You live in historic times.

Session nr 14 of 23 December 2022 – English translation-– original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belize.

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Malvantra Melchizedek

Comments Wivine: I had a few questions.

Does humanity progress spiritually and morally when a country forcibly imposes on another country its religion, moral values, political and judicial structure. This is not something new, it has happened for centuries when a conqueror or a great power is in a dominant position.

Today there are many ways to impose something on a country, to hold its throat or let its people starve.

I remember the horrifying stories of the crusades that took place in the 12th and 13th centuries; supposedly to spread Christianity and liberate Jerusalem. Jerusalem was liberated, but no inhabitant survived. Then Western Europeans began to explore other continents from the 15th century. First came the army which mowed down all opposition with its weapons, followed immediately by the missionaries with or without the Inquisition who, sometimes kindly, often horribly, wanted to convert the native people to Christianity. The local populations were deprived of their territory. Reduced to the status of slaves, or cheap labor as we say now. Their lands were sold to people from the country of origin of the conqueror to exploit plantations or mines.

I don't know why, but I felt like it was still happening today, but in a less showy, more hidden way. The "innocent" sheepskin under which the wolf hid of yesteryear had changed, it became more subtle. It has evolved with the financial-, transport- and communication means of our time. However, not the wolf who remained himself.

So yes, we people of good will,

- who was told to clean their own threshold first before pointing a finger at someone else.

- who have been told to keep their own faith to themselves because that faith is alive and constantly changing.

- Of which one expects tolerance and respect towards other beliefs, other social and legal structures of a country, because in the end all roads lead to Paradise.

We sometimes feel uncomfortable when we hear and see everything that is going on. It seems that our efforts are not bearing fruit and I admit, it is sometimes discouraging.

It's true that we would like to see everything and everyone improve during our lifetime, preferably with the wave of a magic wand or formula. Coming from Europe, I also see that our governments and our peoples are too inclined to patronize others, to point fingers, to insult other heads of state, convinced of the superiority of their moral values and political structures. Is this really the case? Or is it just a coat of varnish because they have the money in one hand and a sub-machine gun in the other?

Which brings me to the next question: how will the world eventually evolve towards peace, tolerance, respect for nature and achieve higher spiritual and moral values?

Because we don't seem to be able to do it on our own. It is as if we are in a dead end from which we are not able to get out without the help of The Heavens.

Malvantra Melchizedek : The growth of spiritual wisdom and human morality according to God's vision is slow.

It begins with the germination of an inner need to seek Divine Truth. Then it depends on the desire and the will to be open to new divine truths. To finally embrace them and integrate into oneself.

It's not an easy thing to do.

It is often to the detriment of values that we believed to be true. Traditions that suddenly lose their importance, a religious community that people leave because they no longer feel comfortable there.

The inner search for God's wisdom causes quite an upheaval in someone's life and takes time.

When man accepts the existence of this indwelling God Fragment or Thought Adjuster, opens up to this personal and intimate relationship with love, the process of soul growth will be accelerated exponentially. God can do anything and knows exactly how to move forward and beautify the soul of His child. A human being, no matter how holy and spiritual, is not able to do this.

Most religions and teachings of the Great Sages have been around for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. High priests and rulers determined the traditions, social life and faith of their people. These often became state religions that blended secular law with centuries-old ethnic traditions. Traditions that are hard to break, even now.

Let's take a general example: the death penalty. It is applied in many countries around the world. It has been abolished in most Western countries. Not so long ago and not everywhere. There are still western states that apply the death penalty because their people want it. Yet some Western countries allow themselves to point the finger at others because of it. This is just one example, there are so many.

Religion and traditions beget habits and man does not like to change his habits. Man on Urantia is even suspicious and often frightened by new truths. Especially when they have to take the initiative themselves and are held personally responsible for their own spiritual progress.

The believer has no problem with the idea that there is a Creator, a Creator who is everywhere and in everything: in nature, in the stars, in everything. An omnipresent God, but not in himself. The idea that God lives in their hearts and shares their lives frightens them.

Why should God be omnipresent but not in man himself? Isn't man part of His Creation?

The existence of a “Spark of God” in everyone's heart means that man can be taught directly by the Creator of all and everything. In addition, man receives personal guidance from Angels and Midwayers, spiritual guides and Higher Spiritual Beings.

Despite all these aids, it takes a lot of courage, daring and above all faith and love for God, for man to take such a step into the unknown. Stopping overnight to rely on physical spiritual guides, priests, prophets or transmitters of messages that they are convinced they need to reach Paradise, is much asked.

