Morontia Mota and the “Prince of Darkness of Hate”.

Session nr 7 of 4 June 2022- English translation – original Dutch.

Location : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Monssoen Melchizedek.

Note Wivine:

- we enter into meditation with the intention of getting closer to our indwelling Divine Fragment, to receive higher spiritual insight. The result is often that we fall into a deep meditation where we hear nothing, feel nothing and come out of it with no memories. This causes frustration for many of us because they haven't seen or heard anything. At some point, I ended up asking, "What should I tell them about what we learn during these deep meditations?" »

- Another current issue is: what about the events or battles that have been going on in Ukraine for 8 years against the Russian population of Ukraine, which ultimately resulted in an invasion of Russia in this country?? Because all this affects the whole world in many economic areas. In addition the Western media polarize people's opinions into good and bad guys and thereby help to create a tangible egregore or whirlwind of hatred against Russians and trying to draw the whole world into it. Which, in my opinion, is extremely harmful and dangerous for all humanity. Today it is Russia, a world power, and tomorrow who will be next? China, India? Have we succeeded in breaking this egregore of hate with its innate fear?

Monssoen Melchizedek :

1.   Deep meditations.

Those who want to approach their indwelling God Fragment through their actions and thoughts of love, receive a soul training during their deep meditations or sleep they do not remember. During these deep meditations changes are also made to the brain cells and later to the whole body.

You all go to school to learn “Morontia Mota”. The human soul is gradually initiated into all levels of "Morontia Mota" in order to gain ever higher spiritual insights that have nothing to do with anything you read, no matter how spiritual that may seem to you.

This applies to highly educated intellectuals, illiterates and all those who are in between. As well as people who live in seclusion in monasteries and gurus who teach multitudes.

Morontia Mota is the name of this universal, divine, religious and philosophical wisdom that reigns in the Morontia worlds. When man and woman on earth desire to gain higher spiritual insight and understanding, seeking Divine Wisdom by drawing closer to their indwelling Thought Adjuster or Divine Fragment, then that person begins to follow the same Morontia Mota lessons on the 1st Mansion world, as the soul of an ordinary deceased person.

As a person's soul progresses during its lifetime through the 7 Mansion Worlds of the morontia worlds, its education in Morontia Mota will be perfected.

Indeed, no one has any memories of these teachings in Morontia Mota.

It would be falsifying your life lessons to bring this knowledge into your daily life. Just like receiving your exam questions and answers in advance.

What a human being will receive according to the progress of his/her soul during its worldly life, is access to "intuitive knowledge", deep intuitions that can change one’s life, the way of seeing and treating its fellowmen.

Their love for all will grow into a love that will be more and more like that of a parent for his children. Regardless if their kids have done right or wrong, this love never fades even if the kids misbehave. Because kids are just kids and sometimes they don't know better or they can't do better at that point in their life. They all will learn from their mistakes and improve as they grow, one sometimes faster than the other.

- The first advantage of starting with this during your earthly life is, that thanks to material life with its difficulties and its duality (good-evil), the soul will progress much faster and can even reach Enlightenment. To then transform into the God-Man or God-Woman or the individual state of Light and Life. Which is the ultimate purpose of life on Earth.

- The second advantage is: the more humans there are who will reach the stage of God-Man or God-Woman, the more the collective consciousness of humanity will be able to be transformed for the spiritual well-being of all, or as well for the bad as the good ones.

It only takes a handful of these "enlightened" people to turn everything upside down and steer your world in the right direction.

Your world is currently undergoing great changes. It is now that the final battle is fought to make the "Light" triumph.

The new motto of your world will be:

Each person will help his neighbor, each country will reach out to another country in need and ensure that its own people can live in peace and develop economically. No population or country will be excluded or banned from international assemblies. Each country will retain its sovereignty and no one will interfere in the religious and cultural development of a country or region. There will be different models of state management which, each in their own way, will bring their people to spiritual insight. Spiritual insight is not acquired by any form of government.

There is currently no model of state management that can be imposed on other countries or that is suitable for all countries. Moreover, the imposition of a state management model on other countries, coupled with the imposition of one's own human morality, does not come from the Celestial World. On the contrary.

All countries will in the near future submit to the agreed laws of a world government or organization. No one will be expelled from this organization or outlawed.

The United Nations will gradually begin to play this role, but cannot do so yet because there are powerful countries that continue to go their own way using double standards to maintain their hegemony over the world.

Powerful states whose motto is: divide and conquer. They've been using it secretly for decades, so they can't be blamed directly.

This situation is not sustainable for the spiritual development of humanity, nor for a world where peace, economic growth, education and medical care should be guaranteed for all.

This is why you find yourself in this final battle of Darkness against the Light.

There's a lot of unrest going on in different countries right now, seemingly small local wars that at first sight have nothing to do with each other, yet this is not so.

