It is Spirit who acts on matter and not reverse.


Session n 6 of June 16, 2020 English translation - original Dutch.


Wivine note:

The following is an experience that two people from a group of three had during their group meditation, supplemented by my comments. I had no intention of publishing it on the web. I was waiting for a more complete message about a certain topic, but I was told to publish it as it was with my inspired answers.

Only 2 out of 3 people participated in this group meditation on June 16, 2020. I gave them a number to respect their privacy.


Nr 1 .


I felt like I was somewhere with a group where something was said/explained, but I couldn't access the lyrics, even if I really made an effort to listen carefully. (I have experienced this several times).

After meditation, I tried again to find out what was said, it was so close, but I did not succeed.


Wivine : we are all taken to schools during meditation to learn things that you normally only learn when your soul is on one of the seven Mansion Worlds (it doesn't matter which one) after death.

This knowledge is only available to your soul at this time. It cannot be introduced into your human mind-intelligence because

- too limited.

- The other reason is that your life too is a classroom where you have to experience everything in soul and body. It must become living knowledge in body and soul.


If you would remember these morontia lessons, it's like taking an exam where you get the questions with the answers. It's like cheating, and that's not how God designed it.


The next step of the stairs that we are going to take and that we have to take to become a GODMAN or GODWOMAN will correct this situation.


Before explaining what this step involves, we all have to do some work on ourselves, on all facets of our "Ego".

Our "Ego" has hundreds of facets and if you shot one, another will soon appear. For all facets of our "Ego" to surface, we have to find ourselves in different circumstances where each facet can show its "face". This is where our life experiences and our contacts with other people come into play. They are the ones who will take care of it.


This is how we will reach the stage of "celestial humility" which has nothing to do with the way man looks at humility. You will feel this "celestial humility" grow from within as you continue to work on yourself.

How? By regularly banging your head against a door to keep some bumps which will eventually heal.


This rule is the same for everyone. It is a job that you must do by yourself. You can do it slowly or ask to face them so you can cross it faster. Your choice.


More explanation of the next steps to get to this GODLY-MAN or GODLY-WOMAN stage will come when more of us have

- does satisfactory work on themselves and

- will have allowed their inner Love for God and their fellow men to grow.


Nr 2

This morning, I read an article on a vaccine made by a large European pharmaceutical multinational, with an obscure past. Our government has decided to transfer large sums of money for a Covid 19 vaccine to this company.

I was shocked. I was wondering: is it true, or half, or not.?

This is how I entered meditation.


After greeting my dear friends, (in my imagination), of course also welcoming the celestials, I immediately asked my questions. Is it true? How can I relate to it? How can I help?

After a while, I heard softly : we take care of it. I insisted to be certain and I heard it louder, we're taking care of it. When I finally realized what I was told, a burden fell from my shoulders. A great gratitude came into me. I knew it was true.


Wivine : One person cannot carry the burden of the whole world on his shoulders. It is also a lesson that I had to learn.


The spiritual world is currently working at full speed on our planet. Everything on government level decisions, even multinationals that actually operate like small states with a government, are influenced by THE MOST HIGH - Vorondadek Son of our Celestial Planetary Government and its associates.


Beware of the media and your own way of judging right and wrong.

The plans of the Universal Father, of Christ and all celestials who work with Him are unknown to us. Trust them - they know better than we what to do.


We live in moments of great tumult. Sometimes you no longer know who are the good guys and who are the bad ones.

Get out of dualistic thoughts of good and evil or right and wrong. Ask your indwelling little God to lift you up to HIS height so that you can see and understand HIS POSITION, which knows neither good or bad.


I tell you it this way, it can also be formulated differently. I can also fill pages and pages on this subject. Nevertheless I am sure that you feel inside where we are going with these words.


Conclusion :


What all my words here mean about the GODMAN or GODWOMAN that we are going to become, will be revealed to you personally and partly through messages, following your own questions arising from your actions, decisions and what your life brings you.


There is no standard manual for this, no school, nor clear rules apart from all sentences that have been repeated so many times and that nobody practices. Words alone do nothing on your soul growth.


It is only the experiences in BODY and SOUL that makes a soul grow, combined with a growing Love for God and an ever greater need to serve the well-being of all without expecting rewards.

As we grow in LOVE for God and in need of serving all of creation, our way to help humanity will transform and spiritualize. Because :

- It is Spirit who created matter.

- It is Spirit who acts on matter, and not reverse.


It will be through our own spiritualization that we will truly change this world to its roots.


We will get there, we are on the right track. Let's keep going, let's not give up. Its not easy, its even damn hard.




For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.