Interventions of Christ on Urantia.

Part 1

Session nr. 4 of September 17, 2021 - French translation - original Dutch.

Location: Mezzaverde in Spain

Visitor: Christ Michael – Paradise Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon - once incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth.

Received by Wivine.

Christ: My dear children, I come to speak to you about what my Second Coming really means and how it is already manifesting for some and will manifest itself more in the future. But first a little bit history.

After the Lucifer rebellion, I intervened 3 times to safeguard the spiritual evolution of humanity on your planet according to My Plans.

My 1st intervention took place after Lucifer (Sovereign of your planetary system Satania) had poured his influence on your world to accelerate your spiritual evolution by giving your bodies more possibilities to see and hear the morontia beings and the seraphim who were to influence you. This would have been disastrous for the level of the human mind at the time.

I did this through the intercession of an Archangel who then passed on my Spiritual Powers to a Morontia Being incarnated specifically for this purpose. I was thus able to limit the damage of the Luciferian influence.

I intervened a second time when Caligastia - your former planetary Prince, had also poured out his influence on your planet.

The influences of the Luciferian beings and those of Caligastia are different. In short, we will say that the Luciferians wanted to accelerate the spiritual development of men before the human mind reached the necessary levels. They even influenced the physical body so that men could see and hear too much, too fast and uncontrollably. Luciferian adepts are generally seraphim of various orders. So they look like luminous angels. They could easily fool the gullible and unsuspecting human. What they imparted demonstrated a spiritual wisdom that was and still is attractive to many. But anti-Christ and the Paradise God did not exist for them. They worked for another God, their divine Lucifer, whom they have always obeyed without doubting his words.

This was not the case with all Seraphim, rest assured. Others continued to have faith in Me and in the Paradise Father that I represented in My local universe Nebadon.

The influence of Caligastia (Satanism) was aimed at suppressing those faculties which pushed the human soul to seek God, a Creator of all. The intention was to keep the human mind focused on material life - your attractive technological world and atheism is a prime example.

How can a rebellion arise against a Creator Son, against the Paradise Father in beings of morontia / spiritual origin, in creatures who are not born in matter like humans who must seek and discover God by faith ?

When the First Source and Center - the Primordial Father wanted to know Himself, He divided into three Entities : the three Deities of the Trinity. The Trinity is One Entity from the point of view of the higher universe. However, all human souls and ascendant beings will know these three Paradise Entities separately.

All three are carriers of different spiritual influences and mind faculties that allow them to create Paradise Creatures that inhabit the Island of Paradise and Havona. Some of them created the 7 Superuniverses with all their local universes and inhabited material worlds so that physical life could appear to generate human beings from animal life.

The Paradise Father kept the privilege of giving to all will creatures of the Grand Universe, a personality to which He remains connected through his "personality circuit". This is how He knows everything about everyone. But then absolutely everything.

The human receives in addition a "primordial Fragment" of Him which has no personality, but has all the qualities and wisdom of the Father in Paradise with whom it has a direct connection. It is the possession of this Fragment that allows humans to create a soul capable of independent thinking. A soul that will aspire to such heights of divine spiritual insights, that one day there will be no difference between the thoughts and will of the human soul and that of its God Fragment.

At that point the fusion will follow automatically - the fusion of the human soul which has ascended to the Wisdom of God and its God Fragment which descended into the human. The result is a new "entity", a new creature, who will undoubtedly continue his/her ascension to Paradise as a perfected Spiritual Creature where he/she can contemplate and worship the Paradise Father.

God's plan for mankind on earth will thus be realized.

To make this possible, many spiritual helpers have been created who train and guide these human souls in their ascension as they progress from one morontia world to another in the local universe. Then they will enter the spirit worlds of their Superuniverse until they are able to join the higher spiritual worlds of Havona and finally arrive at the divine worlds of the Isle of Paradise.

It's a great journey worth starting, which few humans have ever grown tired of. It is true that it is not easy. Frail souls often give up on the road. Because it requires effort, a foolproof and great strength of character which never gives up, at least not for a long time; a lot of perseverance - faith at the beginning, which turns into knowing and eventually becomes a certainty which allows at the end of the road to meet God in Paradise, His eternal residence.

