Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am wrong.

Session nr 12 of 12 November 2022 -English translation – Original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium

Received by Wivine

Visiteur : Christ Michael (Jesus) – Sovereign of our local universe Nébadon.

Jesus : My children, I know your concern about the many changes that are happening in your world in the economic field, natural disasters, prolonged drought or too much rain, food shortages in many countries where it was already difficult and the exorbitant energy prices. This will eventually settle into a new form of truly global cooperation.

Spiritual transformations brings always difficult times. It depends on each person's thoughts and feelings. It's a battle between those who want to work together with respect for each other and each other’s country and those who want to keep everything to themselves .

What type of person are you? Think carefully because every thought has an energy and this energy spreads and affects everything that happens around you and the whole world.

The removal of the effects of 200,000 years of luciferian and satanic influences and rule, which sought to prevent Gods souls from evolving into Paradise, has been accomplished.

Their pernicious influence seeped into religions, into powerful organizations and States, into atheism, into your new age movements that started at the end of the 20th century where God was omitted. The list is so long.

Their weapon was discord, lying, nurturing pride and pitting people against each other. By putting Lucifer ahead as a God, a God who sometimes rewards but above all punishes.

The population was divided into several categories:

- The rulers - the upper class who allow themselves to be served and enrich themselves at the expense of many peoples. This category is found in religious, commercial and financial associations as well among heads of state. Religion has always sought political power and obtained it by associating with the rich and the rulers. Many religious wars that have taken place for centuries still exist and are still politically tinged. Religion is something very strong, very personal for peoples and can therefore be used by heads of state to raise armies. It existed and still exists. As religion is no longer dominant everywhere, another phenomenon occurs. Some heads of state are now waging war in many areas, not necessarily military. Among other things under the banner of moral values and political ideals, where human rights and humanitarian aid are used misleadingly for other purposes. People are no longer killed or plundered by armies but by sanctions. Sanctions that cause poverty, starvation and disease for lack of medicine. There are leaders that take themselves for God by granting themselves the role of judge and executioner at the same time to achieve their ends in total impunity.

- The bourgeoisie and the notables who can enrich themselves more or less through trade and services.

- People who work for pay

- The slaves, the poor and the pariahs.

We have eliminated the luciferian influence and replaced it with spiritual influences that benevolent, loving people who know God can draw to them if they so wish. Man retains his "free will", which allows him to choose freely and by conviction to turn to God and help his fellowmen. Not out of fear, anxiety or self-interest. Out of love for God and his brethren.

Each person has received an indwelling fragment of God. A God-identical fragment with which man will fuse one day so that this fused soul can continue its ascension - not on other material worlds - but on semi-material worlds (morontia worlds) – afterwards on more spiritual worlds - eventually on pure spiritual worlds to finally stand before God and be embraced by Him.

Each person therefore has a very soft little voice in his heart that speaks to him or her, gives advice but is so difficult for many to hear. Every man can speak in his heart to God who lives in him and awaits him, that waits for men or women to make contact and talk to Him. Listening in silence when he or she asks for advice.

It always starts with questions on the material plane, then comes the spiritual questions. If man sits in silence - puts his worldly thoughts aside for a while and becomes quiet within, he or she can intuitively receive this Wisdom and Divine Love. Thus, little by little, a relationship of trust between the human and God will be established. Men and women who reach out to God and God who reaches out to them by descending into their hearts.

All spiritual means as well as spiritual communication networks are now operational and will allow everyone to cross this bridge, to facilitate it.

It is now up to all men and women to establish this bond of trust with God, to receive His immense Love and to realize this Love within themselves. To then transfer it to their fellowmen from whom they know that they are also inhabited by a fragment of God. They will achieve this first in their immediate environment and as they manage to master the Love of God within them, they will be able to transmit it to everyone.

God did not divide mankind into superior and inferior species. God created all people spiritually equal. The material diversity of humans, animals, plants and minerals comes from the influence of your Mother Spirit, Paradise daughter of the Infinite Spirit. There are many planets inhabited by humans that are absolutely unlike you. It depends on the material conditions of life which are different on each planet. Your planet is endowed with a great diversity of human beings. Embrace this diversity and enrich your soul.

God does not punish. Never.

His Love is so much bigger and higher than any form of human love.

It’s the humans who desire revenge and retribution. Its humans who speak of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Its humans who make and provoke war. Its humans who always want to dominate others for their own benefit, who seeks allies who are most of the time too happy to join them in order to obtain a share of the spoils.

Did I teach you this during my earthly life? Did I not forgive those who hurt me when my human life ended? Yet I too, as a human being, had a choice.

God does not know these feelings.

Look around you, things are changing. Yesterday's good guys are today's bad guys. The masks fall. The balance is corrected. People all over the world want peace. Without peace, there is neither prosperity nor spiritual progress. Although war can sometimes bring out the best in an individual, it will usually bring out the worst.

Now is the time to strike a new balance. New, younger heads of government are arriving with ideas for understanding, compromise and dialogue. Others will remain until they complete their role for us in world affairs. Whether you like them or not.

Faith is back in fashion, God comes back in His rightful place, respect for life and for one's fellowmen is back in the foreground.

The thought of a superior white race will fade away. Not just among white people, but also among those who believed this.

I’ll put it this way: Western leaders will understand this “emerging new world” and become more respectful and less arrogant than their predecessors. For that, they need a new generation of leaders who will no longer adhere to the old way of thinking, who will promote dialogue and compromise in the event of conflicts and who will be incorruptible.

There are still many corrupt heads of state in many parts of the world who mistreat their people, including in the West. They will disappear because the people will no longer accept them. Pressure from “emerging countries” will help because they want peace, prosperity, respect for everyone's faith and sovereignty.

It is up to everyone to change from within. Learn to erase your own negative feelings such as envy, jealousy, hatred, the desire for revenge and the desire to see bloodshed as well as the desire to dominate others.

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders and will come from the people. When there is blatant corruption in leadership, it is usually found in all areas of civilian life and a child learns it quickly.

Man has an inner goodness in him, that's for sure, but also feelings that can harm others and himself.

Therefore, clean your threshold first, start with yourselves and your young children under your care.

If someone walked into your grocery store and stole a loaf of bread from you because they were hungry and broke, how would you react?

Are you going to call this person a thief and throw him in jail?


Will you say: if I had given this bread to this man when I saw that he was so hungry, he should not have stolen this bread from me.

I know the answer, don't explain it to me. I have lived in your world and saw how the wealthy treat the underprivileged and the sick with callousness and condescension. I couldn't comply with that. I went with open arms to the poor, the desperate and the sick. I healed them and told them about the Kingdom of God where their souls could reside forever after death. This too was not allowed to be told to the poor at the time. The kingdom of God was for the wealthy and superior intellectuals. You know the result. I had to disappear.

Has anything changed? Worldwide? Not too much.

So take your responsibilities. Because now you cannot blame it on Satan or Lucifer anymore.

Be able to say from time to time: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am wrong. I have to change because these feelings and thoughts are not from God, but from me.

Only then will there be change around you and on your world. A spiritual thought of love, understanding, non-judgment reverberates everywhere, even in Heaven.



For the explanations of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.