The inner process of reconciling the masculine and feminine.

Session nr 2 of 15 January 2022  - English translation- Original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Placencia, Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Malvantra and Monssoen Melchisedek. (only Malvantra spoke)

Malvantra Melchisedek : Hello my friends, it's been a long time since I spoke to you. We organize Melchizedek schools here on your world, suited to the development of your souls. Not at the physical level, but at the semi-material level. Portals are opening all over your planet through which souls thirsting for wisdom are brought to these schools during their sleep, meditation or silent prayer.

It was something that was not possible before. Wisdom then had to be transmitted by a human being or a Great Sage. It had its downsides but we've talked about that more than enough.

There are those who will agree with this, others will not. Man is free in his thoughts and faith. Just as you may disagree with the rules of a country or state that run a society and keep it safe. For the good reason that they are not the same everywhere.

We Melchizedeks who are concerned with the growth of souls do not care about that. We are interested in the purpose of your life.

That is to say :

opening yourself completely to the Divine Fragment, the Spark of the Father that dwells within you.

Your God Fragment knows all your possibilities and the life you will have before He descends into you. This is why He can establish a blueprint to guide the development of your soul before His arrival.

You can compare this with an initial sketch of an architect who draws up a plan for the construction of a house. The customer will always modify details until he is satisfied. The client can also make changes to the original plan during construction. Even when the house is finished, the client can still break interior walls or add an outbuilding.

The same is true with the basic blueprint your God Fragment has prepared for you. It's a proposition: you accept it or not.

Every time you change something, your fate also changes.

Let me cite an example.

You want to remove a retaining wall from your home to create a larger living space. In doing so, the ceiling falls on your head. This is not due to "bad luck" or a "curse", but to your ignorance or carelessness of the consequences of your act.

Your Divine Fragment comes from Infinite Love, from the One you call God.

This Infinite Love is the vital breath of all life and all wisdom.

If you want to change your "life plan", do it with the purest love you can produce in your heart, let God know with conviction and love.

Infinite Love” always and only responds to what comes from the heart.

Then God will bless you, encourage you and advise you. You will eventually realize that you are the master builder of your soul and that this applies to others as well. You will more and more thirst for Wisdom and Love.

It is the nature of your commitment to "Infinite Love" that matters.

We are always ready to welcome you. But never against your will.

Know that it is not so much the wisdom you wish to acquire that counts. Rather the roads that lead you there, what you experience and decide along the way.

In fact, we came to speak about the second fundamental aspect of God or “Infinite Love”: the Feminine.

Your libraries are filled with thousands of scriptures, with enlightening words that have served their purpose through the ages to help awaken man.

However, they are all transmitted and written by a male mind. For this reason, many people have held onto the idea that what is sacred can only come out of a man's mouth. All that is High and Exalted is by definition masculine. As a result, your humanity lacks something fundamental to move forward:

The Feminine aspect of Infinite Love.

It is expressed in the two partners of the Universal Father in the Trinity:

- The Eternal Son - who is a "Mother", She creates with The Father - the Creator Sons of Paradise.

- The Infinite Spirit who, by virtue of the abilities received from the Father, creates Her Paradise Daughters — the Mother Spirits of the local universes.

But also in each one of you.

Will and Wisdom go hand in hand with Tenderness, Compassion and Intuition. One cannot be separated from the other if one wants to realize the Divine in oneself.

Divine Wisdom comes intuitively and perseverance requires willpower.

In order to restore this balance in the superconsciousness of humanity, a Paradise Son and a Paradise Daughter incarnated in a female body.

Just as contemporary women want to stand their ground, take charge of themselves and achieve professional ambitions, men are increasingly looking for a peaceful environment, gentleness and tenderness, the right to shed tears, not being always tough and strong or play soldier.

Men and women search within themselves for the sacred, the spiritual and find it in their own ways. Both unconsciously seek their opposite pole outside of themselves. As a result, they encounter many disappointments because these two spiritual forces live within them, not outside of them.

The fact that women in many religions were not allowed to play a significant role, or were even banned from prayer and worship, has never held back their soul development.

Soul development is an inner and intuitive process. It happens in the heart. It brings compassion, a need for peace and quietness.

These two aspects - intuition and compassion - are natural for women. No one has ever been able to take that away from them. Unless they wanted to or trample them because they considered them inferior.

Men will learn to reconcile Strength and Tenderness, the feminine and masculine aspect of God within them.

Your world is tired of wars and yearns for reconciliation, love, compassion, peace and respect for one another.

In other words: "The Feminine".

This process of inner reconciliation has begun and will spread throughout your planet. What currently seems impossible will suddenly become possible.

Only then will your humanity take a big step forward.

We are here, my friends. We are close to you. This was Malvantra Melchizedek, accompanied by Monssoen.



Fort he definitions of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.