Do not forget the fear of God which plays a major role. People are not perfect, make mistakes, sometimes even very big mistakes, and are afraid of being punished or rejected by God. The idea of a loving God who forgives his children everything if they open their hearts to Him is not very widespread.

Humans evolve slowly. Respect this and let everyone progress spiritually at their own pace.

Your children also get this freedom from us. They too have this freedom to turn to God at their own time and of their own accord as they grow. Just give them the knowledge that God indwells them when they are small, teach them to talk to Him in silence and prayer, to listen to the voice of their angels. Then, as they grow, let them have their own life experiences. Do not force anything because it would be useless.

While it is certainly within our capabilities, it would be irresponsible of us to drastically and compulsively change the beliefs and traditional way of life of any people.

It would disrupt, confuse, utterly uproot the society of many peoples if We inundate all humanity with new abstract spiritual truths through revelations or other means.

Just as it has always been a disaster when conquerors and world leaders compulsively imposed their lifestyles, moral values and religion.

That's not how it works.

We have done everything necessary so that every human being can easily and directly connect with this Divine Fragment that lives in their heart.

It is up to everyone to enter their heart to begin this bond of love with God, to strengthen it with their faith. Later it will become a "certainty", because the link with God will have become alive. The doubts will have disappeared through the intense experience of this relationship with God; and by opening to His Wisdom and undertaking the tedious work of self-improvement according to His directions.

Each individual will eventually realize that he himself is responsible for his own spiritual development, that he himself must build his own relationship with God.

Do not despise everything that got you there. You don't have to live in a cave or a monastery. On the contrary, let God share your daily life, continue to live in your social circle according to your religious traditions. If that no longer appeals to you, let go of what displeases you.

No one needs to evangelize anyone or seek followers. The knowledge of the “personal God” who lives in everyone's heart has long been known in many religious traditions around the world. We help right now all peoples of the world, through their own sages’, to bring this knowledge to light and to transmit it to all who thirst for spiritual Truth.

All you can share, within your own people and culture, is that the "Creator of All" takes responsibility for educating each person by showing them the way to higher spiritual wisdom and the development of his or her soul.

All you can do is point the way within, to the heart, where God lives.

Each person is responsible for their own spiritual development. Gone are the days when you could delegate this responsibility to others who gave you the rules to follow. The time is over for ecclesiastical leaders and spiritual masters. They certainly got men somewhere, but now men have to learn to stand on their own two legs.

Many people enjoy moralizing others or being seen as spiritual teachers. They thus put themselves on a pedestal. Monitor your own thoughts and motives in everything you do. Does it come from your heart or from your mind, from your ego or from your vanity?

That's why I say to you:

you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.

As for the warlike events on your world and all the difficulties that have arisen, they stem from an excessive use of sanctions by the hegemonists. They cause wars and coups, while dressing in the robe of innocence, goodness and holiness.

These events will make it clear to the whole world that you are all living on the same boat, that humanity functions as one body. If you harm one, you harm all of humanity and therefore yourself. You are now living in a time when all the harm you want to do to others is going to come back to you very quickly.

Many things hidden from peoples will be revealed. There will still be suffering before everyone discovers the true face of the "Beast". The "Beast" who gradually feels cornered.

This is the work of the Most High Observer - Vorondadek who, with his associates, guides the governments of your planet.

Love everyone, don't judge anyone because you don't have all the facts to do it objectively. Peoples are unfortunately informed one way, badly or incorrectly by their governments and media.

We don't start wars, you do. We also prefer to see it otherwise, but man was given “free will” by divine decree. People have to learn to get along and take a step back to allow things to calm down. To engage in dialogue and seek solutions acceptable to all parties in the event of conflict in order to avoid the worst. This is true for individuals as well as for governments.

People watch a war zone as if they were watching a football game. With or without interest. When interested, everyone backs their favorite team, every team has their supporters, and they let their emotions run wild with all the drama that ensues.

Think about your own thoughts and emotions, as they affect others. The thought comes before the act. Keep sending love to everyone, to all people. God makes no distinction between people.

And still : Humanity is taking a big step forward.

You are living in historic times where man will eventually come to the conclusion that there is no other way than to choose peace through dialogue and respect for others if he does not want to harm himself or, in the worst case, self-destruct.

Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on the events.

If you do not realize how important and historic these times are for your planet, I advise you to go into silence, into meditation. Ask for clarification from your God Fragment, your Angels and your Higher Beings. They will give you a better insight into the situation each of you find yourself in.

That's all for today, my children. This was Malvantra Melchizedek. Merry Christmas to all people of good will and big hearts.


For more explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.