You are the forerunners of new times.

Session 1 of 10 March 2021 – English translation - original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael – Paradise Son –Supreme Sovereign of our local universe Nebadon, situated in our Superunivers nr 7 Orvonton – known under the name Jesus of Nazareth – born Jeshua Ben Joseph.

A story from Wivine: I am 68 years old. We all carry old wounds with us throughout our life. My old wounds concerned our family which came to the surface following new events. I had two choices:

- continue to feel like a victim and take my sword in hand to defend ourselves because nothing had really changed after 15 years.

- Or

- Going into meditation in order to receive Divine wisdom and advice in my heart with the following question:

How, my God, should I act for the good of all partners, according to your Wisdom while avoiding the fight of pride, mine and those of others? Where should I look to find out the reason for this conflict of interest between the different parties and resolve it?

I went into meditation and little by little God guided me through the steps to take to get us all out of this mess. I blindly followed every step to be taken. First I had to search the internet for legal information. I ended up finding it with all the terminology to use.

Then He got me to go to a person who had a key position in this whole situation. This person is very old and with the corona restrictions was not easy to meet. I hadn't seen her for years. I ended up meeting her and we spoke openly, without daggers drawn like 15 years ago. I listened to her grievances, I remained calm, I agreed with her, she calmed down and we came to an agreement.

Then God told me to go to the den of the bear : her notary and the one of the buyer of the family property. I wrote him a letter saying that the purpose of my visit was to seek transparency in order to resolve the issues between all parties concerned amicably.

Our family's lawyer and my siblings tried to stop me. I was going to ruin everything by doing this. We were going to lose the case. All were mad at me. Again.

This is where I really grew up. My trust in God has become unwavering. If He tells me to jump, I jump because I know nothing can happen to me. It doesn't matter anymore what people think, even my close family.

So I went to the notary of all the opposing parties to reach out and find out what was going on behind the curtain. I had to wait 5 weeks to get an appointment. Patience and more corona patience.

The conversation lasted 1 hour. I felt that I was not alone. I stayed calm and the words came out as if it wasn't me speaking or answering. The situation clarified, the false interpretations of the attitudes of everyone were erased. The notary stood up and said that everything was okay and clarified. He just needed time to get all parties together to sign the sale because there was nothing in the way anymore.

It didn't happen straight away. I knew it was all settled in the spirit. It just needed time to materialize. But you cannot say that to other people. Isn’t it?

Obviously, my family and our lawyer were furious with me when I told them about my visit to the notaries of the opposing camp.

It was only 10 days after my visit to the notaries that the letter finally arrived to say that the lawsuit brought against one of us had been canceled by the buyer and that nothing was preventing the sale of the family property.

There was everywhere complete astonishment and utter silence.

I have to admit that I couldn't help but fire the family lawyer for myself. If my siblings still wanted to use his services it was for them to decide. I did it in a professional and unequivocal manner. I solved it, he took the credit and on top of that he charges us. All of that was a bit too much for me and I reacted straight away without first asking my "little God" if it was a wise thing to do. I still haven't asked Him.

Of course all of this made me sad, once again. But I don't blame them anymore. They do not know the bond, the forms of love and trust that a human being can have with his/her "indwelling little God". They don't even know he exists.

You cannot condemn, judge or blame such kind of ignorance.

So I said in my heart:

“My God, they didn't recognize you. They do not know that this is from you and how much you love them all. One day they will understand, one day they will all know you. I don't want to be sad anymore ”.

It relieved me and a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I straightened up and felt like I had grown physically. I looked around and saw the hedges, the flowers a meter higher (3 feet). As if I wasn't looking with my physical eyes, but with invisible eyes that were far above my head. It lasted a while and then it was gone.

Then I asked Jesus, the man who had lived here as a human. The one who experienced all these stages and metamorphoses of the growing soul. The one who had been loved and rejected, the one who had suffered from the incomprehension of others in his quest for the “Father within”, wanting us all to discover Him. What was it like for him in his turbulent times when he was Jeshua? The period before His public mission started as Jesus Christ?

