Lasting peace and best wishes for 2023.

Session nr 1 of 1rst January 2023 –English translation  Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

From Wivine.

I wish everyone a wonderful and happy new year 2023. Good health for you, your children and your loved ones. I wish great success to those who work at all levels and in all religions for the establishment of lasting peace and the reconstruction of ties of friendship and cooperation between all countries, without exception.

I am thinking especially of the countries that have suffered for so long from terrorist gangs, drug mafia and coups like Africa, Latin America and even Ukraine. Who suffer from ‘coups d’état’ financed by third parties who set up regimes which then sow terror among their population. I am also thinking of the complete destruction of certain states in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iran sanctioned since 1995 and others) which are still being prevented from recovering economically because their head of state has once opposed or found itself in the way of another State for geopolitical, economic, financial or political reasons.

On the other hand, there have been few charismatic Heads of State in contemporary history who loved their people and their country, who had a distant vision, who understood that after war comes peace and that it is necessary to renew ties with the old enemy to make this peace lasting for generations to come. The former President of France, General De Gaulle was one. He was the first to initiate Franco-German reconciliation after the Second World War, who signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation in 1963 with Germany in order to guarantee lasting peace in Western Europe. Eastern Europe was still part of the Soviet Union at the time.

Fortunately there is a new consciousness that is taking hold among peoples and different Heads of State around the world. There are several Heads of State who express the will to come together to establish a lasting peace in order to obtain economic well-being for all, tolerance between religions and political systems of each state. Nothing is perfect in this world yet and no one has the ideal political system that corresponds to the Divine Vision.

The world will evolve through trade, joint scientific research, religious and cultural exchanges. Thanks to these exchanges, the truth of the existence of our indwelling "little God" will be transmitted more easily and the belief in a personal God will find new impetus to be felt in each individual.

On the other hand, those who continue to fuel wars, those who shout from the rooftops that they want to continue their war, that they will never forgive, who want to keep the fire of hatred and vengeance burning in their hearts and the hearts of others, will be overtaken, affected by future events. Events that will come following the changes that are currently taking place on a global scale at the spiritual and material level. They will separate themselves and be seen as "troublemakers" by others. They will no longer find their place in the new philosophical vision and the financial and economic organization of this emerging world of sovereign States.

Unless they change by being caring and cooperative, regaining the trust of others and rebuild the bonds of trust they have destroyed over the years.

Our group meditation of December 31, 2022:

I had visualized several times and for several years the dream of seeing Europe join Eurasia via Russia. A huge and emerging continent that is self-sufficient, as a French personality said, whose interview I had recently read.

Then a civil war broke out in 2014 in Ukraine against their own Russian population, to become 8 years later an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

My dream shattered twice. Would Europe miss this opportunity which would give it prosperity, a lasting peace, although different and multicultural? It would also benefit the emerging continents that yearn so much for this lasting peace for their independent economic development.

Sadness overwhelmed me again and I asked during meditation if there was any possibility that it would work out.

Then I was shown the following symbolic vision:

A bridge of exchanges in southern Europe had already formed between Europe and Russia, above Ukraine where they continued to fight. Then a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th bridge was added, each time further north while the war in Ukraine continued. Until a 5th bridge was formed in northern Europe. Suddenly everything went white under the 5 bridges which then approached each other to the point that I could no longer see what was happening below. Only then will the Ukrainian people find their peace.

I was not told how long it would take, but the important thing is that it will happen and has already started.



For more explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.