because it is by helping others and making experiences that your soul will grow and that you will become much more Godlike.

Earth is a planet where the teaching of souls is done as on the Mansion Worlds according to the decrees of Christ Michael, therefore under our guidance and in Melchizedek schools.

Urantia is by extension a Melchizedek school.

We recommend the following: tell us first what you want to undertake and we'll help you to do it the best way so that your task is well executed according to the laws of the universe, so that your soul may grow by learning from this experience. Only thus will you gain knowledge that will become an intrinsic part of yourself. Practice makes perfect.

If you prefer to sit down and chat, discussing at infinitum the gender of angels, to wait for events and spend your time telling others what they should do, read or believe, then you lose valuable time for your own soul growth.

Be concerned about your own evolution before going to others to tell them how they should deal with their soul growth. First practice through actions, by implementing, by learning and we will be there to help you. We have said this many times and this time we repeat it more clearly.

Thank you my children, continue with what you do and as you are busy. We are your School Masters and when you make mistakes we will tell you; weíll show you how the correct them and the path to follow. Continue, you have no idea to where we are bringing you. You lived already many surprises but they are still nothing compared to what we take to you, then trust us and continue. Good bye.


For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.