There is only one place now where there is currently unrest that will fundamentally change the current world organization and avert a nuclear World War.

This is the proximity war that is currently taking place between Ukraine and Russia. These two countries have taken it upon themselves to play the role of catalysator. This allows all of humanity to make its choices and turn its back definitively on the influences of the last "Prince of Darkness", the "Prince of Hate".

The last "Prince of Darkness" who does not accept the existence of God, has taken on the face of "hate". He can act on the minds of people in such a way that he can influence an individual, a regional population, but also many countries at the same time to violently hate another country which he considers dangerous for his reign.

Here is the great test for all people of good will, who carry Light within them.

Don't get carried away by your negative emotions because that way you will do exactly what he expects of you. By wanting to punish or take revenge on the one you perceive as the bad guy, you become like the "Prince of Hatred", you take on his face. By doing this you are dimming your own light which is very harmful to yourself and to all of humanity.

This territorial conflict in Ukraine was provoked by third countries a long time ago by stirring up the dormant “hate” of part of the Ukrainian population against the Russian population of their own country. This conflict has escalated militarily over the years in such a way that Russia felt in danger and came to the aid of the Russian population of Ukraine by intervening militarily to avoid worse.

As a result, the West granted itself the right to punish the aggressor with heavy economic sanctions to starve and isolate the Russian people. The whole world was encouraged and sometimes even urged to participate.

But it didn't work. The rest of the world, which represents most of the world's population, has seen the face of this psychotic, outsized Western hatred against Russia and turned away from it.

All this excessive harm that they wanted to inflict on the Russian people is now turning against them.

Why ?

All the divine powers you possess and the higher feelings of love your group has been able to awaken within yourselves, in coordination with us, were elevated enough to allow your Thought Adjusters (Divine Fragment) to weave them into the collective consciousness of humanity. This allowed a lot of people to connect to it. Many more will join who will turn their backs on the uselessness of quarrels, violence and wars caused by the pitting of one population against another aided by media, corruption and armament.

That time is over. Conflicts will be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue with respect for everyone's points of view. Western hegemony over the world has come to an end. The times have changed. Divide and conquer will no longer be fashionable.

A Ukraine transformed at all levels will rebuild itself very fast and the sunflowers will bloom again in their fields. These people will know a better life than before.

The West will be transformed thanks to the spiritual awakening of the younger generations who will integrate perfectly into this new world where a mentality of mutual aid and respect between populations will reign.

All lies will systematically come out, so that the whole world will realize the decades of manipulation and oppression by those who have been and some still are, under the influence of the "Prince of darkness of hatred" .

Don't think that everything will be solved by miracle. The battle will continue for some time, accompanied by numerous natural disasters around the world.

We see the end of it with a victory of Light over Darkness. It cannot be otherwise. Our loving God, or whatever you call Him, and the world of Higher Celestial Beings will always win.

Humanity only learns from difficulties and setbacks. War and natural disasters can be catalysts for raising human consciousness and turning to God.

Humanity is realizing that it is a unity. That if you want to harm others, for whatever reason, you harm yourself first and foremost.

The more people are seeking God within themselves, the more people will first ask God's guidance before acting impulsively on their negative feelings. This is how your world will become livable for all.

Humanity as a unit still has a long way to go.

Two powerful countries will take the lead. Countries that once turned away from God. Countries where people have suffered and learned from their mistakes. Countries where God can now work in people's hearts. They will help countries in difficulty and will elevate the world towards true freedom, of mutual aid and well-being for all.

These countries are: Russia and China.

Russia will do this through her religion and her innate goodness which is growing. China will not create a religion because God will work in each individual. Their religion will be interior and personal, and will thus lift the collective consciousness of this nation spiritually.

They will cooperate with all countries of good will and provide assistance where needed in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. They will team up with other world powers that have the same goal. They will help the poorest countries, which have been ravaged for years by war and terrorism, to get back on their feet. They will give them real freedom and independence so that, in the worst case scenario, they no longer have to live in camps and/or remain dependent for decades on humanitarian aid.

As a result, old and new forms of colonialism will be weakened and eventually disappear.

Does this surprise you?

Humanity is a Unity.

Inside you are all the same and you are all inhabited by a Fragment of God who wants to make Gods of you when you open the door, when you want to know Him.

You differ in your personalities, your physical characteristics, your religions or philosophies, by the regions where you live – hot, temperate or cold climates. But not inside.

One day the people of Urantia will be so spiritually advanced that they will no longer need technology. The spiritual powers of this humanity will be so high that they will be able to create through thought. Which is already within the reach of some.

The spiritual evolution of human beings is not determined by its technologies, but by its spiritual and mind faculties which will allow them to create everything needed by thought.

Selfless thoughts that are in accord and harmony with the loving Order of the universe, of God.



For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.