Jesus: my children, I have experienced your inner struggles ; this "original fight between good and evil" that manifests in your hearts since you received your personality after birth.

Personality that newborns receive so far after birth, will change.

Fetuses will receive their personality before birth as your science progresses, your physical health, your moral height and the inner religious life of your populations.

There will even come a day when a fetus of 3 months will survive.

Where infants will receive their Thought Adjuster (God Fragment) instead of the current 3 to 4 years old.

This "original fight between good and evil" in your hearts has nothing to do with the false Christian doctrine of the “original sin” that was inherited by humanity following the sin of Adam and Eve and would disappear after a baptism.

On the contrary, this “original fight” gives you the opportunity to make choices. You are not pre-programmed robots. You have free will and therefore you must be able to make choices from the very start of your life. At the beginning the choices are simple like : “I'm not going to slap my little brother because he broke one of my toys. I'm going to play with him instead.”

As you move forward in your life, the choices will become more complex. You will be put in difficult situations where you will have to make choices by transcending what you think is right and good or wrong and unfair.

In the beginning your morality will be based a lot on that of your family, your religion and the traditions of your ethnic group. As you move forward you will approach more and more Divine Wisdom which often does not go hand in hand with the written words of Holy Books or the interpretations of priests, shamans or even religious political leaders.

And this is where things are going to get tricky for you as it has been for me. You will distance yourself from the thoughts of others, and by doing that you risk rejection as a result of your actions, writings, decisions and spoken words.

Be well aware that when all Luciferian influences will have disappeared, you will still have good and bad people amongst you, religious fanatics, quarrels in your family, professional or leisure circles. Not everyone will have the same opinion as you, everyone will have their egos and self-esteem.

I have lived the quest for this inner communion with the Father of all and everything. This Father- Creator who on one hand manifests in all His Creation and on the other hand lives in you thanks to this Fragment of Him which He granted you as soon as you did your first good deed. This Fragment is identical to Him and lives in your heart, it is in permanent communication with Him and with you. One day you will fuse with this Fragment that makes the link between God and you.

As soon as you walk the path of inner communication with God your relationship with Him will become easier, because you will end up understanding, feeling that you are not separate from Him. That there is not you with your 'I am' on one side and Him on the other. You will feel that you are a Unity, like a united couple.

As soon as you have realized this Unity, this Oneness within you, you will experience inner enlightenment.

To reach this Unity you need the will to always want more, to always go higher.

It starts with a desire, a wish. Suddenly you push a door and it opens. You go ahead and find out. Then it becomes a will - I want - and this will becomes stronger and stronger, so strong that you can no longer turn back, you can no longer let go. You advance, more and more. Sometimes easily, sometimes with great effort. To eventually achieve that enlightenment - to eventually become a God-Man or God-Woman. To become a creative instrument through which God will work to change your world.

It’s because it’s so demanding to reach this level in life that many get stuck at some point, even going so far as to give up along the way.

It is even more difficult for those who always hesitate to enter through this inner open door. Because they feel that they will have to get rid of all their beliefs, their imposed morals, their tidy life and that they will have to commit. The unknown scares them, their faith is insufficient and they lack courage.

Yet everyone must one day take their own torch in hand.

Take yours in hand, my friends, wave it high and firmly with joy in your heart.

Don't tell anyone what to believe or read. No one belongs to anyone, everyone has to live their own challenges, everything has to be lived and experienced from within.

My time on Urantia was different from yours. There has been evolution and more evolutions will come on your planet. Put your precious writings aside because you are the forerunners of new times with their new spiritual possibilities.

Search for new Wisdom within you, call Me and I will help you. Even if it's to solve a family problem, a neighborhood problem or if you find yourself at a crossroads and have to make an important decision. I always have a solution that you don’t think about or are aware of.

Your experiences and life challenges are the greatest source of soul growth and divine wisdom.

Goodbye my friends. Goodbye, I'm never far away.



For the explanations of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.