Wait, the story is not over - then you’ll find yourself in infinite eternity with a whole new range of creative possibilities. You became Gods.

An ascending human soul is never lazy, it does not say, "Now I have reached my goal, I am not doing anything anymore." No ! After a well-deserved moment of rest, these souls will say, "OK, I saw and experienced it. I rested well, I enjoyed it. What are we going to do now ??? What are the options ?? »And you are off again for new adventures !.

What then is the problem with these Higher Orders and Ministering Spirits of a local universe like Nebadon which engenders a rebellion?

Very simple.

The Deities of the Trinity - The Father - the Son - the Spirit – created/create Paradise Sons and Paradise Daughters to whom They give creative powers to manage and populate a local universe in a Superuniverse. They know The Father in Paradise, they come from there.

The Trinity Deities also create Ministering Spirits who inhabit Paradise and Havona to guide the ascending creatures from the physical and morontia worlds of the local universes. They all know the Paradise Father because He is present where they reside. They will not doubt His existence and will always follow orders.

However, the Paradise Father is neither visible nor present in the 7 Superuniverses, so not in the 100,000 local universes of a Superuniverse.

It’s the Sons and Daughters of Paradise -

- the Creator Sons - created by the Father and the Eternal Son who, with

- the Daughters of Paradise, created by the Infinite Spirit -

represent the Gods of the Paradise Trinity in a local universe.

It is a Creator Son - like Christ Michael - who represents the Paradise Father in a local universe. He knows and sees all Advisers of Paradise who counsel him in the management of his local universe Nebadon. He knows the Father's Plans. He is “one” with the Father in the same way that you will become “one” with your God Fragment after “fusion”.

None of the Orders that He created with His Mother Spirit, neither the Orders that both created separately in Nebadon, have direct contact with the Paradise Father. They must believe and continue to believe that their Creator Son represents the Paradise Father.

Mankind, however, can contact the Paradise Father directly through its indwelling God Fragment, provided that man himself seeks that contact first.

Man's representation of a Universal Creator is of little importance in itself. This vision will evolve anyway, whether on earth or on the morontia and spirit worlds. It will never be "the right one" at the start, nor long after. Because for that, one must reach Paradise.

The further you descend into the celestial Orders created in Nebadon, the more there will be a possibility of doubt that may arise regarding the existence of a Universal Paradise Father because they cannot see Him, nor feel His Presence internally. They do not possess a God Fragment.

Doubt, unbelief or discontent can thus lead to rebellion among the Celestial Beings created by a Creator Son and His Mother Spirit in a local universe such as Nebadon.

This is what happened with Lucifer, the Ruler of your planetary System Satania, a Primary Lanonandek Son ( 3rd created Order of celestials in Nebadon) - who then convinced many of his subjects, Planetary Princes, Seraphim and Morontia Creatures, to follow him. He was their source of Wisdom, their "god" and many tutelary creatures and seraphim below him didn’t doubt his words. Some were even enthusiastic about his new progressive ideas. Then happened what happened : rebellion. You know the rest.

It is not true that I left you completely on your own. Everything has been done to safeguard the progress of your soul. In fact, very strong human personalities have emerged from your planet. A soul that grows with difficulties and obstacles will build much stronger faith and become much more powerful than a soul that has grown under milder circumstances.

On the other hand, your wars, quarrels, fights come mainly from your animal nature. You came from animals of a combative nature. Arguments between families, fights between clans and tribes, between nations for whatever reason was from the beginning in your nature.

These belligerent situations will surely disappear. They are already changing with all the spiritual influences and communications that are now present, but not everything will disappear at once to all ends of the world. Each generation to come will contribute to it.

Always start with yourself. Rest assured that we will put you to the test if you are serious about this climb. We will gradually eliminate all your sharp edges that keep your soul from growing by putting you in conflicting and difficult situations. It is up to you to persevere your faith and to always seek the advice of the Father who lives in you or by invoking Me. It's the same thing.

Some feel more comfortable with Me, others prefer to speak directly to the Father. Others do both. Others prefer to speak to Mother Spirit. It does not matter. Everything will end up well.

I intervened a third time to advance humanity. This time it was by incarnating in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

To be continued.

End of part 1


For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.